Beyond Scared Straight: New, Fresh Meat (Season 3 Flashback) | A&E

Beyond Scared Straight: New, Fresh Meat (Season 3 Flashback) | A&E

Come on, Heavy D.
Straight down to that wall. Straight down. Don’t look around. Against the wall. Get your hands out
of your crotch. Right now you’re
in the PC rec yard. Protective custody. LA-TOYA HOBSON: You said
to me that oh, you guys think you got power over me? What you fail to
understand, when you come to Hudson
County Jail, when and if you ever come to
Hudson County Jail. Look straight ahead. LA-TOYA HOBSON: If
you in this county– SAMER: I submit to you. I don’t need you
to be [inaudible].. MAN: Step back. Don’t look back, just step back. The best thing is just to
be quiet, and answer when you’re told to, and that’s it. Yes, sir. Thank you. You can do that? I can. Because that’s what
you seemed like you’re having a problem with. To an extent. [explosion] [bleep].
MAN: Turn around. Face me. LA-TOYA HOBSON:
That’s what happens. MAN: Turn around and face me.
– Get down. You hear that
sound, you get down. You hear that
sound, you get down! Get down on the ground! On the ground!
– Get down. Get on the ground!
SAMER: On my stomach? Did you hear that? Get on the ground! I didn’t know if you
wanted me on my stomach. Get down. BOY: [laughs] Yeah, man. LA-TOYA HOBSON: This
still funny to you? You still want to be
a clown, don’t you? MAN: This is what I use in here. You want to act up? When I come, I come
with one of these. LA-TOYA HOBSON:
That’s not a BB gun. – [laughs] That’s not a BB.
– Stand up. MAN: All right, let’s go. Get the cameras out of here. Cameras got to go. LA-TOYA HOBSON: You
have to ask yourself, what am I getting
out of the situation? But you don’t see that
it’s a positive situation that you’re in.
Pay attention. If somebody is going
to get in your face, and someone is going
to try to redirect you, then that means that they care. Y’all are not here because
somebody is trying to punk you. You not here because somebody
trying to make you scared. This the real deal right here. So y’all need to focus
and find out what it is y’all are here for for real. I’m gonna have you guys walk
to that door in size order. Keep a straight line. You should be getting
disciplining you by now. Where you going?
MAN: Size order. Don’t look around, gentlemen. Look straight ahead. The rules have not changed.
This right here is our disciplinary
and close custody unit. This is a jail within
a jail, right here. – Solitary, right?
– Did I ask you a question? Did I tell you to
answer me or anything? No, right? I want three in there,
and I want three in here. Watch your step.
Let’s go. Want to talk about gang members? There’s a whole bunch
of them in here. And nobody is helping them. Nobody sticks together in jail. They will rat each other
out faster than anything. Trust me, my man. [men shouting] MAN: This is what
they do all day. 18, 19 years old. They stuck. What’s good coming out of them? Only thing we’ve [bleep]
is our community. Who the [bleep] wanna live
like animals in here, man? When that open up right
there, your hands go in there, and they put it tight on you. That will make you understand. This ain’t what
it is right here. How do you feel right now? You feel like a criminal, right? SAMER: I feel like a dog. MAN: You lose all
sense of freedom. When they put them
[bleep] on you, man. LA-TOYA HOBSON: Come here. You want to see what it
really is to be with somebody? You want to see
what it really is? Stand right here. Right here. You scared? You scared? It’s funny? It’s funny, right?
Where you going? Where you going? Who told you to move? Who told you to move? You do what we tell
you to do in here. That’s what you do. You do not make no
decisions up in here. Stay right here. You don’t make no choices. Your last choice
is out the door. You don’t do what you want. You do what we tell you to do. Now you can move.

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  1. just legalize parents beating kids again and then if the parents are pathetic beta bitchs the problem is the pathetic parents

  2. Sad cuz that Mexican kid remind me of me a little , decently intelligent just find himself making the wrong choices sometimes

  3. 2:14 i think the officer was being a little pushy the boy just asked solitary right so the officer could of just said yeah instead of being rude

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  5. Let one then guards or inmates talk to me like that I'm sockin them idgaf I don't take disrespect lightly I can't handle people yelling when people yall at me I just snap

  6. The officer in tactical gear should have told those kids that if the bean bag gun doesn't work next comes real bullets.

  7. 0:42 When the guy shoots everyone ducks but one kid with the most confused expression

    This show is filled with these moments

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