Any fantasy about working at a cafe,,?☺️ | Strawberry Milk Ice Cream Cookie Corn

Any fantasy about working at a cafe,,?☺️ | Strawberry Milk Ice Cream Cookie Corn

Self Transition ? What was I doing Start! Bless coco It’s famous for Cookie Ice cream Fluttering Cocoa Powder At least one person a day coughs because of this powder Kinda silent Assassin in our cafe,,, BYEEE Hope you happy there.. Rainbow cake – milk Who else love milk cream favor! Got order for delivery condensed milk + Shot==Dolce latte Many of you wanna know what this is This is to-go can! But you can ask for this if you want to NEVER LEAKS Put the lid on And combine it with body by machine! Falling Canning Peach Iced tea Gorgeous This is how delivery package goes I had new skill of fruit trimming ? FAILED That white thing is scale I’ve tried this before and It was so hard to drink I was so full while Drinking this Dang Look at thisssss Bruh, how can I Put this? Quick Self Compromise. I’m gonna hit this chocolate And give a thin coating of chocolate to corn Come on bae Put it on like this And let it dry. (This takes forever) Ta-da I’m gonna make new menu with this corn SPC (Strawberry Plus Cookie) ( I Didn’t name it. Name sucks ) Put Strawberry on the Top of Milk & Strawberry Ice cream! Leggo bae Into my mouth Benefit of Owner’s daughter : NOW Ah~~~ I Love this~~~ Oops customer is here I’ll be here in a sec bae. Stay well Got order for Oreo cake and Earl grey roll cake! I never expect I could meet soulmate in here LOVE THIS OREOS Oreo never let me down Look at that layers of Oreo!! Fuxxin love it Earl grey cream roll cake! I’m such a huge fan or earl grey taste And I love this so much Sorry I was bit late bae Let me swallow you right now Awww I thought this was Cookie, not a Concrete How do you like it!? Hiiiii Extraction flashy handwork So messed up Limited Edition Cake!!! Omg so pretty Finished! Got order for green tea latte with shot I love this drink This rlly makes me awake when I’m zombie Looks delish So jealous Got order for delivery! 10 To-go cans..! Should be completed within 40 minutes. Zobby is dying I’m now making sweet potato latte! Gonna make it fast Put this lid on Combine 1 completed! 9 left! 2 completed! It has been like forever since I made this drink last time I didn’t remember, but my body did remember the receipt goosebumps Chocolate drizzle What this machine is? It was about $4,000 Equals’s (Sponsored X, Mom’s Blood sweat & tears O) This is free peach ice tea for review How long would this takes,, 6 cans of vanilla latte GO IN I should repeat same things for 6 times I’m dying Put milk Put lidFirst~ 2nd 3rd 4th I’ll give up FINALLY It was tough Earl grey cream and raspberry cream roll cake For service💕 Bye amigos! Huh? Hate dish washing Yeah, I’m failed House-elf Cafe mocha Oh I did great Messed up Messed up mocha with americano,,, Pave chocolate We have Green tea, yogurt, milk, dark favor And my favorite is Yogurt Btw, I have weird skill YUP! Finally Last order Could be free,,! Make bless cream ice cream “Enjoy it” Quick escape I did my hair for you ‘The One’ Give me thumbs up I was so tired Btw My new ‘The One’ Leave a lots of questions in my last vid You can check answer from my QnA vid Or in my homepage! (Maybe) Then~! BBYE!! Run away Fresh air What do you think What’s in here Hint : not Oreo BYEEEEEEEEE

100 thoughts on “Any fantasy about working at a cafe,,?☺️ | Strawberry Milk Ice Cream Cookie Corn”

  1. 너무 큰꿈이랄까 소박한 꿈이랄까?,,
    저두 성인되고 돈모으면 엄마하고 카페 차리기로 약속 했거든용!! ㅎㅎ
    그럴때보고 조에님 영상 보면서 많은걸 배워가는거 같아용!!
    기계라던가 커피 등등이용ㅎㅎ!! 항상 영상 올려주셔서 감사합니다❤️ 구독누르고 갈께용!!❤️

  2. 볼때마다 영상 분위기가 너무 좋아요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
    브금이랑 입으시는 옷이랑 색감이랑 다 너무 잘 어울려요••• 오늘도 영상 잘 보구갑니당!

  3. 정연조커클랜드 스파클링
    조연정링클파스 드랜클커
    민윤정링클파스 드랜클커

  4. Hi Unni ☄…. I have noticed that some of your videos contain Arabic subtitles, so I started following you …. Unfortunately there are clips that do not have Arabic subtitles, so can you put the Arabic subtitles in all of your videos ?? Thank you ….. love you 💙💙

  5. 언니!! Your videos always make me sooooo satisfied 😋😋 and you are so beautiful❣️ Wish you happy everyday❣️and make more and more wonderful videos

  6. 조에님 조금 지적같이 들리실 수 있지만
    제가 조금 신경을 많이쓰는 진지충??이라서요
    의도하신거였다면 죄송합니다!!

  7. I spent my data connection for this.. Just enjoyable.. Iam really a good food addict.. Greetings from the Philippines

  8. 영상 잘 봤어요! 진짜 너무너무너무 좋아하는 영상이여서 볼때 행복해요! 아 그리고! 가격도 적어 주셨으면 좋겠어요..🙊🙊 다음 영상 빨리 들고 오세요❣️

  9. 제가 요즘 불면증 때문에 잠을 못 잤는데 신기하게 어제 영상 딱 한 번 보고 누웠는데 잠들었어요 아니 이유는 모르겠고 그래서 오늘 한 번 더 왔어요 증말.. 구독 하고 가겠습니당

  10. 조에님 혹시 라떼 종류가 다른 음료에 비해얼음이 적게 들어가는 이유가 있나요,,,? 영업비밀이라면 안알려주셔도 좋습니다!!

  11. 카페 알바 로망 없었는데 조에님 영상보고 역으로 생겨버렸어요ㅠㅠ 영상 구도나 색감이 영화같이 멋져요!!

  12. 안녕하세요!!밤에 힐링하면서 보고있는 고딩입니당,,어렸을때부터 궁금한게 있었는데, 카페 알바 처음하면 사장님이나 다른 분들이 가르쳐 주시고 시작하나요 아니면 경력자 절대 우대인가요….? 진짜 너무 궁금했어요…모든 알바분들이 다 너무 능숙하시길래…나중에 카페알바 해보는게 로망이에요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  13. As someone with a sweet tooth I wish there was something like this near me. I would probably be a daily costumer if I had access to a cafe as beautiful as yours. Thank for posting these videos so we get to see what life is like for you. It is so pretty and a really relaxing aesthetic. (^,^)/

  14. ??? 평택이요..? 가까웠어.. 평택갈때 한번 꼭 들려봐야겠어요 비주얼진짜 이쁘네요💕

  15. 혹시 초코시럽 다 삐져 나와서 컵에 흘러내리던거 영상에서만 그냥 내보내신 것처럼 나온 건가욤?、나중에는 다 닦으시는 건가요?! 궁금해서여..!

  16. 카페알바 환상 있으신 분?

    그 사람바로 저에요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 아니 그보다 메뉴가 하나 같이 예쁘도 먹음직스러운데 왜 전 평택과 정반대 지역에 있는건가요… 진짜 기회된다면 방학때 무조건 평택으로 갑니다ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  17. If i ever visit Korea in my life…your cafe is the first place i wanna visit and eat up all the cakes and drink each and every drink you serve…😍😍😍😍😍

  18. 카페알바환상 .. 저예요 .. 언니보고 더 하고싶어졌어요 ..ㅠㅠ 블레스롤으로 ㅠㅠㅠ 그리고 언니 배우 박민영 닮았어요 너무 예뻐요 ..ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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