Asheville Food News ft. “Tasting the Globe with Descubre Asheville!”

Asheville Food News ft. “Tasting the Globe with Descubre Asheville!”

Live from Asheville, North Carolina
this is Asheville Food News with Jess’s Healthy Living From the Inside Out and
Micah Eats Asheville and now. The news. Welcome everybody to Asheville Food News
for the week of April 29th we’re here bringing you this week’s biggest events
and restaurant news as always my name is Micah and I’m Jess stay tuned for a
segment with Louis from Descubre Asheville featuring
– Very close that was good. Thank you
featuring some Peruvian flavors down by the river But now… The news!!! On May 3rd Wicked Weed is opening a new restaurant right next the Funkatoriam on the South Slope. Cultura born out of the friendship of Wicked
Weed co-founder Walt Dickinson and Tables co-founder – or actually table founder
Jacob Sessions is worldly inspired romp into the love of food. Even though small
plates will be available the concept inspires a community banquet feel we’re
all can feast on large platters of roasted meats and Wicked Weed yeast
fermented sourdough flatbreads the style of the Cultura will be reminiscent
of a vineyard restaurant with giant wood aging barrels being repurposed into seating booths also with the sour beer and food pairings they’re hoping the
public can soon appreciate the intricacies of beer the way they do with
wine although I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sign like this at a wine bar ok I
immediately apologize for that joke Thank You. Jess? Have you heard about the
new cake shop on New Leicester Highway? Well, it’s called the AVL cake lady and carries
a heartwarming story. See owner Shana McDowell never saw herself in the cake
making business sure she baked cakes as a hobby and then as gifts but it wasn’t
until a huge push from her friends and family
that she should start taking orders and create her own business. The icing on the
cake? Before long she had enough orders to quit her day job and open a
storefront. Check out the shop open now on New Leicester Highway for cupcakes a slice
on the go or to put in that custom cake order. Ok real talk her carrot cake is so
good that I’ve made it a personal tradition to get one slice ever week.
And when the kids are in bed it’s mamas special treat time. So matter of fact I
have my weekly slice here in the studio fridge right now so you know when I get
home… are you kidding me?! What I was just — beep *dry* Ah… remember the good old days when kids played stickball on the
streets and bread was ten cents and milk was delivered fresh to your home door?
Jess: No, I’m not old like you *mutters* A rhetorical question.
Apparently Farm to Home Milk did and for five years up to 2016 revived this
nostalgic tradition here in Asheville do I still have do I still have schmutz on
my face? Farm to Home Milk has partnered up *laughs* sorry
Right so Farm to Home Milk has partnered up with a Buttons Bagels so along with your
home delivery of grass-fed milk from dairies around North Carolina you can
now also get Buttons bagels and specialty cream cheeses delivered right
to your door. Also available are jams, poultry items,
eggs, butter, and yogurt. So to sign up for home delivery, check out the Farm to Home website the wine and oyster bar recently completed its much-anticipated move from
Biltmore Village to downtown and is open for business.
Known for its flown in daily and fresh seafood and oysters the new location
allows for an expanded menu and starting this week the wine in Oyster Bar will be
starting a lunch service as well. So, what’s on the menu?
How about shrimp, catfish, and oyster po boys, paninis, shrimp ‘n grits and the
crabby patty sandwich. They’re even throwing their hat into the Cuban
Sandwich ring without salami so that’s a good start.
– Yes it is. So, don’t be shellfish check them out soon downtown right next to Posada. Tickets are on sale right now for the All American food fight second annual
taco takeover happening on June 16th a Salvage Station. So what exactly happens
in a Taco Takeover? Tacos happen. Like all the tacos happen.
Feast on tacos from local vendors such as Brinehauses smoked pork red taco
– bugulgi taco, Belly Ups brisket taco, Taqueria fast al pastor and last year’s winner Sonora;s
chorizo taco. Don’t forget your homemade Palomas or
your ice-cold cerveza mexicanas. Live music, good drinks, and your favorite
tacos. What more do you want? This will sell out fast so get your tickets now as
always information is available on the website do you know what
this week is? – what?
It’s Asheville Cocktail Week! Events are happening all over Asheville
this week including Elixir on May 2nd at the Grove Arcade and they’re back for
their seventh year. Elixir is a competition event where local distillers
get paired with local mixologists and then they try to out cocktail each other. They will go head to head trying to create the perfect cocktail as you move table to table to sample all
of the contenders. The winner? Well at that point you are! For tickets just go
to and we have the link in today’s episode yeah totally you are the
winner when you go to something like that just drive safe
people make sure… to stay hydrated eat stuff, food, good yes. Right. one of the
things we love best about Asheville is the rich diversity in this food scene
and that includes the multitude of Latin American options. Asheville’s own Luis
from Descubre Asheville heads over to the Bywater to pay a visit to a food
truck pumping out some Peruvian goodness Luis? What’s up guys today I wanna
introduce you to somebody truly unique here in Asheville. Now those of you you that
know me. You know that I’m all about promoting multiculturalism in our city
and today we’re gonna take you to the flavors of Lima Peru where Chef Santiago
Vargas was born. Ever since he was Bambino
he knew his dream and desire was food heck this guy even attended la Cordon
Bleu in Lima Peru but his dream and desire was so big it took him out of
South America and all the way to New York. And eventually here to Asheville. With him, he was his culture his experience,
luckily for us, his food. The result the Out of the Blue
Peruvian fusion truck. all right Santiago my brother I wanted to come down here
and talk to you about your food your truck but for now I want you to tell me
what it is that you made for us. well right now we have la mosaltado
of the best traditional dishes coming from Ashevillian and Peruvian. And it’s
*unknown* Tenderloin beef. Wow can’t wait to try it man so what do we
have here what is this man we have that pig in a poncho a “pan con chicharron”. cooked slow for two hours yeah how thick and onions
with limes 100% and then we have a sweet potato.
Yeah, my mouth is watering. One of the oldest sandwich from my country. So tell me again why bring this kind of
concept to Asheville? Well we bring a Peruvian fusion to
Asheville because I think so Asheville the people here is more open to to try
different food, and also there’s no Peruvian so I want to promote my culture in here
in AVL. So what are you up to now man and what
does the future look like for you? Well right now we are the Bywater
between like April in the middle of April which will start six days in a row
for lunch and and night service and we want to be like eight months here
until November stay serving Peruvian food and then also we had a picture here
we had a big grill it’s coming soon I’m going to do
Peruvian spicy marinade and then that grill, it’s gonna be amazing fresh fish. You gonna make fish? Everything we want to cook everything but you already like You will
like a South American experience yes exactly Dejame tequento algo,
we’re so lucky to have such a diverse and multicultural food thing here in
Asheville and Chef Vargas and his truck Out of the Blue Peruvian fusion
truck are a great part of that representing the country of Peru. I am
Luis Serapio with the Descubre Asheville hasta la vista, amigo. That was awesome. Guys go down to the
Bywater, visit Out of the Blue Fusion food truck
say hi to Santiago and get some amazin’ Peru- *amazing* and amazing you know I’m sayin’? it’s the cocktails already amazing Peruvian food well guys as you can see
we’ve already uh yeah started celebrating Asheville cocktail week.
cheers Cheers and as always Eat well Asheville.

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