Blue Crab Seafood Boil With Bloves Smackalicious Sauce | Delicious Seafood Mukbang

Blue Crab Seafood Boil With Bloves Smackalicious Sauce | Delicious Seafood Mukbang

hi everybody welcome welcome welcome
welcome welcome welcome welcome to taste mine taste with man takes MUC mine taste
mukbang eats y’all I am here to do for a delicious be incredibly food ball I got
my blue crab I got 10 new prayer so that’s the corn
bell peppers which are my favorite thank you guys this meal was sponsored by Miss
Kitty thank you Miss Kitty so much for sending me the money from PayPal to pay
for this meal I’ll Gracie ate you it was unexpected yah she was just like check
your PayPal tasty go get you some new crabs girl I was like okay let’s say I’m
grace indie game y’all Father goddess would come to you right now and thank
you for this food that we’re about to receive your blessings you love your
kindness your mercy and your grace your generosity bitches who you have put upon
our lives dear Lord we ask you to continue to particulars from all hurt
harm and danger in Jesus name we pray amen
and Eileen hi y’all doing today y’all I’m about to read get ready TV crabs
they just came out whoa it’s still moving they just came at the water – probably need to put something over
here oh no meow I’ll use this pot to put me it’s kind of hot in here yeah and yeah
probably some noise I got my distiller my water distiller running and I forgot
once you start it you can’t turn it off and I wanted to film in this room so it
is willies it is ready is this a little noisy everything’s still very hot y’all be low
sales kick in hot how y’all doing today if y’all want to
see we cook this meal I quickly live on my
other channel Vanessa my life my journey let’s let that cool off for a minute I
cook they live over there mmm and we still live over there right
now y’all so after I finish eating we’re gonna go
back over there and finish chit-chatting and I’m a cleaning up the kitchen why well I talk to you so if you’re not
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subscribe you so didn’t subscribe that’s well I’m gonna be doing most of my being like
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make sure you subscribe to keep the video thumbs up here you go miss kitty mmm Miss Kitty eat seafood every week yeah she loves seafood she trying she trying to turn me into a seafood lover now I don’t know if I’m doing this right
than you I don’t come at me we used to eat these crabs when I was a teacher we didn’t buy crabs out we go kitchen you go catch him and I know how to catch crabs without a net Adam green all those scissors over here I didn’t bring scissors over here yeah yeah this big ourselves is spicy I
got my lips over here burning and yeah this corn is a TV :
just to let you know it ain’t nothing like that program Tim Oh yeah hold on that’s nothing in my yeah I had put some
watch the runners are all it’s got my arm is burning funny let’s get back to eating here Lisa girl everybody gonna eat today
she’s miss Connie mmm my favorite it’s a lot of work put the blue crayon but it is satisfying give you sex time maybe that’s what happened maybe so I’m
gonna juice that in my pack oh yeah I got the whole thing out now
there is a big old fat Club miss Gloria you wanna ball it mmm got my orange juice look like I’m gonna get this hole Oh didn’t come out in one piece mm-hmm but we got the whole pond out where I
got the whole Bank Oh I’m not my little Dale paper decoration
over as dipped in baby mm-hmm
yep David yep if not if I’m not eating right you know my son love seafood yeah growing up that was his favorite food and I think craps what’s his favorite food because because when he was in my stomach he was in my
stomach yeah I used to go crabbing everyday crabbing
and fishing I used to go crabbing and fishing every
day we me my husband we pretty much lived on the water and I
can walk on my back door about 20 feet maybe a little more maybe less
than 100 feet I could go out my back door and go fishing everyday and my son’s people are hunters and so
they actually hunt it for a living and to feed their family families and so they are they caught fish for living catfish bass in Econ fish that was in
the water they called it they call turtles alligators crawfish season they
are from Louisiana so I’m not from Louisiana I’m from Houston but my thirst
thing and his people are from Louisiana and so every single day it almost every
single day out we had to stand call the wharf that’s built up in the water and
you go stand on it and you could go fishing so it was right in our backyard Erin we were dying every day and after I had to catch the crown out
and put him in a bucket I would take the meat and make him be reaching up for the
meat like this and when my son was born he started grabbing for stuff he would
do like this he’d pick everything up like that but I
think that’s why he learned seafood because every day every day I call crab and crab and fish and whatever I caught I will cook it I
will cook it every day I hadn’t ate crab in a long time it’s
blue crab in a long time you guys but I actually used to eat them crab every day coz we lived on the water and I can do
that now by Eckhart crosses so crawfish season and do sell them by the bad but I
never did really get into the crawfish I was just like
mmm-hmm nope that’s too much work I was like that’s
too much work and we used to eat alligator no we eat as much alligators
we want cuz my stepdad actually honey alligator and he would sell the high and
filled me so whatever party to meet my mom won it she could get man the alligator tail is
the is a delicacy a restaurants and stuff so they were usually by the
alligator tail most alligator hunters would not keep the tail because they
could get some good money for it they get money good money everything on the
alligator you made money off of some people made money off of you make money off the hide they sell
the high that’s how they make alligator purses alligator shoes alligator wallets so they still too high they make the
most money I think off the high and it’s a longer than the alligator or the
bigger or longer the alligator the better the longer the alligator the better and
then they would sell the meat and like I say the alligator tail I think I said
was a delicacy so I think out of the meat that alligator tail finally drop
I’m running now to be little stylish out I should have warmed up all of it and the alligator tail bring the most
money and we used to eat alligator meat a lot but I think after no mati I think after look at a yard like the
whole thing up I think after I haven’t had alligator
meat in a long time y’all cuz it’s expensive but we used to get it
for free in Louisiana because my stepdad and all his people come out do for a
living so we didn’t have to pay for alligator meat crawfish crabs catfish we
ate something out of the water almost every day I
think that’s why my son I even know why my son go Sifu so much because he
probably just loves seafood so much because he ate it while he was in my
stomach but like he didn’t grow up around his people on his daddy side I think it’s in his blood they’re more we used to go to Papa’s barbecue almost
every week because he wanted seafood every time we
would go somewhere to eat and I say what you feel like eating day not Papas
barbecue Papa those type of seafood we had a pop of seafood not far from my
house if you ask that bottle where he wanted to go eat y’all know what he was
gonna say did you not say Papa seafood because he loved seafood and then when I
will go through we had a buffet he had his Chinese buffet by our house
too cuz we might something y’all he was what
you call a random homegrown homegrown boys huh maybe I look at me
and yeah I’ll tell her I’m kind of muscular without even working out yeah and he was like he liked me he a
homegirl boy he must kill her never worked out she’s got muscles
everywhere big ol calf leagues and he was a homegirl boy that boy I could eat
so he loves his cheap food baby back in the day I have to go down cuz I couldn’t afford
to go to poplar smart Papa knows all the time but we will go a lot more than like
the average family will go especially the average black family we will go
there I think we would go to poplars Papa told at least like once a week or
something like that and I’m out of peeler stuff yeah I want
to go warn it risk this house up flips I would take him to the seafood –
Chinese buffet more often because they had a lot of seafood and he could sit
there we would sit there for a long time I’d be I’d be sitting there waiting on
that boy finish eating cuz when I go to a birthing I’ll make my round by one or
two times then I’d be ready to go oh my my son he be steady going back
getting him some fish getting him some shrimp giving him some octopus them little
bitty baby octopus here my son is the first person I ever seen in person eating octopus I was like Indian y’all
he was like Tami Eman 12 13 years old eaten octopus I was like you needs you
nasty and they had a crab there so y’all have y’all got a child and loves seafood
and you can’t afford all that seafood take them to a buffet like that buffet I
went to not too long ago I’m gonna go back over there again hey fry they cry out y’all I have never had fried crab before I’m
gonna have to do a video on it I’m gonna have to find a my to be law
sauce job I got some morning I didn’t don’t feel like getting up and
warming it up oh yeah yeah my son really like seafood and I think it’s cuz I went fishing
everyday and I ate it every day when I was pregnant
now this corn is not good my clover corn at all it’s too soft and you don’t have that sweet taste crow cawing I don’t have to put no
butter I actually don’t have to put Nick no it’s a silly yeah I’m not a big watering your food
you down with I want to taste what the food supposed to taste like right if the
food is good and you know how to cook y’all need to prolly stuff on it like ketchup and if y’all
notice when I eat my fries and stuff I don’t put ketchup on my food every 19
you might see me do that but I’ll be gone a huge what I even catch up i’ma buy me cry out crackers if there is
a such thing how’d it go check my field box today yeah yeah we just eat crabs kid yeah we
sketch crap we go to the beach or wherever we will
go sometimes when the water will come ashore it will
wash crabs ashore and us as kids we just don’t pick the Kranz up without him like we was picking sheets seashells and
throw them in the bucket to come home and click them mm-hmm that was good yeah nice seasoning tasty then me is good in season I put
like four spoons and there’s a demand seasoning in in the water now can some butter in the water ninjas
later ball and go ahead and eat all these crayons
yeah thank you Miss Kitty but his meal thank you for surprising me I appreciate you if anybody else maybe I want to send me
some friend mail my PA box is in the description also my pill box expired this month y’all is
$100 to activate it again Yin for six months the size box I have is $200 a
year which i think is kind of expensive but
they didn’t have any other sizes so I was thinking I was thinking I used to have another Qi box on the
other side of town it’s not that far away but it’s a bigger
post office so I was thinking maybe I should go get another peel box
over there it would be cheaper I gotta get one $400 for the whole year only thing I like about that the reason
why I kind of want to keep my saying pillbox this is to and have to go back
to all my videos and change the information that’s a lot of work that’s a lot of work so I had tin crabs y’all like I said I don’t know if I’m eating
them right cuz I haven’t had him so long around mobile Oh and has more in the frigerator yeah I’m probably gonna I’m gonna go
throw away some of my trash today yeah we I’m kind of fool Oh Lord one I
thought I was doing something three I still got four more and I have yeah I
can’t eat out let it look like we don’t have another Cecil bomb put some beloved
sauce later I look I’m trying to do all this right now
I got a four and a half more I thought I was doing something I wasn’t doing
nothing Yahoo put on my glasses you’ll see how
many of y’all up in here lets you out and get a video a thumbs up yet now is
the time to thumbs it up so out those so when I go get the camera I could be like
oh they love me Oh Lord that was doing y’all but your girl is fool and I got
things to do I got places to go people to see actually I don’t but I do have
places to go so whoo we got 23 thumbs up whoo
yeah I really do love me I couldn’t adjusted this and made it very listen yeah hey Joe I could head down closer up
see that would have been better huh I didn’t do my job right yeah I’m gonna
say these crap and remember I still got sausage and rice but later so we might
do us we won’t eat some sausages and below sauce later I don’t know what
channel maybe even esta my like my journey so yeah make sure y’all go
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and we are currently live right now on Vanessa my life my journey so when this
life ends make sure you come over there so Vanessa my life my journey any let’s
go I’m back to clean up this mess and put this food up so I can have something
to eat later so we know we are gonna be eating some veal of life sauce later
some sausage some eggs and maybe some corn and I don’t know who else yeah come
on come on in and see me eating some crabs I don’t know so I’m gonna talk to
y’all later let me go get my day started and I love you guys don’t forget the
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back for another video so you can see more uh tastes luck mayne tasty luck man
tastes like mine tastes looking tasty my vain eat y’all by now come on over to the nest of my
life my journey I will see you guys over there I have the live chat chart on so
we can talk in the check over there bye thanks for watching

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  1. Hello sweet lady I just want to say hang on in there, I was a little scared to say anything. I was afraid I might say something wrong I just know you love the Lord. I really don’t know much about fb, I’ll keep you in my prayers be blessed.😊

  2. Hi sweetheart first I must say very delicious meal there is good friend out there hope you have awesome night

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