Anti Cancer Foods Found in Nature – Mike Adams (“The Health Ranger”)

Anti Cancer Foods Found in Nature – Mike Adams (“The Health Ranger”)

Ty Bollinger: The whole food, the plant-based diet, should be a staple in order to not only stay health to prevent disease, but if you
have been diagnosed with cancer, specifically this whole interview series, this investigative report
that I’m doing is focused on preventing cancer. When you look at the statistics of the World Health
Organization 2010, they said of the people who are alive today, one in two men, one in
three women are going to face a cancer diagnosis. This information needs to get out there. People
need to know how they can eat to prevent this. Mike Adams: A whole food, predominately plant-based
diet is an anti-cancer diet, period. There are more anti-cancer medicines in a diverse
whole food diet than the cancer industry will ever come up with, regardless of how many billions
of dollars they spend on research. There are anti-cancer compounds in celery, anti-cancer
compounds in beets, anti-cancer compounds in the white stuff inside of the orange peel.
When you peel the orange peeling off, you should leave that white layer on the oranges,
on the pieces. Eat as much as that as possible. It’s anti-cancer. Anti-cancer elements in red
wine and red grapes – resveratrol – which we talked about. Anti-cancer elements in seeds and
in nuts. There are so many that modern science… it will take us hundreds of years to even
begin to understand the anti-cancer potential that’s found in a grocery store right now. Ty Bollinger: Yeah. I honestly believe that
there are more. It would be harder to list. It would be harder to find the whole foods
that don’t contain cancer-fighting properties than it would be to just pick one. You could
just pick any of them. They all have some kind of different methods by which they would
help to prevent cancer or to treat cancer. Mike Adams: It reminds me of a question that
a traditional Chinese medicine master once asked me when we were having discussions in
nature about what’s healing. He asked me this very powerful but simple question.
We were in a forest. He said, look around. “Find me something around here in the forest.
Find me something that is NOT medicine.” I couldn’t. Ty Bollinger: You couldn’t do it. Mike Adams: I couldn’t. Everything around
us was medicine in one form or another. Even the soil beneath our feet; the microbes in
the soil are medicine. The minerals in the stones are medicine. The chemical constituents
in the tree bark are traditional Chinese medicine. A lot of those are tree bark. The herbs,
the plants, everything had a medicinal component, even the sky, the sunlight was medicinal.
The water in the plants – medicinal. I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t medicine. And so
when people come up to me and they say things like, “I don’t know what to do about cancer.
I’ve tried everything.” Have you tried nature? Have you? I bet you that on the way to your
cancer clinic, you walked by nature. You walked by some plants that probably have anti-cancer
medicines in them. Ty Bollinger: I can guarantee they did. Mike Adams: I used to live in the desert in Arizona. There were anticancer treatment
centers there where in the parking lots, had anti-cancer plants, desert plants. They’re
very potent. Ty Bollinger: They probably were better treatments
than [what] were inside. Mike Adams: Absolutely! So people would park
their cars, ignoring the medicine right there for free, and they would walk inside of the
cancer-treatment center, and get poisoned and pay for it, and wonder why they were still
sick. That’s how messed up the cancer industry is today. Ty Bollinger: That is the insanity that we
call the cancer industry today. Mike Adams: Literally, in many parts of Arizona,
you can just go out in the wild and you can harvest masses of anti-cancer desert plants, wild crafted,
for free. Ty Bollinger: I know. It’s nuts. It really is. Well, Mike, that reminds me of the old mantra from Hippocrates: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
I think that if we could sum up what we’ve talked about today, if we can get a whole plant-based
diet to treat cancer and/or to prevent cancer, that would be the direction that we should
go. Mike Adams: That is a sustainable path for

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  1. hello my son was diagnosed with nuroblastoma when he was 5. he's 9 now and cancer free. we have scans every six months til he's 18 can you please guide me to how to feed my son and family to health. with so many advice with little resources in my neighborhood. it's like everything is in a box or the veg and fruit is basic.

  2. However truth is their poisoning these fruits mentioned on the video. With pesticides, which cause cancers witg poisons etc. UNLESS you can truly get a hold of non GMO fruits veggies etc, its a lost cause and truth be told I think their even hitting non GMO foods.

  3. Mike, I hope you get to read this mate, You push Spirulina and Ive been taking it since the late 70's, but with
    FUKUSHIMA, how can you possible sell Hawaiian Spirulina?   Please explain,    Im a huge fan of yours and believe 
    in most of what you say, but what about this dilemma now with Fukushima???   Cheers,  tpj

  4. Our freedom is under attack!! Let's publish as many Health Ranger videos as we can on YouTube!!! They can't shut us all!! You can find all of Mike's videos on

  5. Hi Mike, I had your book "Food Forensics" since last year. Things have changed since then, there is something very interesting that we just found out and that you might find interesting as well…We used to buy Himalayan red salt at wholefoods and we still have some from a few years ago that we compared to the one they're selling now, still at higher price and not tasting like even salt anymore, we just wonder if you know what's going on with it and if you happen to have done anymore lab test on their "stuff" lately…their salt tastes like it has been cut with something else, but it's not too clear on what it is. We thought it might be helpful to you, but most of all to the public. Thank you for all the work you've done so far, I found your book extremely interesting.

  6. Do the genetically modified veggies do the same as Organic? They've made it almost impossible to get Organic round these parts.
    : (

  7. What is nuts?????? You do a video on nature heals… BUT YOU DON'T NAME NOT ONE THING IN NATURE THAT CURES CANCER…. GEE THANKS!

  8. Thai chili peppers cured my metastasised lung cancer I swear to you! 2nd hand smoke really kills its not a myth! Grocery stores cure more people than hospitals ever will in this sad so called Civilisation.

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