Authentic Spanish Seafood Paella Recipe – Colab With Best Bites Forever

Authentic Spanish Seafood Paella Recipe – Colab With Best Bites Forever

Paella the essence of Spanish cuisine you know there’s nothing more rewarding than serving up a well made paella so today I´m going to show you guys how to make an amazing seafood paella this paella has the perfect combination of seafood and other ingredinents to create an explosion of flavors while keeping the rice as the star of the dish as it should be ok this is a lot of fun to make and stick around because I´m going to show you guys how to make the socarrat which is that layer of burnt rice in the bottom of the pan this video is made in collaboration with Alicia over at Best Bites Forever she is such an amazing chef she´s got a lot of great recipes in her channel and she is also going to be making a paella so make sure you go watch her channel check out her videos specially the paella one I´m so excited to see it! your going to find a link to her channel in the description box below or iCard above the first thing I´m going to do is cut up all my ingredients that way when I fire up the paella pan this is going to be easy to make I´m going to finely mince 3 cloves of garlic finely dice 1/2 of an onion and dice 1/2 of a red bell pepper then I´m going to grab a clean tube of squid cut it open cut it in half and then cut it into some small squares and we´re also going to reserve 12 jumbo shrimp that have been peeled and deveined and 8 fresh mussels that I´ve already cleaned I just took the beards off them rinsed them under cold water and scrubbed them Ok now we can start cooking our paella I´m going to be using an authentic paella pan if you don´t have one of these you can use a large frying pan I´m going to heat it with a medium-high heat and I´m going to add 1/3 cup of extra virgin Spanish olive oil once the oil get´s hot we´re going to season it with some sea salt and now we´re going to add the cut squid after cooking the squid for about 2 minutes let´s remove it from the pan I´m going to transfer it into a plate now we´re going to add the diced onions and the minced garlic and mix it in there and about a minute after adding our garlic and onions let´s add our bell peppers about 3 minutes after adding our bell pepper I´m going to add 1/2 cup of tomato puree season it generously with sea salt a dash of freshly cracked black pepper and a generous 1/2 teaspoon of smoked paprika and mix it all together about 2 minutes after adding the tomato puree let´s return the squid back to the pan mix it in there and add 2 1/2 cups of fish broth now I´m going to add some saffron in powder form you can find these on I´m going to leave my affiliate link in the description box below and we´re going to gently mix this together once the broth comes to a boil I´m going to be adding 1 cup of round rice very important to use round rice when your making paella I´m going to pour the rice all over and then I´m going to gently mix it so it´s evenly distributed five minutes after adding the rice I´m going to start adding the shrimp and the fresh mussels and at this point you don´t want to stir the rice anymore you can just give the pan a quick shake once in a while five minutes after adding our shrimp and our mussels we´re going to lower the fire to a low-medium heat ok our broth has been simmering on low-medium heat for about 10 minutes and there is very little broth left so at this point I´m going to show you guys how to make that socarrat which is that crusty burnt rice in the bottom of the pan I´m going to hit it to a medium-high heat for exactly 1 minute then I´m going to turn off the heat cover the paella and let it rest between 5 to 7 minutes after leaving our paella to rest between 5 to 7 minutes it´s ready to go I´m going to take off the cover and unveil it and see what we got in there and then I´m going to garnish it with some fresh parsley and a couple wedges of lemon ok before I give this a try I´m going to show you guys that socarrat I was telling you about just kinda scrape through the bottom and you get that little burnt rice right there that is the best part of a paella right there ok I´m going to give this a try…Salud! it´s so good I tell you all the flavors from everything went into each grain of rice including the olive oil what a fantastic flavor to this before I go I´m going to try one of these mussels and let you know how these guys came out…Salud! so good this is such a fantastic paella it´s a seafood paella that is my personal favorite one I hope you guys enjoyed this if you liked it please hit that like button leave me a comment below and don´t forget to subscribe and also I would like to thank Alicia at Best Bites Forever for doing this collaboration with me guys remember to go check out her video on her making the paella just you know subscribe to her channel check her out she is awesome you will find a link to her channel in the description box below or iCard above until the next time…Hasta Luego!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness Albert, that looks sooooo good! I'm glad that you talked about the socarrat (what Puerto Ricans call pegao). It is such an important part of the flavor. I had some beautiful caramelization on the bottom but couldn't film it – my family was attacking the paella lol 🙂 I had a lot of fun doing this collaboration with you and I love your version of the paella – can't wait to try it out!

  2. Hi good evening from Hongkong, your recipe is so simple and the ingredients are easy to find even in Chinese grocery stores, i love the way you cook and your instructions are easy to follow,direct to the point. But I just wanna ask, since the provided recipe is for 1 cup of rice only, do I have to double the amount of ingredients if I cook 2 cups of rice? Because I'm sure,with this delicious food, 1 cup is not enough..

  3. We recently discovered the amazing taste of seafood paella at a local Spanish restaurant, and I wanted to recreate the wholesome taste at home. I followed your instructions, and the paella came out great! Thank you so much for the recipe! Keep up the great work; it's easy to see your genuine enthusiasm towards this wonderful dish!

  4. I am Malaysian. I tried out this Spanish Seafood Paella last night and it was really good and yummy. I learned it from your YouTube. Thanks!

  5. Couple years ago, I went to Granada, Cordoba etc for a trip, amazed by Paella, bring home (Indonesia) some paella pan, safron, and rice….. To be honest you cannot subtitutes with other Asian or so whatever rice , it taste totally diffrent, and its impissible to buy Spanish rice in Asia….

  6. I loved this!! You make it look so easy 😶. Albert.. you blow my mind. When I tried this I wanted to dump the whole pot down my throat lol. Thank you for this amazing recipe.

  7. I made this along with some starters, garlic butter muscels, grilled octopus tentacles – the rest of octopus went a substitute of squid (octopus was steam for around 45 min). I used risotto rice (sorry) and yet it was perfect, as the flavours brougth back the memories from our Barcelona visit. Very good recipe, definately a keeper 😉

  8. Plan to make it coming weekend and wante dto see how you do it. Iam going toadd chicken too. Thank you for the recipe. Happy day everyone

  9. Where can we find out where your passion for cooking all things Spanish? Your time in Spain? your cooking training?
    Youre inspiring and a great teacher and ambassador for Spain. You bring me back to my childhood in Spain thank you. 🍷💃🎵🇪🇸

  10. Si la gente española que sepa cocinar, viera este disparate, Dios mío, lo que no diría! This isn't Socarrat, mate, this is burnt-black rice (that's a failed attempt at cooking)!!!! Goes well with the rubbery over-cooked squid, doesn't it! Dios santisimo!

  11. Will the seafood turned “old” in particular to the Squid should we cook it too early and not wait till the rice is half cooked before adding the seafood?

  12. Hi, I just found your video today because my mother was CRAVING some good paella. We followed your instructions and the recipe and I can say, we were extremely satisfied and amazed~ Well put together video and delicious paella. We'll be keeping this recipe in our books. 🥘

  13. I'm so happy you give way this great recipe for paella sounds yummy, the only thing i didn't get the name of the rice you used i under if any rice is good to use thank you for sharing

  14. Made this the other week, it tasted great! I had a few questions though – do you wash the rice before adding it to the pan? And the Spanish rice I cooked was a little hard, is it traditionally supposed to be hard?

  15. Not trying to cast shade, but why does it sound like you're trying to whisper. Be yourself we're here to see you be you!

  16. I live in Calgary Canada i did had hard time to find the right rice but finally i found it and i make your recipe and i love it so my guests thank you for this beautiful recipe ✌❤🇵🇹🇨🇦

  17. Cook the rice before you put it in the pan, I don't know what he es using but rice takes like 20mins + in water never mind with all the ingredients

  18. Looks fantastic. I'll try this recipe next time I make paella. In the past, I have added chicken and Spanish sausage, and topped off with peas before covering it at the end of cooking, but I'll try your recipe next time around. The tomato purée eliminates the hassle of preparing fresh tomatoes. Getting everything ready to go before you start cooking is key to a successful paella.

  19. looks good, but not Key Largo/Cuban. Conch well hammered and tenderized, smaller whole shrimp, yes head on, and some chunked spiny lobster. Lots of buddar/butter but if you don't understand buddar, then open a box of anything Stoffer, or whatever you can scrounge from Wally World, or the nearest dumpster. The shopper had a deal on saffron. We would wait for a cold/cool snap and go out to the cut to scoop up the shrimp, then it was on. These shrimp were ungraded, and generally small so some care in the cooking. I you don't know about the cut, then Marvin D. Adams waterway. The yuppies consumed the area, but guess you can get catch fresh shrimp other places. Break out the Adobo, and OH BOY!!! Did this a few times right on the water where the storage place is now. Open fire, and cheap beer… nothing better. My favorite brand of beer in those was a brand called "on sale". Roasted a whole small shark there, those were the days. Don't know what shark, but not a nurse. Buttonwood fire works best. Did a mojo pig close to there as well. The Crib was still the Crib, the Parasite pub came a little later, and the Friendship was anything but friendly to an outsider! Oh, and back to the cooking, don't forget the beer, and a heavy splash of rum. Mount Gay!!! Heavy cast iron pan, must have been 20, 22 inches across and 3-4 inch tall sides. Heaavy as hell, but with a few grunts fed an army! Hats off to flip-flops, shorts, and a smile!!!

  20. Can you double the recipe using the 14” Paella pan you’re using? I’m having a Paella party next week and could use your guidance on the measurements…thanks!

  21. I hate to bother you again Albert however I’m having a Paella party next week and because EVERYONE wants to come to it now, I purchased a second pan like the one you recommended in the description box that is 50 centimeter 😳. My question to you if you would be so kind to answer since I really want my Paella to come out perfect is how much bomba rice and fish broth ratio would be best for the 50 cm pan? Do I also increase amounts of seafood and vegetables as well? Any assistance you can give would be wonderful. I’m so nervous and want to do my very best so I hope you will answer before Jun 27th🙄😓

  22. Hi Albert! Thanks for the recipe! Question: how many grams is in the 1 sachet of saffron powder that you use?

  23. Aside from the obviously delicious dish, I would like to say that your voice is so calming and soothing…so therapeutic!

  24. Paella with literal tomato sauce? No no. And brown rice? Please don’t call this “authentic.” There is no way comments aren’t being deleted. This is literally the worst recipe for paella 🙁

  25. This was my result:

    Amazing delicious and good recipe!

  26. Betther than paella's gordon ramsai jajaja. Your paella is good. Paella's ramsai is a porquería.

  27. I lived in dos Hermanas in andalucia and ate this at somebody house. I absolutely loved the burnt rice part. Your paella looks very authentic and delicious. Awesome video. Super guay senior!

  28. Hi Albert. Tks for sharing this wonderful recipe. Finally gathered enough courage to try it today and it was yummy! I do need to learn to control the fire thou – a bit too burnt for my liking. But it was a wonderful first try experience. Tks again!

  29. Im Japanese
    berry so good
    Drool came out

    If you do not go to eat Paella immediately after looking for a Spanish restaurant, you will not stop drooling.

  30. It seemed as if you made that in less than a half hour. Yet, when I ate at the Columbia restaurant in Tampa, Florida, they told me it would be about an hour and a half before it would be ready. We ate early; the place was not crowded. What do you think was the reason for the long time needed?

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