Bamboo Bushcraft | Mango sticky rice in Bamboo | Outdoor cooking

Bamboo Bushcraft | Mango sticky rice in Bamboo | Outdoor cooking

Family outdoor adventure Banana leaves Bamboo Firewood Sticky rice cooked in bamboo Yummy Mango sticky rice Sit back, relax and enjoy Joe is collecting
firewood to cook with later Serina walking so lovely downhill She wants to cross the water with Joe Getting Banana leaves for cooking Cutting Bamboo – Serina, are you happy?
– Happy! Thai:
– You want mommy to
make you some snacks?
– Yes, snacks – Ok, then you sit and snack first – Yes, I will sit and eat my snacks Cat is cutting Calathea leaves to put the snacks in,
and the other ingredients for cooking And a branch for Serina to play Purple Sweet potato fries One of her favorite snacks Joe is preparing sticks for cooking

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  1. 0:00 Intro
    0:26 Collecting firewood for cooking
    1:08 Serina walking so lovely downhill
    1:26 Cutting the Banana tree
    02:11 Cutting Bamboo
    3:03 Cat cutting Calathea leaves
    3:28 Preparing sticks for cooking
    4:12 Sawing bamboo tubes
    4:44 Cat and Serina
    4:57 Joe making bamboo sticks
    5:19 Washing bamboo tubes
    5:36 Cutting banana leaves and preparing bamboo tubes
    6:55 Cat preparing sticky rice in the bamboo tube
    8:08 Serina playing with water
    9:11 Joe and Serina playing
    9:17 Cat preparing coconut milk sauce for the Mango Sticky rice
    10:10 Preparing mango
    11:00 Serina play fishing
    11:30 Sticky rice in bamboo is finished cooking
    12:40 Taking out the sticky rice
    12:44 Cat preparing Drip Coffee from Doi Chaang Coffee
    13:24 Joe is bushcrafting a bamboo spoon
    13:41 Serina learning to say spoon in Thai, English, and Norwegian
    14:01 Joe making a bamboo stick for the mango
    14:11 Eating the Mango sticky rice

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