Biggest Nutrition Bang for Your Buck

Biggest Nutrition Bang for Your Buck

“Biggest Nutrition Bang for your Buck” A few years ago, in an analysis of
antioxidants per unit cost, I concluded that red cabbage —
purple cabbage — was the most nutrition you could
get for your money. Yes, there are healthier foods
out there, but not healthier foods for the same amount of money. I encouraged everyone to always make
sure they have a purple cabbage in their crisper, to slice off shreds
to put in whatever they could. It lasts for weeks, is cheap,
convenient, and one of the healthiest things on the planet. All still absolutely true. My new calculations, though,
suggest they just got one-upped by DIY broccoli sprouts;
do it yourself. Broccoli sprout seeds
start out like this. You can buy them online, or at your
local health food store in bulk, for about 20 bucks a pound. But that makes about 75 cups
of sprouts, so it comes out to be about 25 cents per cup. And as we saw before, in terms of
sulforaphane content, that’s equivalent to eating about
27 cups of broccoli. So, that’s like going to the store and
buying broccoli for a penny a cup. Even purple cabbage has got to
give it up for broccoli sprouts. Start out with a mason jar
with some kind of screen top. Tablespoon of seeds, soak them
overnight, drain in the morning, and then rinse twice daily. So day two, day three, day four,
and then you can enjoy the bounty. One tablespoon of seeds makes
about two cups of sprouts. Since it takes four or five days,
though, sometimes I’ll have five jars in constant rotation. Can be in the middle of winter,
and I’m growing my own salad. Every day, you get cups of
fresh produce, for pennies, without ever having
to go to the store.

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  1. i'm curious if you need to put it under direct sunlight or perhaps under a uv lamp in order for the sprouts to grow better. if anyone know please get back to me.

  2. callmeCaylor, I've watched a few other broccoli sprout videos (ones with very good ratings like Dr. Greger's) and they say to leave them on the kitchen counter but NOT IN DIRECT sunlight, if this helps. I've bought the broccoli sprout seeds and I only have one mason jar but am going to try this probably this weekend!

  3. Those were canned sprouts I think. Bad quality control on these, nearly no regulations. If you want to be extra safe, you'll need a pressure steamer – salmonella is really hardy.

  4. Aroma reminiscent of, but not the same as, broccoli. Not a lot actual taste (bit spicy), but relatively nice crunchy texture.

  5. Somewhere I read that one cup of broccoli sprouts is equivalent in anti-oxidants to eating three pounds of fully grown broccoli? Wow.

  6. This is not an "apples-to-apples" comparison, however. An analysis of nutritional value "for the money" should not compare a harvested, ready-to-buy-and-eat vegetable (like the purple cabbage) with something you grow for yourself. The work the farmer puts into growing and harvesting the vegetable is a big part of the cost to procure it. If you wanna compare the cost of broccoli seeds-for-sprouting with purple cabbage seeds, well, that might be a fair cost/benefit comparison. The original video was NOT about buying seeds! It was about vegetables that have already been grown, harvested, and are sitting in the store ready for me to buy and consume, and which of those have the "biggest nutritional bang" for my buck. Sprouting seeds is a whole different thing. Of course sprouting is cheaper! Sprouting turns me into the (unpaid) farmer. That has a big effect on the bottom-line of a cost/benefit comparison. Growing a vegetable for yourself is very different from buying-and-eating a vegetable someone else grew for you.

  7. I've heard that sprouts are dangerous and usually carry E. Coli; even if you grown them at home. What do you say about this Dr. Greger?

  8. love these short videos;
    and the comment below — maybe e coli is a problem with large scale producers who have to use fertilizers.

  9. perfectly fair to compare value and benefit of two readily available foods for cost and nutrition-comparing sprouting seeds to being a farmer is silly

  10. I wonder if they are easier to digest then broccoli. I have a hell of a time with cruciferous veggies. I still eat them all the time but they are worse than beans for me. I will try some sprouts.

  11. Where do you buy them, guys? I want to make a local close system where organic waste is use to grow veggies and maybe even add some insects to the system. That system will not deplete topsoil.

  12. SWEET! I just ate a big red cabbage and broccoli salad so I guess that was the right choice on a sick-day. I've never tried growing sprouts but my mom used to do it all the time. Thank you for the very simple instructions, I'll try it!

  13. is the amount and absoption of sulforaphane the same in broccoli sprouts in comparison to broccoli seeds? So the question is is eating seeds the same or are sprouts more beneficial when sulforaphane is the goal?

  14. There are organic broccoli seeds in the gardening center at Lowe's Home Improvement store. It costs $2.50 a package. I don't know the exact amount per package, though.

    Growing a little bit of food here and there is a great way to save money, but if you want to be completely self-sufficient and not rely on anything at the grocery store from now on, then you have to grow crops that are high in calories – like potatoes, sweet potatoes, wheat, and rice; or you will starve by eating less calories than you need per day. Sure, it's a great way for weight loss, but it's not sustainable lifelong. You may have to fast and ration out your food supplies, especially during the Spring, because that's when your food supply will run low, and you'll need to go out and plant next year's crops. While planting, you may need some external help, like your family members and friends. There is a reason why people in ancient times relied on plants and animals to live. Animals were eaten sparingly, because they had to be hunted down, fished, or taken right from the garden. Essentially, they were hard to get, so the consumption of animals was very low, compared to plants. But animals still provided a good food source. Nature does not select for "right" or "wrong". It selects for whatever characteristic that helps an organism to survive, and eating animals really helps in survival.

    Of course, nowadays, people don't need to eat meat, because someone else (the minority of farmers in an industrialized society) is already doing the job of growing food to feed the majority of society.

  15. Wowsers! Best 2 minute nutrition video!!! This is great for living off grid also!!!
    I live off gird so any ideas to maximize nutrition at low cost and/or energy input is welcome!
    THANK YOU Dr. Greger for your humanitarian work ….

  16. Can I cook them or make them in a way (other than eating them raw) that's more "appetizing"? Not a big fan of eating raw sprouts…thanks.

  17. Do a video on Hemp Dr. Greger I think most people want to see the results of that greenery….and then eating Cannabis as a food I want to know if theres any benefit to eating the buds and leaves

    (Everone should copy this message to all his new videos till he makes one)

  18. You, sir, are one of my newly-found heroes in life.
    It’s been a few years since, but you have changed my life forever and I’m so grateful and thankful. I feel like I owe you, Doc.
    Seriously, thank you very much for all that you’ve done, do, and will continue doing for people.
    This world needs millions more doctors like yourself and few of my other newly-found hero doctors.

  19. Once you've sprouted them a couple of times, there's nothing easier. So thankful I found out about broccoli sprouts.

  20. ? Is it ok to replace all adult leafy greens by their sprout form or would i be nutritionally missing some benefits ? I imagine i would be missing fiber… I have health issues(ms), need to maximize my regiment, hoping for your feedback

  21. I prefer mature broccoli, cooked, with mustard seed powder. I think it digests better than the sprouts. Perhaps TMI but I have literally found broccoli sprouts in the toilet after a bowel movement. So they just went straight through without getting digested. And if they don't get digested, they don't do much good. I now cook most of my vegetables so I can digest them, and then just add mustard seed powder mixed with water into a slurry, like you find at Chinese restaurants.

  22. Have been growing my own broccoli sprouts for a few months now. Super easy to do and I put them in my smoothie every morning. They taste a little grassy but hey, hopefully they'll bring a healthy payoff!

  23. Just started my broccoli sprouts yesterday. 🌱 To buy the already sprouted broccoli seeds, is about $6 for 1/2 cup here locally. 😲 Yup DIY Love Dr. Greger

  24. Oh awesome! I've been growing these for 9months now. I love them!!! I grow them differently though.

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