Are you calling yourself a B*stard? Your pronunciation, I don’t catch it. This is Beef Rap Battle! First Digital Rap Battle in Indonesia. From thousands contestants, we’ll choose only one to get 100 million Rupiah, in cash. and this is… Beef Rap Battle Judges, the one and only… All Day Music presents Beef Rap Battle All the team and judges has chosen 100 contestants from thousands of video which have been sent to the Beef Rap Battle team. This is a platform where you may express your inner feelings. Let your voice be heard. make sure you practice and be ready with your skilled verses. If you guys are ready….make some noise Yo……Try me Bruh! Now there here…ready to battle And here is our first contestant, Ruly…Good Luck! Good afternoon Ruly, right? Ruly, where are you from? Representing Bekasi, Sir. My rap technique is not the current But it is actual, substance of my poem always factual I don’t sell The grandeur of imitation and all the nonsense Simplicity is sophistication Like Steve Jobs always says Space grammar is useless if many don’t understand This is freestyle that I just suddenly thought in my head and installed I’m release my words as fast as a horse out of a stable I can only say more until I meet with my friends later in the final. That’s it. Good contribution of words Now, if we say we are freestyle, it is indeed mostly used when we shoot a video or we perform it ourselves, when there is no one rapping against you. It is easy to say that this is freestyle. But the truth is, in freestyle there is no time whether we are challenged directly with the objects that exist or we are battled with other people. Now according to me that was good performance without a beat. Fun fact is that the second contestant is a sibling with the previous contestant Rudy who wants to prove himself in Beef Rap Battle. My name is Viral, representing Bekasi. You a brother of Z? Yes it’s true. If this is the case, if you both enter the final and battle.. Can you guys bear each other? I have to bear. Then go ahead. Assalamualaikum all the inhabitant lifeforms of Earth This is Viral back to the steering wheel, work like coolies Working in the first round The round finally started, the gong has sounded They all run away as I take the microphone Nobody can stop me like being in the zone Five high prices are clearly not negotiable Kalimalang, but fate can now be proud The main quality is not just about numbers One in a hundred to become one of the rare ones. Ok, now we’re ready to hear your lyrics. Actually I don’t make lyrics on paper so I came here in a hurry from Bogor to Jakarta I didn’t do any ryhme I overslept in the train and woke up in Juanda I came from Yogyakarta arrive in Jakarta by train now I start to speak up I try to close my eyes playing with flow listen to what I say hear what I I say I rap from the streets. I’m gonna take over the M.I.C. ready to devour all of my opponents at the all day music id Call me Black D. I’m the rapper comedian I’m always excited while I’m recording in my flat I want to be a rapper not a wannabe rapper only going on dates but nothing never happens I’m still here though I’ve almost been swept by a twister with full confidence I continue to build up even when I’m chill I’ll defeat you all with my swagness I’ll swerve you all with an educative lyric every session my lyrics are full of layers Dont be panic, there is a fire station only to be called. why the first round did not have music? Because we would like to hear you, we would like to listen to your voice and your clear articulation and If you are good without beat, then you will better when there are beat. Next…we have rapper coming from Depok. Bro Saykoji handsome Bro Eitaro handsome Please help me to pass thru to big 32 Thank you Osbert…not a common name, what does it mean? It means…………… I was never told So I don’t know Ok, lets suppose you become a rapper, what name you will call yourself just Osbert Thats already cool, according to me Thank you Why are you participating Beef Rap Battle I want to have a carrier in the Hip Hop World This is a good start, I have nothing to loose also therefore nothing wrong in participating Osbert Yea If you don’t want to be a civil servant, you don’t want to be a doctor and so on… So, may I know … are High school or college In the College College…What are you studying I am studying, majoring in Law yes….. But you don’t want to become a lawyer yourself, aren’t you? No Ok, now continue with your lyric Your Lyric Do I have to be just here only Over there…is all right Ha ha..ha… Like to walk around Oh…you like to walk around Ok Don’t walk too far….. I came as a reserve player even though I had lost hope suddenly called by the music and make me on the cloud got support from friends,but now they are all became opponents Don’t ignore backup players because we can be heroes in contact H Min 1 you think I am an onion boy It’s all right..You still have time, if you want to continue, please…. In contact H Min 1 you think I am an exiled argued that many could not attend because they had financial problems OOOOOOOOOO……. Stiff fingers, I write everyday Works through lyric, my mind is dancing I started myself no one taught
the moon has its own color but it doesn’t need sun Honorable jury Please open the door ,no any longer I will sit there O..ooooooooooo this is proof that we cannot judge from appearance We are here no to see the fashion or style But what we see is, what you are presenting it here, your performance Your theatrical, well…..if we just look at it from the start, saw you were nervous surely we will think your appearance not good enough, however when you are more confident There were many good points which was a positive value of you here Hope I can see you again in the next stage Show us what you’ve got 18 years without sneakers but in the morning still eating crackers Braid my hair, use rubber band, but guess what, I am winning at this game here. Freestyle….Freestyle or because it is integrated firm steps in order, like soldiers fight monopoly without throwing dice Best regards to all number one judges matchless happiness, finally face to face You still stand up as I know self awareness Like those singer coming to search for name like as MC Because I still have God if I success, I fulfil all the necessity I am in dillema, all I see is real All I hear are fact Many of them, engineer it with facinating story so mortal is life like a theater stage this is what I told the story, the dynamic is there You not just flat flat only when it gets more and more rising the tension rises and there it is only just the tension that goes up but there really is a word you want to explain, which you want to spit it on us. I can see you again, huh Next time if rap acapella, the beat can be shadowed on the head tek…tek…tek….tek…..tek….. so even if there is a sound or no beat, we are trained to be on tempo. Drifting inspiration running after the ambition of playing fiction in the story involves them being witnesses without command instructions I am Rap Presidential to lead hip hop ……. without bribe without an envelope This is like a fireball Expect to fly high The heart of determination and ambition is not stopped They said I am crazy They said I am no good dreamer weekend from Palangkaraya ready to battle Yea…. Eh… Yea…. Greeting to all judges, this is sweet effort twenty this real fucking me, ready to act said Bro oskoji freestyle from the heart, so I never memorized the lyrics until I died said Bro Iwate, …….If I win first place, I will promise big brotha laze freestyle is a good f*cking taste God bless in English means God bless it’s just the opening watch out your heads gonna spin hurry drink medicine and call your mama or you’ll get dizzy this is weed and 420 real not hallucination this is weed and not deaf ima signing out. When mixing Bahasa Indonesia and English you have to think again when to mix it and if lyrics makes sense when mixed with both languages. I wake up in the morning and I’m ready for ballin’ never think about those b*tches cuz they think and really stressing instead of sniffing coco getting high from the bricks from the blow because you watching me and now you feeling the new sensation so please stop lecturing me you don’t compare to my level of thinking so why do you think you compare to my energy. why doesn’t it feel safe to be a minority did I remind you there’s more power in diversity I’m not telling you to but my own mind is betraying me how do I bring my vibe when it’s haunting me at night how do I get through myself rival I’m losing sight discontent working for survival I just might win afterall I don’t know I just need some money show me the light somebody back in the day it use to be funny now I have to own up to people telling me what to do and shaming on me Here come lady contestant and all have expected she is going to be girlish but in fact she is wild This is Beef Rap Battle, Titled in English but we are from Indonesia I would like to see you will learn to write in Indonesian language as well Next, one of the participant original from Papua Ambon for audition In that case, I would like to know what kind of lyric you present today I live music for Beef Rap Battle for all we see many are uploaded from young to old now the big rappers who have just done milking from mama Hope they will get one eye, even though they are not Najwa but now I am nervous all I remember has forgotten we tried free style just keep on We sing with what is here Thats all from me, Here is MC Brian to say thank you, God Bless! The only youngest contestant ready for battle Please welcome ECrown 2018 it feels great Let me take you to higher stake Do not underestimate little kid Let me show you my ….skill Little kid been look down Try to check first then speak This is RIMA, not just careless Not a toy…….Not patching I like S N double O P G or double G if you’re from Indo you liked Saykoji It could be RB If do not win, it is all right, it become my valuable experience Ok……judges….we will vote now And……Judges has already given comments There are still tens of other contestants coming into audition room

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  1. Igor :
    ini beef rap battle judul bahasanya bahasa inggris tapi kita dari indonesia. gua pengen lihat mungkin lo nanti ….

  2. Yang stuju acara ky gini masuk tivi nasional like😍 .konsepnya udh bgs bgt tinggal dipoles dikit lg sm tim kreativ tivi nasional yg udh pnglaman..yakin bs ngalahin macem indonesia idol,DA indosiar…

  3. Ini yang baru youtube lebih dari Tipi, Bukan Video video Yang ngeliatin pencitraan lagi, Bukan drama, tapi lebih mencari pundi materi

  4. 3:25/13:51
    bang saykoji
    sorry yaah, kalo bole tau thu cwo yg pke bju itam,topi itam,clana sobek"ama spatu cokelat sambil ddk tongka dagu itu asal mn siihh,,,??
    sorry yaaah bang uda bnyak nanya

  5. Gw yakin
    Kalo si bocah skill nya terus di asah
    Udah pastiii

    Pasti bisa menjadi salah satu raper terbaik indonesia


  7. Diantara kontestan yang gagal pasti ada 1 atau 2 orang yang bakal sukses meskipun dia nggak menangkan di BRB 😊

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