54 thoughts on “Beer Braised Beef Cheek Blue Smoked Slaw”

  1. Absolutely awesome! My wife and I are drooling while watching this lol the flavor in that cabbage must be unreal! I will definitely be trying this on my big joe. Only question I have is do you have a recipe up for the slaw dressing? Thanks!

  2. So if it’s generally accepted that meat accepts maximum smoke @ 140 degrees meat temperature if you could finish the cook in crockpot or oven isn’t that acceptable?

  3. This looks so awesome! I have to try that on my own. Love your content. Love your camera work and of course your recipes. I really hope to be able to purchase a cookbook from you guys very soon!

  4. Hi Chef Eric, I really enjoy your cooks with the ATBBQ team. Just so I'm understanding the time frame properly….are you letting the cabbage cool before you slice? Seems it would be easier to let it firm a bit before slicing but I wasn't sure what you would recommend. Thanks

  5. Chef Joe, this, by far, is the most crazy, awesome and eye catching dish I have seen you prepare!!!!! Words fall short for this dish. I have a friend in Wichita, so I may have to crash one of your parties.. Hell of a roadtrip from southern Indiana, but I'm sure worth the travel. Outstanding Job….

  6. If you hadn’t addressed the braising liquid I was going to lose my mind. Even though it’s a mystery what ultimately happened to it, I’m going to imagine it reduced into a glorious gravy that made some biscuits or mashed potatoes or sautéed mushrooms into something magical.

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