AUTEC Rice Sheet Maker ASM835A Sushi Machine

AUTEC Rice Sheet Maker ASM835A Sushi Machine

Hi, Everyone. My name is Taka Tanaka, The president and CEO of Autec Inc. Today I am going to introfuce our new rice sheet maker ASM835A. This machine is very simple and helpful. It lays down sticky sushi rice onto a sheet of dried seaweed in every 3 seconds
And helps you to produce 1200 sushi rolls per hour. I will show you how it works As many of the people who are watching this video may already know Grabbing the right amount of sticky sushi rice in hands and spread it onto a sheet of dried seaweed is not so easy. That is why an average person can only make approximately 50 sushi rolls per hour. The sticky sushi rice sticks to all over your hands, And to avoid the cross contamination risks, the person needs to wipe and clean the hands before and after touching the sticky sushi rice. If the speed is not fast enough, sushi rice temperature drops, And the sushi becomes colder, drier, and sticker so that it makes it more difficult for a person to make sushi. Our ASM835A is NSF/UL certified and it has the rice heater to keep the rice warm inside. Once the sushi rice is spread evenly on a seaweed, to roll ingredients is easy. Anyone just needs to put ingredient in the middle of the rice sheet and roll the sushi. With our ASM835A it doesn’t matter if the person is experienced having big hands or small hands, tired or not. Anyone can make approximately 200 sushi rolls per hour. Let’s compare speed and quality of the rice sheet side by side. As anyone can see, by using our rice printing machine The same amount of sushi rice is spread quickly and evenly without touching human’s hands. So it does not only lower the cross contamination risks but also save the rice labor and time. Some of the states such as New York and Nevada require people to wear gloves So it makes even more difficult for people to clean their hands and to increase the production speed. ASM835A also has a auto start function, So no one needs to touch the machine and the people’s hands stay clean all the time. Please comes and see more details on the website. We have showrooms and local representatives in many states in North America. Please contact us anytime and let us show you how we can help you solve your concerns with our ASM835A

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