14 thoughts on “Brain Reward Webinar with Bill Downs of Victory Nutrition”

  1. This is amazing information. I live in Northern Ireland & would love to try it & distribute if I can validate its success. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you for sharing but what happens when someone goes off the product? Are they reliant on the product for life? …and what about costs? I have a family of four and can tell you, there's no way I can afford these products at their current price. I could get them once in a while and that would be about it. 30 oz. of Prodovite wouldn't last our family very long. Feeling frustrated.

  3. Why is it so difficult to find the prices on these products. I finally found the price for Protovite but can't find the price for the Brain Reward. Protovite is $85 us for a 30 oz. bottle. Very pricey and then the exchange on the dollar for Canadians plus shipping. I'm looking at at least $100 or more per month. That makes it out of my reach. Does Protovite help COPD? Nothing is stated about health benefits except as a nutritional supplement.

  4. Is there a lab test to tell if one has the DRD2 A1 gene? Wouldn't that make sense to clarify if one has the gene before investing $100 a month on a supplement?

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