Beef up your Jeep Steering, Rundown on the PSC Big Bore Box

Beef up your Jeep Steering, Rundown on the PSC Big Bore Box

It’s Big Bore time! Hey Everybody I’m Bubba with Exodus Jeeps, and we build badass Jeeps. So 2 of the questions I get asked the most are.. how
much is in LS engine swap? “If you have to ask big man you can’t afford it.” …and what kind
of stereo should I put on my Jeep? So in this video we’re gonna talk about a
great steering upgrade called the PSC big bore box. This isn’t news to
anybody that the PSC Big Bore Box exists, but we’ve never touched on it and what our
opinion of it is. So here you go. Let’s first start with what is a PSC Big
Bore Box. Well on the Jeep JK when it came out in 2007 it was a really popular Jeep a lot of people went out bought it and started upgrading these things. It didn’t take long
before they’re running 37s and 40s on these things and what they did was add a
lot of stress to the steering. Specifically the sector shaft in the
steering gearbox. So ultimately what ended up happening the sector shafts
would break off in them. Now a lot of people created a lot of good products
like sector shaft braces of all kinds of different shapes and sizes were made, but really the greatest part that ever came along was a PS a Big Bore Box. Now it’s a
beefed up steering gearbox with a much larger sector shaft built into it so
what’s really neat about it is that it comes in two different versions. The
standard box which doesn’t have ports for hydraulic steering assist and the
upgraded version which does have ports for hydraulic steering assist. So if
you’re one of those people that thinks you’re just going to run 37″ tires
on stock axles or aftermarket axles whatever then really all you need is the
standard gearbox because it’s going to turn 37s, even locked, off-road completely fine. It’s also going to be better handling on the
road. What’s really neat about the standard box is that you don’t have the
hoses in the RAM which are potential points of failure and what I mean by
that is when you run the hoses a lot of times customers are people when they
install they don’t run the hoses correctly they end up getting pinched
between the differential in the track bar and ultimately they rupture and
cause leak lose all your fluid and you burn up your power steering pump all of
a sudden you’re dead in the water The other failure could be in the
RAM you could lose them one of the fittings you blow out your seals
and you can lose all your fluid. So what’s really neat about the standard box is you
can get the added benefit that you get with the PSE Big Bore Box without the
failures that you would get with hydraulic steering assist. If you think
you may be going up to 1 tone axles and 40s down the road or you already have
them then you definitely want to get the PSC Big Bore Box with the ports on it
for hydraulic steering assist. What’s great about that is just like this
customer you’re gonna see in the video he has only running at 37″ tire, but him and his brother both have Jeeps and they’ve been modifying these
things pretty fast and I told him I think you’re gonna be on one to the 40’s
before you know it may be a better idea to go with the hydraulics the PSC
Big Bore box with the ports built-in so if and when you decide that you want
to go to 1 tons of 40s all we have to do is add hoses and a ram and you’re good
to go. So that’s exactly what he did. If you’re anything like this guy, you’re
you’re always modifying your Jeep, I’d strongly urge you to spend a few hundred
extra bucks and go with the PSE Big Bore Box with the added ports in it for
hydraulic steering assist. So that’s pretty much all I got on this. Let’s go
check on Blake and see how he’s doing and yeah, EPSTEIN DIDN”T KILL HIMSELF
It looks like Blake is done installing the PSC Big Bore Box with hydro assist tabs so now this customer’s gonna have a lot more steering power when it goes off the
road to turn these 37″ milestare patagonias around on some rocks. As
you can see as an OX Locker so that’s real important when you have a locker to
be able to turn because when you are locked up it’s a lot harder to turn when your’re off road. So with the PSC Big Bore Box can make a lot easier. You can see he’s got a huge, well you can’t see, but you can see it in the unboxing it had a
huge sector shaft on it. Much larger than the stock sector shaft. In fact we have
another PSC Big Bore Box on the floor here I’m gonna set those two…Alright so what we’ve got here is a factory Jeep JK’s steering box
next to the PSC Big Bore Steering Box. The main difference is the size and the
sector shaft as you can see the Big Bore Box is much larger because of a known
problem with the JK’s is when you put bigger tires this sector shaft here will
break and that’s something you don’t want to deal with on the trail so it
replaces or the whole steering box but the main difference is the larger sector
shaft there. You can buy them ported for hydro assist if you’d like, just in case you
wanted to add that hydraulic ram later. on in the future.
He’s just burping the system right now. Real important when you install these to
make sure any time you change anything in the steering that involves power
steering fluid make sure that you get all that air out of the system because
it can cause some cavitation. cavitation: is the formation of the poor cavities in a liquid. And it can it can really tear up the power steering pump and also
steering gear too. Well yep, yep, he’s all wrapped up. Don’t miss any of Bubba’s
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videos. Stay tuned!

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  1. I’m dying here lol ahhh to funny good stuff bubba definitely a major difference can’t stop laughing on the cavitation had a good joke butt would get hell for it as always be safe 👍👍

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