Authentic Mango Sticky Rice Recipe (วิธีทำ ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง)

Authentic Mango Sticky Rice Recipe (วิธีทำ ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง)

– Hey everyone, it’s Mark
Wiens with in Bangkok, Thailand. Right now in Thailand it is mango season, and o if you go to the market,
or even on the streets, you will find all sorts
of different varieties and ripenesses of mangoes. During mango season,
also, you’ll notice a lot of food carts and restaurants, and even in the markets as well, serving khao neeo mamuang,
which is mango sticky rice. I think it’s probably one
of the most well known Thai desserts throughout the entire world, and it’s very popular in Thailand as well. We are gonna make the recipe right now, for mango sticky rice. ♫ Shine like gold. (upbeat energetic music) ♫ Shine like gold.
The first thing we’re gonna do is get started with the sticky rice, and in Thai it’s called kow neuw. It is Thai sticky glutinous rice, and I’ve already been soaking this rice for about six hours, but what you do is when you first get the sticky
rice it’s gonna be almost, it’s gonna be white in color and have a little bit of starch around it, and you wanna remove all of that starch, so what you do is you grab
a handful of the rice, and sort of just brush
it together with your, or rub it together with
your hands like that, and that’s gonna remove
the starch in the water, and then after that, I rinsed,
I dumped out the water, and re-added more water five or six times, and then after that you soak
the rice for about six hours, and so now we are left with this. You can see the rice,
the starch on the grains are pretty much removed, and this will be perfect for steaming. In order to steam the sticky rice I’m gonna be using this
basket, and what I’m gonna do is just put the rice into
this very fine mesh cloth then put it into the basket,
and then steam it like that. But if you don’t have a basket, you could just use a mesh cloth like this, put all the rice into the middle of it, kinda wrap it up, and you can
use whatever steaming method you can find, or even come up with. Grab a big handful of rice
right out of the water, let it drip and drain
just for a couple seconds and then put it directly into the cloth. (energetic upbeat music) ♫ Shine like gold. I’m gonna turn on my stove. (energetic upbeat music) ♫ Shine like gold. And I have already added
some water into the bottom of the pot here, so there’s
some water down there. It’s gonna boil, and then
steam the sticky rice in the basket. Fold over the cloth, like that, and then I’m gonna add
on a cover to seal in all of that steam. And this is gonna steam for
right about 12 to 15 minutes. And then we should have nice fluffy rice for our mango sticky rice. It’s been 12 minutes since
the water started boiling, let’s check on the rice. Oh yeah, that’s very steamy and hot, definitely be careful when you do this. Oh yeah that’s hot. You can take just a fork or a spoon and just kinda check the, oh yeah that’s almost perfect I think. You can see the texture of that rice, it looks cooked but, and you can almost, it
turns from kinda white to kind of transparent. I think we are just about ready. I think I’ll cook it for, steam it for just a few more minutes, and then it will be ready. Put back the cloth, cover on, and just in like two more minutes, and our sticky rice will be ready. I’m gonna take off the entire pot and move it over to a table to sit, and I’m not even gonna turn off the stove but then put on a small
pot right over the fire, and we’re gonna cook the coconut milk, and actually this is coconut cream, in Thai this is called hua gati. So this is just, you wanna just use the thickest, richest coconut cream. This is freshly squeezed. Pour it in very carefully, oh
man, look at the consistency of that, that is almost
approaching the consistency of yogurt, it’s so thick. Alright. And you want a low heat on this as well. And immediately as you
add the coconut milk in, we’re gonna go with sugar. About three pretty big spoonfuls. One. Alright. And then delicately stir that, make sure you just stir in one direction in a circular motion, very smoothly and rhythmically because you don’t want that coconut milk to curdle. Got about a teaspoon of salt. Pour that all in. And this is gonna just
bring out the flavor of that coconut milk and
contrast that sugar as well. You wanna keep on
stirring this very gently until it comes to a
boil, and then make sure all of the sugar is dissolved
and then turn off the heat. I’m gonna taste it real fast. Mmmm! Oh yeah, that is sweet
and a little bit salty, and really creamy coconuty. It is boiling right now,
I’m gonna turn the fire off. And at this point you
gotta work pretty fast because you don’t want the sticky rice, or the coconut milk, coconut cream, to cool off before you combine them. So back to the sticky rice, I’m gonna take this
entire basket, pour it, or dump the entire sticky
rice into a big bowl, oh and that should just
come off very nicely. (laughing) Oh yeah, there we go, a
little pyramid of sticky rice. Then you grab spoon, kinda
fluff this rice a little bit, oh, perfect sticky rice. And then quickly move back over to the coconut cream, sugar mixture. You don’t wanna dump in the whole thing, you wanna just go spoon by spoon. Maybe a couple of spoons at
first, and then you wanna just very delicately stir it. (upbeat energetic music) The reason you wanna just add
a couple spoons and then stir, and then add a couple
more spoons and then stir is because you don’t want
the rice to be too wet. You want it to be sticky, but not wet. And then additionally
though, the coconut cream is going to start to seep into
the grains of sticky rice. We have reached the end
of the coconut milk, just a little bit left. I’m gonna finish it off. So we ended up putting all
of it, just little by little. And the texture of this
sticky rice has gone from individual grains to
almost pudding in texture because of that thick coconut cream. Wow, that looks amazing. And what they do at
the market in Thailand, is they pile it into a cone
shape so that it’s beautiful and it looks really good, and
then they serve it like that in individual portions. I’m gonna try to do it, I don’t
know how well this will go, but let’s see how it turns out. My cone formation, smooth it
down, it almost looks like there’s, it’s just filled with butter, but that is just all coconut cream. Oh, look at that. Just glistening. (laughing) Wonderful. I know you’re gonna
wanna eat it immediately, so you can grab a little taste. But before we actually, oh that’s good! But before we actually
assemble it together with the mango, we’re gonna
really quickly dry-fry up some yellow mung beans. Pour this all into the wok, and these are commonly sprinkled on top of mango sticky rice in Thailand. They’re just in a dry pot, pan or wok. Just lightly toast these for a few minutes to give them a crispiness. You can see the beans are
slightly getting toasted, I think that’s good to go, let me turn off the fire. Put them back into this little bowl. It almost smells like popcorn. Okay. And we have one more thing to do, I actually almost forgot to do it, because I was so excited to
assemble the mango sticky rice, but we’ve gotta boil a little more coconut cream to go on top. Turn on low heat, and you can immediately
pour in coconut cream. A little bit of salt, and
then keep stirring that up, and this is just gonna be
salt and coconut cream, no sugar in this. That has thickened up and it is boiling, I’m gonna turn it off and
we’ll immediately pour it into a small bowl. Oh yeah, this is gonna be
the gravy on top, alright. And if you wanna get really
Thai, you have to get a little plastic bag, this
is just a packaging bag, and they make a little, kinda
wrap it up like this I think, and they make a little mitt. A little mitt. Actually they inside it
out I think, inside it out, and make a little mitten of a plastic bag to be able to scoop out the rice, otherwise your hand
will get really sticky, and it will just get messy. Alright, first I’m just
gonna mix up the rice and actually we can get rid of the spoon, now that I have the plastic
mitt method goin’ on. Oh, that feels wonderful, it’s so oily and buttery
from that coconut cream. I’m gonna move that
over to the side there. Oh man, that is so smooth and, okay, and then you dish out,
I’m gonna dish out a portion, I’m guessing that this amount that we made would probably make about, at least 10, maybe you could even get
like 15 portions out of this. Maybe about that much. Move this onto the plate
and I think I’m just, there are a lot of different ways that you could present this, but I think I’m gonna make
a base, add a little more, and then just put the
mango right on top of it. Kinda fluff it up a little bit, alright, that’s pretty good, let’s
move on to the mango. Take it off, leave it in the sticky rice. Let’s just quickly talk about mangoes. In Thailand, there are many many, well, across the world there are
many different varieties of mangoes, and the one
that is commonly used for mango sticky rice is
called ma-muang nam dok mai, and it’s a very sweet, and very smooth, it’s not stringy, and
just a little bit tart. But really, you can use any type of mango that is sweet and yellow, and
it should work fine for this. And, but the key thing in Thailand, they always wanna use beautiful mangoes for mango sticky rice. I’m gonna very delicately
slice off the skin and I’m not the best at
this, but I will do my best. That is a very good looking mango. Very ripe. And then, I think we’re ready here, the seed should be right in the middle, and then the next step is to kinda, put your knife in and find the seed. Slice right on the seed, and then you’re gonna have
whole like, mango steak. Alright, I think we’re good. Alright, slice that, make sure it doesn’t slide out of your hand. Look at that juice coming out. And then what you do is you
slice the mango like that into big slices, like that, and just kinda slide it directly onto the rice like that. Oh man, that looks amazing. Turn the mango over, and same thing. Skin it. And then once the other side
of the mango is skinned, you do the exact same thing. Cut around the seed, and then put that right down on the sticky rice. That is a lot of mango, the way I like it. Oh, that is full plate. Then the crispy mung
beans, sprinkle this on, and you wanna mostly get
it onto the sticky rice. Alright. I think that’s good. The moment has come! It is time to eat the mango sticky rice. I’m gonna add on just a little
bit of that coconut cream, I’m going right in for the middle there, on to that mango in the middle, and oh man, that’s just like butter. The spoon just goes right
through that mango, look at that. Get, with a little bit of
those crispy mung beans, a ratio of the sticky
rice, that’s perfect. (upbeat energetic music) The mango is so smooth,
it’s not stringy at all, and it’s just completely
sweet and really juicy. To contrast that, is the
sticky rice which is, you can still taste each individual grain, but the rice is so rich and
oily from that coconut cream. (upbeat energetic music) The mango just, like,
liquefies in your mouth. It’s so juicy. Oh, it almost tastes like
it’s just gushing with honey. Wow. That’s it for this recipe. I think that you’ll not
only enjoy eating it, but also making it is quite a lot of fun, and just imagine showing up at a party, or at a get together or a dinner, with this pan full of sticky rice, and then putting on the plastic bag glove to put it on to peoples plates and then slicing fresh
mango, fresh juicy mango, right over the top of that. I think your friends love you for it. I will write about this recipe over on, and I’ll list all of the ingredients, and I’ll then write about all the steps that you need to make it. So head over to
for the full recipe. Thank you very much for watching, kop khun mak krub, please remember to give
this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, also
I’d love to hear from you in the comments below, and finally, make sure you subscribe for lots more food
videos, and I will see you on the next video. Thank you for watching. (upbeat energetic music)

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