Authentic Bengali Food in Pune | Navratri Special |  #bha2pa

Authentic Bengali Food in Pune | Navratri Special | #bha2pa

Hello, I am Indrajit. I am here in Pune. I can feel the vibe of Navratri
(9 days festival of Goddess). This festival is celebrated differently
in different parts of India. For example, in Maharashtra, pitchers are worshiped. In Gujrat, they perform Garba
(dance making a circular formation). Similarly, Durga Pooja ( worship of Goddess Durga)
is performed and celebrated in West Bengal. On the same occasion, I am going to roam across Pune. And I am going to try out authentic Bengali food here. Let’s go! I have come to my first pit-stop for breakfast, at Aha! Bengali located at Wakad. Just look at the quantity of breakfast they offer. So, this is similar to Puri (Indian bread)
and called as ‘Luchi’. This veg preparation is called as ‘Alu Dum’. It has big pieces of potatoes and many more things. The combination of Luchi and Alum Dum is just amazing. This is extremely soft and
accompanying it are well-cooked potatoes. Unlike other Indian breads, Luchi is a bit sweeter. It is sweet to taste. And veg preparation has not been overpowered by spices. It is a balanced preparation. Great things happen to those who improvise. I am not going to the food-joint,
I planned to visit. Because… Bengali Food Festival is happening right here. I have come here and Bengali Food Festival is going on here itself! ‘Tathya’ is this food-joint. Here, they serve full-course meal. So I will try it our now. Let’s go! Now, I am at ‘Tathya’. It is a fine dine restaurant. It conducts various food festivals. How lucky can anyone get? Now, Bengali Food Festival is going on here. So, I have ordered so many things, I will tell you about it once it comes to the table. Wow! I know what it is. This is called as ‘Jhalmuri’. It is similar to Bhel
(Chaat variety popular in India). It is prepared in mustard oil. It also contains peas. Too good! These are ‘Beguni’, that are eggplant fritters. I really don’t like eggplant. But, genuinely, this preparation is yummy. This is ‘Mochor Chop’. It is prepared from Banana flower with seasoning of 5 spices known as ‘Panch phoron’, and is served with mustard sauce. You need to slightly dip it in mustard sauce
to get a perfect flavor. So, this is Rui Mach. It is an Indian cyprinid fish cooked in mustard oil. No words! And last, but not the least – Shukto. Actually…it contains many vegetables. I am not really fond of vegetables. But apart from vegetables, it has black gram fritters inside. This also has a seasoning of 5 different spices That seasoning is called as ‘Panch phoron’. Usually, it is eaten with rice. It it a bit bitter, but, it’s rich in flavor. Because, it is creamy. You can enjoy own sweet taste of rice. And… these crunchy black gram fritters. I don’t think I will be able to eat anything else
after having so much of food. But this food-tour will be incomplete without Bengali sweets. To try out Bengali sweets, I am going to
‘Calcutta Sweets’ at Wanowrie. This 22-year-old shop offers variety of sweets. But I know what am I looking for. ‘Kheer Kadam’, ‘Sondesh’ and of course, ‘Rasgulla’. Oh..sorry! ‘Roshogolla’. This is too sweet. I don’t think I can finish it off. I am already full as I have been eating a lot
for this entire day. It was a new experience for me… as I tasted these preparations for the first time. So, this is how I spent my whole day. It was fun. Do let us know your feedback on this video
in the comments section. Do let us know the places you want us to explore. I am available at Instagram. My user name is my_blue_backpack. Do follow me. And most importantly, do subscribe to
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