Hello, Hongsi ^_^ Today, I prepared salmon, octopus and seagrapes. This octopus looks very tempting. I prepared a Chojang which is a special Korean sauce for seafood. It’s sweet and spicy. (It’s a great match with seafood!) Hongsi, take a fist bite ; ) I can taste the freshness of the ocean. How is this so chewy and tender at the same time? The texture is not tough but so soft. In Korea, we boil the octopus and cut it into slices and enjoy it as a side dish or with alcoholic drinks such as Soju 😀 And we call this boiled octopus a Muneosukhoe. The price of an octopus goes high during the Korean traditional holidays as it is used as an ancestral rituals ceremony food. I think the attractive thing about the octopus is that it has a unique texture. Umm~ do you think the dish for a sauce is a bit tilted? I have moved the dish but it looks the same haha ; ) Seagrapes (in Korean: Badapodo) Ooooh listen to this popping sound of it! I love this sound. Let’s have a salmon (Yeon-eo) now. I will save the big salmon for later ❤️ Yesss! This is the taste I was expecting! I think I’m having salmon about 2~3 times a week. Let’s put Wasabi on it~ And of course the Chojang~ Koreans tend to eat salmon often. And I am one of them hehe 😀 I would’ve had salmon every day if it was cheaper. I made the Chojang (special Korean sauce for seafood) myself. The Chojang is also can be served with Bibimbap, seasoned veggies and lots more. The inside is looking full of taste. oops! I forgot to squeeze the lemon on it haha. I prepared the horseradish sauce that Hongsis recommended. I used all my onions at home so I couldn’t prepare the onions :(( Let’s enjoy this one! There’s Wasabi inside which I love. A deep flavor of a sauce goes well with a salmon. I ate it all in a second because it was sooo delicious. Wowowow…! I’m so happy having to eat salmon and octopus at the same time! It’s already the end of June. I guess I have been busy this month. I went on a business trip and I had a change to my environment so it was really driving me crazy. I apologize for my fluctuant uploadings. However, it is my great pleasure having to meet Hongsi. It really energizes me. I wonder how Hongsi spent their month. It should be more delicious when I eat salmon and octopus together right? Oh, I was surprised because it actually tasted great! Well, it was an obvious result as I love seafood haha. I should cut this one. It’s huge. We use scissors a lot in the kitchen. It’s really useful. Can you guess what this is?! It’s a radish sliced thinly. We use it for decoration or eat it! I will have the last bite of an octopus first. And I will finish with seagra pes. Wow, I enjoyed it as usual. Hongsi, you guys know I love you right?! Now, I will say goodbye to you all. An nyung~!


  1. Âm thanh rất hay
    Vietsub cũng rất chuẩn và dễ thương cho chị 1 like
    Cá hồi ở Việt Nam thực sự khá là khó tìm ở các chợ không như ở Hàn Quốc
    Thực sự rất ghen tị đấy 😌

  2. Salmon look so yummy
    I realy hungry but i am still pregnancy 6 week , so my stomach isn't frendly with food

  3. Today is my birthday 🙂can I get 10 likes please?

    Btw hogyu video always make me hungry and I never disappointed with you😘

  4. Thank you for the subtitles and thank you for explaining things about the food & making it interesting !

  5. いつもいい音をありがとうございます(*´ω`*)💛

  6. 뭔가 분위기가 요즘엔 달라진 듯 해요. 먹는 위주에서 모양 위주로 간다해야하나? 먹는 것에 집중하시는 것이 아닌 영상에 치우치시는 듯 하네요. 어떻게 하면 예쁘게 나오나 뭐 이런 것 … 자막도 바뀌고 .. 편집도 그렇고 … 안타깝네요.

  7. ホンユさんが食べてるサーモンとたこと海ぶどう、わしの家に送ってくれ〜〜、、

  8. Could we have a voice reveal? I love your channel Hongyu ASMR and am also Korean! My mouth always waters when I see your food in the video, and we never hear your voice because its well, ASMR. So please do a voice reveal please!

  9. 홍유님 자기전이나 심심할때 항상 잘 보고 잘 듣고 있어요❤️ 맛있는거 많이 드시구 하는 일 다 잘되시기를💕

  10. Se ve tan delicioso quisiera probarlo lo malo que aqui solo en mi estado solo vendan imitaciones de salmon 🙁 quisiera probar el salmon y shushimi

  11. I'd love an only salmon video, without sea grapes or ginger, without crunchy sounds, just salmon's sounds

  12. my grandfather ate a green cookie after he finished he cough all night he never knew why until he found out it was wasabi and not a green tasty sugary sweet cookie

    (true story i swear it was funny)

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