100 thoughts on “Alvin Tries To Recreate The Mario Party Pizza Video Game In Real Life • Tasty”

  1. Do the cube steak minigame from super mario party for the nintendo switch, you’re supposed to flip the pan (the joycon is the panhandle obv) so that a raw side cooks then flip it again until all six sides are cooked. The one who cooks all sides first wins, if the steak cube flies out of the pan you lose instantly. Violent flipping is mandatory.

  2. Blonde girl, black girl, chinese BOI, and italian (mustache included) BOI.

    Damn, the wet dream of every single twitter SJW.

    Amazing vid btw.

  3. This shit’s WEAK! Did you not see the pizza to person ratio in the game?!! If you’re gonna do this do it right!

  4. Oh my god, this is so cool! I used to play this one for hours on end, and I was super good at it! This is so awesome, thank you for reminding me a bit of my childhood!

  5. little bit off-topic but when i was a child my brother was playing the wii with me and he didn't have the safety strap on and it threw into my face and i got a nose-bleed lmao

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