BIBLE tells us to Eat Meat – Silly MEAT EATER comments #11

BIBLE tells us to Eat Meat – Silly MEAT EATER comments #11

Welcome to Stupid Meat Eater comments. This
video series presents some of the amazingly stupid comments by non-vegan youtubers on
my channel’s debates and videos. Here are this week’s top 5 picks Up first we have a comment from zack villa
who had this
to say… Real nuggets of wisdom here. Since everyone
dies, we might as well do what we want, enjoy life and screw the rest. Right… The epitome
of selfishness if Ive ever heard it. Enjoyment is rarely, if ever, a barometer
to gauge how ethical a thing is. We would never argue that rape, murder, and theft are
moral because we can bring ourselves to empathize with the victims of such acts. When considering
issues across species boundaries, we are collectively challenged in imagining how other animals,
who we routinely allow killed for our appetite, live and feel. When made uncomfortable we
often suppress our compassion and excuse the brutality with poor arguments pertaining to
matters of convenience, tradition, and entertainment. We often lash out at others, belittle them
with condescending remarks and demand to be left alone. But the problem is, we cannot
sit idly by while human and non-human lives are at stake. Its time to act like the alpha
level intelligent species on the planet we all claim to be a part of.
Im far from perfect, don’t get me wrong, but I try and strive to leave the world better
than I found it. Who or what you eat, what products you buy, what industry and labour
practices you support, we collectively have the power to change the world for future generations.
Sure its an uphill battle full of obstacles, but the first and most important step in the
right direction is actually giving a shit. It doesn’t have to be about veganism, atheism,
or any other topic covered on this channel. Find your passion and make an impact.
I am who I am because of the countless little moments in life, the books Ive read, the people
I’ve talked to, the podcasts and debates Ive listened to, all leading to the man I
am here and now. If this is one of your first exposures to a vegan, I don’t expect you
to be moved to change, but I do hope that Ive made you think. Next we have a comment from Jacton Lace, who
said… Nothing coming out of the bible should be
automatically deemed factual or logical. One should employ reason and evidence to formulate
beliefs about the reality we live in, not ancient mythology produced by ignorant men
centuries ago. Science has determined that in our distant
past, some 1.5 million years ago, our ancestors diet had changed to foods of higher nutritional
value, which allowed for the larger brains that eventually followed. There is no scientific
evidence showing that the reduction or elimination of meat from a person’s diet has any effect
on their brain size. In regards to Jack’s atheist bigotry. I
have done nothing wrong to him and therefore don’t need his forgiveness. If a god exists,
and is upset that I have used my brain to demand evidence for exceptional claims, then
he is not a god worthy of my attention and love. An atheist is simply a person who lacks
a belief in a god. Why would lacking a belief in a sky daddy make a person “the most immoral
being ever”? I cannot make myself believe in something that I don’t believe. I could
no sooner convince myself that I could jump off a building and fly then I could convince
myself that a god exists. Why would this make me such a vile person in your eyes?
Now in regards to your final few confused hate filled words. Vegans abstain from eating
or using animal derived food items because we object to the use and abuse of fellow sentient
beings. Sentience is the important descriptor, not life. The plants I eat are alive, but
lack sentience. Taking the life of a carrot in no way resembles the slaughtering of an
animal. To conflate the two is to lack a rudimentary understanding of basic biology.
All too often I hear from god fearing theists words of such hatred that Im reminded why
Im proud not to belong in their ranks. Seems as if religions are not making people better,
but often producing unpleasant and thoroughly arrogant, ignorant individuals. Next up is a comment from halladall1 who enlightens
us all with this gem… So, what I gather is that objecting to slaughtering
animals is okay, but if you refrain from consuming dairy and eggs, you now enter the realm of
extremism? There is a whole lot wrong with dairy and eggs, and from an animal suffering
perspective, the animals involved in these industries suffer longer and harder than animals
used only for their flesh. Cow’s milk, i.e. the mammary secretions of an 1800 lbs bovine,
is only produced when the cow is inseminated and made pregnant. The fluid created by these
mammals are tailored to feed a growing calf which can put on 1.5 to 1.8 pounds per day
for 24 months. Once born, the calfs are often fed a soy formula instead so that the mother’s
milk can be sold to humans. Most calfs end up in the veal industry, and the few remaining
stragglers end up as future milk machines. Once the milk production weans, after successive
pregnancies, the cow is sent to slaughter. If you consume dairy, you support the suffering
and death of millions of cows. Eggs are not any better. From a health perspective,
they contain some of the highest concentrations of cholesterol of any edible food (except
for brain matter). From the perspective of animal suffering, the large majority of eggs
are produced in massive factory farms housing hundreds of thousands of birds stuffed into
wire cages. Even before entering their cells, half of all that have hatched, the males,
are killed. The ones to survive have their beaks seared off. Once the chicken’s egg
production weans, they too are sent to slaughter. Harming other sentient beings without just
cause is the epitome of immorality. Refraining from the mass destruction of billions of animals
is not an attempt to give them human status, or live a life devoid of pleasures, but rather
It is an acknowledgment that other animals on this planet also have a right to live their
life. If you haven’t eaten tasty vegan meals, then you honestly haven’t tried very hard.
I enjoy eating food now more then ever. Vegan foods are incredibly pleasurable if you take
the time to learn. RubixCeaser is next with this bit of wisdom… In your entirely unrealistic hypothetical,
farmed animals would eat us, so thats your justification to eat them? That makes no sense
whatsoever. Sure animals love to eat, as well as copulate, as these acts increase the likelihood
of survival. A hungry pig will eat just about anything, and it won’t recognize the difference
between human meat and any other time of meat. What is your point? I bet that if you unknowingly
served up a platter of human flesh at a party, most people would eat it up without question
and enjoy it. What does that prove? Nothing. Animals don’t have to reciprocate care for
me to care about them. If we are in fact the most advanced intelligent beings on the planet,
then shouldn’t we take an active role in being the care takers? No one would argue
that we should withhold care to children since they cannot reciprocate the same care back
to us. As mature responsible, and compassionate adults, we often give without expecting anything
in return. Im vegan not because I expect cows to thank me, but to end the senseless slaughter
of billions of animals, the destruction of the environment and our natural resources,
and the health crises effecting hundreds of millions of people worldwide. And lastly, we have a comment from Jack Reilly
who said… All beliefs should NOT be respected and tolerated.
Does anyone think that racist, sexist, homophobic beliefs should be respected? How about geocentric
beliefs? How about a 6000 year old earth? Respect should be earned not dispensed freely.
We are omnivore, but we are not obligate omnivores. By this I mean that while we CAN eat animal
derived foods, we don’t have to to be healthy. Think of it like a buffet. A restaurant might
have hundreds of options, but that doesn’t mean you have to partake in every single one
of them. Having this flexibility has allowed our species to flourish in all sorts of environments
where food supplies vary. We however do not have a nutritional requirement to consume
flesh. If we can acquire the necessary building blocks through other foods, our bodies prosper.
While its nice to see an acknowledgment that the meat industry causes immense suffering
to innocent beings, as Jack has indicated can feel happiness, sadness, joy and loss,
his solution to hunt animals instead rests on the assumption that eating meat is a survival
requirement. If you have no nutritional requirement, i.e. necessity, to kill and eat other animals,
then what morally justifiable reason do you have? Pleasure? entertainment? Neither reason
would stand up in a court of law if you had to defend a murder charge. Self-defence, duress,
survival could all be argued and defended. Pleasure, convenience, and tradition would
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100 thoughts on “BIBLE tells us to Eat Meat – Silly MEAT EATER comments #11”

  1. New International Version
    It is better not to eat meat or drink wine or to do anything else that will cause your brother or sister to fall.

  2. Breaking news about veganism.

  3. LOL I think the one guy has been watching too much Planet Of the Apes movies 😀 They still didn't eat us in the movie.

  4. You claim "sentience is the important descriptor, not life". What gives you the right to take life that you don't consider sentient? Isn't "sentience" an arbitrary line that will change over time?

    Couldn't a human embryo be considered as sentient as a worm or a fish? What is your stance on abortion?

  5. im eating a burrito with meat in it right now and fuck you LMAO. What are you gonna do? try and kill all the meat eaters?

  6. I am not vegan or vegetarian. I will say that I abhor the animal flesh industry and how the animal's are treated. This is what happens when profit becomes entwined with food production. All sense of decency goes out the window. I've seen all the videos…how ill treated cows, pigs, chickens, horses, etc are treated in this assembly line of animal flesh production. However, I don't think that banning flesh from consumption is the way to go either. We are all part of the food chain regardless of what our thoughts on that matter are. We simply have temporarily removed ourselves from it but in reality we are still part of it. You hear about it in the news when humans are killed and consumed by a wild animal…be it a bear, a shark or a lion. It's a rare example of humans being put back in the food chain. My personal feelings on the matter is that if you want to eat meat then you should go out and hunt your prey…whether it be a fish or a buffalo. This would instill respect in the predator/prey relationship. No guns would be allowed as that means you can kill from afar…it should be done just like our ancestors did…approach the animal and engage in the life and death struggle. I can guarantee that many of our ancestors died during the hunt either being gored or trampled to death. It should be done like the American Indians did it; kill only what was necessary, nothing went to waste and after the kill the hunters thanked the spirit of the animal for giving it's life for their sustenance…a symbiotic relationship that takes everything into account…life and death, spirituality and sustenance. We have lost all of that and have turned it into a money making enterprise which in turn has turned it into the disgusting thing it is today.

  7. Here is MY stupid ANIMAL MURDERER comment:
    I like animals, I really do!
    And I LOVE my dog! So I give him MEAT. ANIMAL MEAT. If I don´t, he gets sad and sick.
    It´s a dilemma…
    OUCH! Just killed a mosquito…DAMN!

  8. Vegan here, but I have to call attention to two spelling/usage errors in the video – its not when the milk production weans…it would be wanes. Same with the use of that word in comments regarding egg production.

  9. I wonder how many of the people who actually authored these comments, know that their comment was featured. I'm sure they would be thrilled to find out lol.

  10. This is actually more of a question than a comment. Because legumes are just not as rich in protein as what meat is, but they are quite rich in carbohydrates. I would think that would most likely mean that for one to fulfill their body's protein need with legumes, they would need to consume large quantities of them, thus feeding their body with maybe too much carbohydrates. (Which might be ideal for a person like a marathon runner). Is the answer to countering that to simply do more exercise,  or is there something vegan other than legumes which is rich in protein and not so rich in carbohydrates?

  11. To John Fisher. You're foolish and paltry. You completely avoided my question and just like everybody else you do not have a answer to my question. I'm now eating for the next person who will be the very first to show me not tell me animals are sentient!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I look forward to the day and the time the vegan atheist himself will be willing to answer my question. I really don't need a bible or scriptures of any kindkind!!!!

  13. I thought meat eaters were stupid and made stupid comments all the time. I have never fit in anyplace in my life. I dare anybody or sombody to give me an answer based on facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I think it is counter productive to insist Vegans have to be Atheists. There are various religions that support Veganism and Vegetarianism.

    If one googles Vegan Bible you will see how the Bible actually supports Veganism and it being the desired state that God wants his followers to live in. I understand the anger people can feel when they encounter bigoted/ignorant religious people but for the sake of the humans and animals alike, lets not make it a us vs them. Show them the way using their own language and scripture.

    Religious belief is powerful, you simply have to look at the statistics of how many there are in the world. This would be a great path and tool towards the reduction of suffering. There are several religious vegans on youtube doing this very thing.

  15. Dude I like your videos. Good job bro. Please make a video about Zakir Naik's nonsense he talks about. His talks is so full of shit that I'm sure he himself doesn't believe what he says.

  16. How come vegans won't drink milk because it's an animal product, but they swallow cummies? Hypocrites.

  17. What is done is done.Refusing to eat animal products or wear any animal products does not undo the death of any animal, the entire thing is pointless. Sure, I think factory farming and the way some animals are treated is wrong, but I don't think eating animals in general is wrong in any way, we are omnivores. Also, most of the animals we kill to eat are not self-aware so it is not as much as a loss, they are just a part of a population, they don't think of themselves as individuals.

  18. I am a vegan and a Christian. It takes more faith to believe we all evolved and crap than to believe that we were created. Isn't it amazing to know that we have a purpose and didn't just poof out of nowhere. And knowing that someone loves u more than anyone is capable of discribing💕💗 Yes the Bible is true 🙂 There is so much proof. If u want proof just start by looking in the mirror. We are too complex to just have came out of nowhere. Have an awesome day! Thx for reading 😀

  19. I love the way you can stand for vegan beliefs I do to I am a vegan, but I am a little bit shy and I don't do well with confrontation and when people start with this coments about oh ''I don't believe that'', '' many of documentaries are fake '' I do try to expose my point of view but when I do is like they all start to ''attack it'' they just don't listen or believe in the facts. So I do try to avoid the subject, but I really wish that people could understand is so important to our world in general. Do you have any advice +TheVeganAtheist ?

  20. @TheVeganAtheist I challenge you to contradict my comment. BTW I'm a real atheist. Sentience seems to be the basis for your belief system so let me ask:

    Vegans are the pinnacle of arrogance, they act as if they knew the answers to question that have been here since the inception and feel they're better because they chose to believe something that hasn't been demonstrated (and we're not even close to do so).

    How do you know only animal brains are capable of sentience ? Who actually proved that brained animals have sentience BTW ? We can't even prove all humans have it for that matter BECAUSE there's no way to differentiate a sentient being from a being that acts sentient but isn't. Who proved that plants, bacteria and the rest of the tree of life is not sentient ? Who proved that rocks, planets, galaxies, suns are not sentient ?
    Try to contradict me and watch as your arrogance and belief system falls apart.

  21. Ugh look people eat meat and there are billions of people yes animal abuse is a fact in certain cases but I mean fuck when you have to feed billions of people meat you can't just have a happy farm with happy little animals you have a factory setup … Deal with that shit animals die

  22. Vegans and atheist are not always good but are not always bad they are people too they have their beliefs and I have mine there is nothing wrong with that

  23. I am fine being a meat eater, in a post atheistic world where being one is no longer considered to be stupid.

  24. I'm proud to say that even though I still do eat meat, I am slowly but surely getting my meat consumption to a minimum until maybe I will go vegetarian, or even make the leap to veganism. I have also found that lentils make for a great meal(especially with some other vegetables or added to pretty much any pasta meal) and that hummus can make a delicious burger meat replacement. 🙂

  25. #2 was an obvious troll. They claim science justifies theism and meat eating (it doesn't). Then they say science is a lie. Clearly not a real opinion. Either satire or trolling

  26. Ok this has nothing to do with God it's ok to believe or to not believe and anyway doesn't it say thow shall not kill. Well you can't hurt a plant cause it has no central nervous system so it can feel anything and besides meat eaters are really the plant killers cause the meat that you are eating believe it or not was once alive and it it take a lot more plants to feed those poor animals. They feel just like us how do you know a dogs happy. Cause he wags his tail he likes you when he or she kisses you the dogs run up to and that's the same with all of the animals including fish yes fish they feel to watch finding nemo

  27. Becoming vegan is one step. Even bigger issue…But now the world has most of our pets reliant on meat too. Therefore even if we all go vegan we still have the complex issue of what to feed our pets without causing suffering and pain to other animals.

  28. +TheVeganAthiest what is your opinion on eating honey as the bees used to farm honey are kept as happy as possible and never intentionally slaughtered. They are however sentient and also being exploited but one could argue that you exploit bees and other pollinating insects by eating veg which has obviously been pollinated

  29. Question them and you get an excuse that allows it to be ok to them. like "veganism isn't about being perfect." so therefore i can pick and choose what animal product or vaccination I can acquire for my own benefit While still obtaining credibility. When all else fails just say you're not perfect and voila! Reminds me of a believer who picks and chooses parts of a bible and claim to be religious.

  30. Second guy claims Science says a vegan diet reduces brain size and then at the end says Science is a lie. What a hypocrite!

  31. whats your opinion on eating bugs? i mean bugs aren't cute like cows or pigs and they're intelligence doesn't appear to be near that level.

  32. I eat meat because, well, it's a source of food, and a very common one too. But just think, if we weren't the most intelligent species, we would probably get eaten by some other carnivorous animal. i'm not saying "O VEEGENS R GAY AND RETERDED" I just felt like sharing my thoughts.

    …Is that wrong of me? oh well. it doesn't really matter anyway.

  33. My mum became a vegetarian for eleven years, and throughout all that period, she felt very tired and weak all of the time, so she stopped being vegetarian.

  34. This has got to be the stupidest channel I have ever seen. You are vegan and an athiest. Then, to name your channel after it lmao. If you read the bible then you would get what I'm saying.

  35. You know, I REALLY appreciate how you just seem to LOVE making me feel like a horrible, no good, and extremely obese 13-year old. Thank you SO MUCH for making my day 😀

  36. Can some of these christians read his username? He is called the veganatheist; not the vegantheist,or more specifically the veganchristian. I'm a christ-believer myself too(well more of an agnostic one) and even I find this very worthy of a headdesk award.

  37. Voice Your Opinion!
    I'd love to hear from you which videos you want me to tackle on TheVeganAtheist. Click the link to vote in my poll. You can choose more then one answer and add your own suggestions:

  38. A human cannot be a vegan any more than a rabbit can be a carnivore . You are an Omnivore , a hunter gatherer and if you came back from hunting with a bag of leaves and tubers you would not be hero . However if you came back with a deer and fish , you save the village. The only reason you are barley alive is because of the importation of vegetables from other countries and if that economic system collapses , in Canada you would be dead by February. Vegetable protein cannot build muscle mass it can only sustain what's there. So eventually any vegan will end up looking like Gandhi ;nothing against Gandhi he just looks like he needs a few good meals and will have all kinds of physiological problems . With your synaptic highways not greeting enough B12 .your brain function will be below par . It is very "unnatural to get this vitamin from somewhere else and eat it in pill form . B 12 is in rainwater and meat . Where do you misguided vegetable people get your unnatural B12 from anyway? I was a vegan for 20 months and everyone that was pronouncing their healthiness was pale beyond human comprehension and either battling constipation or was eating something to bind them up because their bowels were leaking . This woman is so right and you sir are so wrong . You can exist on veggies , I did it but I testify that as soon as I started eating meat , it was Turkey at Christmas and when I gave in to the temptation I knew I was violating my beliefs but at the same time my whole body was literally writhing in ecstasy and why is that ? Why did my entire anatomy thank me from my brain to my boots ? I made my body so happy that day that I have to date eaten just about every kind of meat a human could eat and every vegan I see looks like they are pale and sick and that's because you are . Sorry bro I love your attitude towards quranism and bibleism I won't call them religions because they are cults . They both make you believe in things that are not true and it is not true that meat is bad for you . Just ask anyone who is starving to death weather they want some raw kale or a rib-eye steak . You would be ignorant enough to pick the kale . Lol

  39. What do you think about consuming insects and insect product like honey? It is something that a lot of people are working on to become more mainstream.

  40. Love! I am a Christian and vegan. And I love your videos. Actually if you read the bible, eating fruits and vegetables have been shown in the bible to be the best food for health. Yes Jesus may have partaken of fish but he was eating what was offered to him by his disciples. His love for them was unconditional. He also would have followed the Jewish customs of the time and would not have eaten anything not allowed such as pork.

  41. Maybe I did it wrong, but I have tried veganism. My skin started losing its elasticity. I ate as much, if not more, calories, (I am very athletic so I have to eat enough calories to sustain my activity). I ate;  nuts, berries, and vegetables. but for some reason, my skin started losing elasticity, and my lips got very dry. How do you  guys manage this without any negative effects on your bodies?

  42. Instead of pushing mercy to animals you should scare people with diseases that eating meat causes. Maybe that will make them understand.

  43. I m christian and also vegan and God said in genesis 1:29 what we should eat and meat is not there, and also one more thing, he also said love your next , and he didnt said love your next human it appeals on all living

  44. Hi! I was wondering if you might have some good book/resource recommendations for my increasing number of vegan patients? I'm a dietetic clerk, currently studying to become a registered dietitian, and would love to be able to point to some budget friendly ways to prepare their meals. Peer reviewed articles are welcome. Great channel, glad I found it!

  45. Well, I kinda understand what the first comment was about but I do agree that the argument was poorly made.

  46. Look, I'm not for useless violence and suffering but if were going to be 9 billions humans in mere decades and have already troubles with our cultures due to climate change and the disappearance of pollinators then we won't stay vegans for long. Do I have anything against veganism? No, the moral argument for it is very good and I do care about animals, and if it's feasible I'll even do it , but is it realistic? Not sure if in poor countries they have the luxury to turn down a steak when the stomach is empty. Do I encourage it? Yes, in a country where we have abundance and can choose our daily diet, yes. My main problem is the assholes within the Vegan community who feels superior because they can afford their lifestyle, and as someone with very low revenue I eat what I can get, and I it find very counterproductive that someone will piss on me because I got chicken for lunch…

  47. Personally. I think that American farms should spend more money on open fields for animals to graze and chickens to run about. But that doesn't mean I will quit eating meat until it happens. I love meat. Especially crawfish because there's no other defining feature about LA than crawfish.

    I have no defense against vegans . But I do have an opinion, thank you for listening Vegan Athiest person

  48. I guess I am qualified as a Christian, to speak on there behalf – even though my own views differ quite dramatically. I notice that Christians keep condoning that of flesh using failure attempts at linking various passages. The Bible tells us many things when it comes to diet. Here is a Fast rundown. God created Man to live forever, our original diet was that of fruits, nuts and seed. Sin Brought death into the world, animal began to eat animal, thorns grew on plants and man turned to corruption. After the flood man included meat in the diet and lifespan dropped dramatically. The new testament tells us that diet isn't dependent on salvation, but it does tell us no never eat blood or fat from an animal and to stop all animal sacrifice after he sent his son to us.
    “What are all your sacrifices to Me?” asks the LORD. “I have had enough of burnt offerings and rams and the fat of well-fed cattle; I have no desire for the blood of bulls, lambs, or male goats…. Your hands are covered in blood -Isaiah 1:11
    Scripture even tells us that one who slaughters an Ox is the same that kills a man. Isaiah 66:3
    Now lets get into what confuses Christians and why they believe meat is OK. The Bible is trying to tell us in 1st Tim4. that anyone who teaches that you must give up meat to be saved is a doctrine of devils. Not that if you desire to give up meat you are following a doctrine of devils, that wouldn't make sense. Since the Apostles were vegetarian and even the messiah himself (he shall eat milk and honey). Isaiah 7:15 a prophecy about the coming messiah, they will know him by this. The next life tells us that there shall be no more death, thus its logical and fine that we can start this program now.

    The Garden of Eden is a perfect example of man's original diet, why not go back to and imitate our Creator's plan for us, it gives vitality and health and longevity. The Flood shows man’s decline on health and notice that after that is when Meat became part of the diet.
    So many Excuses are made like “it's not what goes into a man’s mouth that makes them unclean, its what comes out”. Wrong! That's talking about unwashed hands and the Pharisees were trying to catch the Messiah slipping. Also, the concept that “well Jesus Ate Fish”. Actually the word was translated wrong.
    Luke 24:41-43 Where it says he ate boiled fish is very simple to explain. It is a FORGERY. Many Scriptures point to Him after resurrection going to Galilee (Matt 26:32, Mark 14:28, Matt 28:10, Mark 16:7 & Matt 28:7) Not on his way to Emmaus where this fish eating supposedly took place.
    As for Jesus condoning fish and giving it to the masses. Well Also, some scholars contend that the Greek word for "fishweed" (a dried seaweed) has been mistranslated in this story as "fish". It is certainly true that dried fishweed would be more likely in a basket with bread, as fishweed remains a popular food among Jewish and Arab peasants like the people to whom Jesus was speaking."
    We know the disciples totally abstained from all animal foods because in Peters Vision on the roof in Acts. He saw a 4 corned sheet being let down out of Heaven, and in it contained every living creature, from beast of the Earth, Foul of the air and fish of the sea and even insect. A loud voice from God came and said Arise peter, kill and eat. He replied :"Surly Not Lord, For nothing has ever entered my mouth impure or unclean." this happened 3 times before the sheet was lifted up. Notice he never gave in, when it was God telling him to do so? He knew from the Messiah what he had learned to be true.
    When we want to look at the teeth of the first humans (Neanderthals) we see that they had larger molars and smaller canine teeth than we do. They had thicker enamel (they would need this if they lived longer than we do), and had well worn third molars, ska wisdom teeth.
    We know for fact that when in our generation human mouth size has shrunk, and that teeth no longer fit well. This is from diet change and genetic degradation through time.

  49. Here is my challenge to meat eating "Christians". Do you eat pork and shellfish? If you do, don't you realize that both of those meats are deemed to be "unclean" by the bible? That somehow you are telling people on how "immoral" and "un Christian" they are for not eating meat because they are somehow going "against the bible" all while you are going against the bible for eating shellfish and pork! How are you any different than the vegans who use rat traps to kill rats in their kitchens, or extermination services to get rid of pests in their houses?!

  50. While I can agree the methods used to kill animals for meat borders on cruel. I do not agree that eating meat is wrong. We often try to impose our emotions on animals, mainly mammals and only the cute ones. While I will safely release a Wasp unless it harms my family, even rescue Worms drowning in the Rain. Most of our advancements stem from Herding/farming instead of Hunting/gathering. A huge part of our economy, our way of life is based on a balance of quickly vs "painlessly." It's, as of present day, a necessary "evil." We our Omnivores by nature, apex predators and if we go by the standards of Natural Selection; Cows, pigs and Chickens are certain to continue thier species because we rely on them. Kinda says something about other Animals/Plants Humans dont impose thier traits on… How would thier importance be valued? I think we know the answer.

    These are some of the core issues at the moment that factor into my choice to eat meat and support it. I do not have any personal issues with Vegans, however I find some emotional reactions rather than actual discussions unfair, bias even.

  51. we are , as humans, hypocrites when it comes to this topic, all of us. this topic is ridiculous . just because you don't eat meat doesn't mean you don't have dead animal products in your house. RIGHT ? of course you do .

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