All You Can Eat A5 WAGYU BEEF in Tokyo Japan!

All You Can Eat A5 WAGYU BEEF in Tokyo Japan!

First bite of Wagyu. Oh my god. I literally have tears forming. Hey guys, it’s Mike Chen. Now, last time I was in Japan of all the delicious things I ate the one thing that left the biggest impression is my meal in Kobe. The A5 wagyu Kobe beef. I mean, I still think about it everyday like every single day I think I dedicate at least 30 minutes just daydreaming and thinking back about my meal that deliciously tender, melty beef. But the thing is, that thing is not cheap. Now I always thought that, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place that serves Kobe beef, but all you can eat.” Because the two things I love, Kobe beef and all-you-can-eat buffets. So this when I was coming to Tokyo, I researched around. Now, there’s no way there’s a place that’s gonna serve you all-you-can-eat Kobe steak. They’d go out of business in a day. Especially if I’m going there. But I did find a place that served all-you-can-eat A5 Wagyu. That’s good enough for me. Let’s go! They’re gonna bring all these meats on this menu, and this whole thing is ¥6200. So about 60 bucks and this is all, A5 Wagyu. So you get beef tongue, short ribs, roast, aitchbone, beef rib roast, rib finger meat tender meat from around the shoulder, couple of beef loins beef shoulder, superior Galbi and then you got a pork short rib, pork belly and chicken thigh which honestly, I don’t want it. I think those are filler dishes. They’re trying to get you to eat that more, so you wouldn’t touch the A5 as much. This is the plate of beef that they bring out to you. 12 different types of meat, and well it’s not labelled in English but I can read some of the characters. So you can see the pork and chicken here. And the rest, you can see this is A5 Kuroge beef, and Kuroge beef. So just really quick about the meat. Wagyu (和牛) literally means, ‘Japanese cattle’. And A5 is the highest possible quality of Japanese cattle. Kuroge (黒毛) is actually a category that includes meats from Kobe. And Kuroge applies to the black cattle which is really the only breed that can reach the A5 top quality beef. And that is identifiable by, look at this. Do you guys see the crazy marbling that’s on each piece of this beef. I’ll just ignore the pork and chicken, I don’t even know why that’s there. It’s like something invited Dustin Diamond to the cast of The Avenger’s party. But look at this, you guys see the crazy, crazy marbling. And it looks like it’s almost like half marbling and half lean meat. That. That is what makes A5 so incredibly special. The other thing about this place is that I only have 90 minutes to eat as much as I can. So once I finish this plate of meat, I can start ordering these two at a time. And guys, time is ticking away. I gotta start. First thing I’m gonna start with, this is from the shoulder, this is the shoulder meat. And for grilling, there’s charcoal. These, you don’t want to cook them too much. This looks more of a leaner cut. Think this is pretty good. Soy sauce. First bite of Wagyu. Oh my god. Now I’m back in Japan. I literally have tears forming right now, from that one simple, little bite. No steak I’ve ever in my life had outside of Japan, comes even close to comparing with A5 Wagyu. If you want something that literally melts in your mouth, I mean a lot of people say, “Oh yeah my steak melts in your mouth!” No, no, no, no. You want something that literally goes into your mouth, and dissolves into pure, flavourful bliss. This is what you get, when you come to Japan. Next piece, this is the roast. Look at the marbling on this baby! This is about 60% fat. You see all the beautiful patterns? This is what I call a masterpiece. I’d rather hang like this something up in my living room, rather than the Mona Lisa. I kid you not. I mean come on! You can’t eat a painting! Oh, this might be I think one of the best… best pieces. And just to maximise time, I’m gonna put down a bunch of meats. Because, each piece is gonna cook in a couple minutes. It’s all about time management here. You gotta get all you can in that 90 minute period. I think this is the loin. Believe these are the short ribs. And the rib finger meat. The beef is just, rendering in its own fat. Look at that! You see all the fat kind of dissipating. All that juice is just seeping into the meat itself. This piece is definitely done. Give it just a bit of salt. This is my preferred way of eating this. The juiciest steak, you could ever have. Look how much fat is on this one! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I might’ve overcooked it a bit. I apologize HUGELY for that. Again, a little bit of salt. [muffled] Oh my god. That was my favourite piece so far. There was still a lot of fat on that piece of meat. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) And the difference when there’s more fat on the meat is that, you get such a beautiful, char-grilled flavour in your mouth. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) There’s almost too much for me to handle right now. Like, this is almost getting too much. Let’s just keep eating! Even really lean cuts of meat, it’s just the most juicy thing you will ever have. Alright, this is the little beef finger. I’m thinking this is gonna be a little chewy, but I can see a lot of fat on this piece of meat. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) That was amazing. Now it’s all getting messed, I don’t even know what’s what anymore. They all taste so good. But there was a couple of pieces. The first piece I ate, I think it was the roast. That one is my favorite so far. This is supposed to be the superior Galbi. I’m gonna eat all this, I only have this much left. I’m gonna reorder everything, and tell you guys what’s the best cut of meat here so you don’t waste your time next time. I just gotta get through this first which, is going to be the biggest pleasure ever. I’ll tell you right now, besides the chicken and pork belly. Not a bad cut of meat on this plate. Not a single, bad cut of meat. This is the beef tongue. This is gonna cook in like a second. This is so thin, and it’s probably the leanest meat on this plate. And it might not be my favorite because I want some fat on my meats. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) The tongue, it’s got an especially nice crunch to it. Although it’s not as fatty and juicy as I like, it’s got good flavour. This is a few hundred dollars of beef going down the hatch. This is so ridiculous. Whatever I just ate, that was a beef cloud. If beef clouds exist, I just ate it. Alright I’m not happy about this but, gotta cook the chicken and the pork. These filler meats. If they think filler meats can deter my stomach, they got another thing coming. Especially that chicken. I mean, pork belly? I like pork belly. But the chicken? It really has no place to be on the same grill as A5 Wagyu. Like how dare you be in the proximity of meat royalty. Alright I just had so much meat and fat that, I got to eat a little vegetables. Just hit the reset button, you know? Pork belly is good. It’s fatty. Really nice, clean flavor. It’s juicy and delicious. It’s soaked up all the delicious smoke from the charcoal. Under normal circumstances, I would enjoy the pork belly. But not today! It’s all about the Wagyu today. And anything that stands between me and Wagyu right now is my enemy. All right, so I started ordering the second round. I got short rib and roast, but the bad thing is I’m filming so it’s slow. So I only got 30 minutes left! Short rib and roast. I think the short rib is what I loved the most on the last round, Look at the fat that’s on the thing! Look how fatty this is! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Compared to the roast which is already so marbled it can be carved into a statue. The roast is just, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) so good. Oh, I think this piece is gonna be glorious. Alright, this needs to go on NOW. I’ve been eyeing this piece of roast. Roast, I think is the number one thing here. The roast with the extra fat. This is life changing guys. You bit into that, it’s like a fatty sponge. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) All that juice just leaks out on the first bite The beef short rib is good, can’t compete with the roast. The short rib is leaner, so ridiculously juicy. But the roast is where it’s at. OK guys, so originally we had 90 minutes in here. But 90 minutes is like, you have to get out at 90 minutes. So it’s only been an hour, and they told us that our last order has to be put in within the first hour. So I thought I had 30 more minutes but in reality, I don’t. So I have only was able to get two more re-orders. So if you guys come here and I recommend that you do, because this is one of the most amazing all-you-can-eat experiences I’ve ever had in my life and I have plenty. You guys need to go to town. You guys need to put every single piece of meat on that grill, right from the beginning. Don’t worry what it is. Put it all on there, eat it and then just start ordering more. That’s the strategy. My last order is this. Some beef rib roast, and then the aitchbone. The aitchbone, it’s a little leaner. I think I’m gonna love the beef rib roast. Get that. Come here, beef rib roast. Get it. Get a lot of it, you guys are gonna be really happy. The aitchbone looks like a much more leaner cut of meat. [muffled] Get that too! Oh my god. It’s leaner, but holy cow. Yes pun intended, that’s juicy. Also, they gave me a couple of beef sushi. I don’t really eat raw stuff. So, on the grill it goes! There it is. I’m just gonna keep this here. That looks like good meat right there. Alright, that’s cooked. Gonna put it back on my sushi. A bit of wasabi. That was awesome. My last beef. Finally, you get these little matcha ice cream cubes. Which are absolutely delightful! All right, they kind of really just rushed me out of there. So let me tell you guys what I thought about that place. Another good thing, beef. Absolutely fantastic. Was it worth the 62 dollars I paid? 100 percent, I mean. There’s no way I could have bought that much beef with 62 dollars, anywhere else. A5 wagyu? Not a chance. What I did not like is that although they told me I got 90 minutes, the last order of beef had to be made within 60 minutes. I was done eating and still had 15 minutes where I just sat around and had no food. Like that’s not right. You trying to get people out of there? I understand that we’re getting the heck out of their A5. But cutting the steak of at an hour? That’s a bit shady. With that said, would I go back? Yes, because I still think it’s worth it. I still think that if you guys know you only have an hour, you could really do some damage at that place. Now, if you go. My advice to you is that, this is not a place for talking. This is not a place for talking. It’s not a place for socializing. You just go in there and you just slam down the A5 wagyu. That’s all you do. Don’t talk. Don’t socialize. Stay off your phones. I mean take a couple of Instagram photos then just concentrate on eating. There were a couple of all-you-can-eat A5 places that I narrowed it down to and this was one of them and this is the cheaper option. There’s another one actually down the street that I also want to try out. That one is almost double the price, and I really didn’t know which one to go to so I went to this one because it seemed like they had similar cuts of meat. But I’m also gonna go that one, try it out and let you guys know which one is more worth it? Which one is better value? Which one you should go to? All right. Let’s go. Location number two. Let’s go see how it is. So I’m on my way to the second all-you-can-eat A5 wagyu place, and this place is called Ginza Steak. So of course, I’m in Ginza right now. And this video, I’m just gonna tell you guys. Is changing as we speak because originally where this was supposed to be was, I found an all-you-can-eat A5 wagyu place, that was supposed to be it. Supposed to go there, eat. Have a good time. But then I find this Ginza steak place that charges around, $90 for an all-you-can-eat wagyu meal, And they let you eat for two hours. And the biggest difference between this place in the last place is that this place, it’s teppan. So they cook everything in front of you. And it’s not going to be thin slices of meat. So the first all-you-can-eat wagyu place is yakiniku style, which you grill yourself. And this place they do it infront of you, and I can see the steaks now. The steaks look much thicker meaning, probably a lot juicier. So this is the course menu I got. A5 roast beef, white asparagus with jelly. Oysters. Kuroge wagyu Wagyu Shimohuri and Akami Teppan Steak. Basically, what shimohuri is. It’s more of a fatty piece of steak. And Akami is more of a lean piece of steak. And then they got corned beef rice, beef soup. And, apple compote? Look at the marbling on this steak. Insanely excited. I can eat A5 wagyu every single day for the rest of my life, And feel completely awesome. The juice of the wagyu, that just drives my life. I love it when restaurants give you aprons, especially at a steak place. It just means they give you permission, to go all barbaric on the steak. White asparagus with jelly. A5 roast beef. I don’t know what jelly this is. This might be the first time I’ve had jelly, with beef. But hey, you know what? This could be really good. That’s a little stomach filling. White asparagus is really, really mushy. Beef’s got a really good flavour. My second piece. The first time I’ve ever had A5 beef, cold. And, man. That beef is juicy. The second course, potage of taro. Scent of botargo. Alright, so this is what arrived for course two. It’s some kind of taro soup. Tastes kind of like a potato soup. Not too flavourful. But not bad. Now I get the oysters are just fillers, but these look darn good. All right, I had fresh oyster. So this is the roast, and the roast is just like yesterday. It has more fat. And this is cooked I think, medium well. Usually this might be a little too much but, A5 wagyu. There’s so much marbling that cooking it to this temperature. Is actually OK. This is the fillet so it’s a lot more lean. Kuroge A5. Oh my god. This is lean fillet, I mean it’s just salt and pepper. And the Japanese eat it by giving it a little bit of wasabi. Oh my god. You know I’m so happy. One is that, I’ve gotten to eat this beautiful wagyu that’s already made my year. And this is the roast. Look how much fat. How much fat content is in the roast. Look at that! This is going to be, so bloody amazing. Let’s go with a little wasabi. It’s not really strong wasabi. I’m losing my mind right now. If you guys like fat, I mean this is not for everybody. If you like a fatty piece of beef. And you know I do. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Go for the roast. I barely have to chew it. It’s just so, ridiculously juicy. Even though it’s cooked medium, medium-well. I mean that juice is just everywhere. It’s a flood. Like just floods your mouth every bite you take. And sends you to beef heaven and back and there again. And we haven’t even gotten to the best cuts of steak yet. Oh, oh, hang on. It’s gonna get a lot better. This is a fatter piece of wagyu. You can see all the marbling like even after it’s cooked. You see all that right there? That’s the stuff that’s gonna dissolve on your tongue when you put this in your mouth. Especially top quality wagyu. It will be the juiciest steak you will ever have in your life. I’m thinking it’s about 60% marbling. 60% fat. That cut is actually far superior to the Kuroge which I just had. Unless you guys have had this, you won’t understand is how crazy this tastes. Literally, I’m not even exaggerating a little bit. I am chewing, half of my mouth is just filling up with juice. And you want it to be filling up with juice because, all the aroma. The fatty, beautiful, beefy flavor. It just goes everywhere when you take your first bite. This is the magic of wagyu, it does some kind of crazy wizardry. I think it’s a Hogwarts or something, I’m not really sure. But it’s able to perform some magic after the first bite. But it’s OK. It’s all good magic. Good, delicious magic. None of that evil stuff. Here’s a savior right now. Let me show you. This raw onion. This is gonna be your best friend. Resets your palette. Garlic chipped and the pepper? This is fantastic seasoning for the steak. Oh that pepper! That just makes that beautiful beefy flavor more pronounced. This cut here is the shimohuri, which is the fatter cut of A5 wagyu. And this is cooked a little less. Beautiful, beautiful, bootyful pink in the middle. Oh! That beefy flavor is really pronounced with a lean cut of beef. I mean, this thing? What’s ridiculous? I kid you guys not cause I eat a lot of steaks in the US. A lean cut of A5 wagyu tastes better than any steak I’ve ever had in the US. Period. More tender, more flavorful, more beefy. And each bite, just makes you crave for more. Get it? Get it? Moor®? But I’m serious, the beefy flavor of the steak is so incredibly intense. And it’s not overwhelming at all. It’s a clean beef flavor that- you can just keep eating and eating. Oh my god, the juice coming out of that steak. It’s like the greatest beef stock you could ever imagine. And it’s all just like permeating in your mouth. This is the akami steak as you can tell. Lot leaner, still tender though. I’m still assuming this is gonna be a little less melty, maybe more beefy flavor. I feel like I like the akami, slightly more. There’s got a much bigger beef flavor, and you can eat more of it. Because it’s not overwhelming you with the juice. Start with a shimohuri and with the akami. And just keep going with the akami. That’s how I gonna get your value here. Keep shoving those onions your mouth. Alright this is like my fifth helping of steak. The akami and shimohuri. You guys can see the different side by side, right? You can see the marbling that’s running through the shimohuri right here. It’s like a fatty river. I probably have upwards of close to 30 ounces of steak tonight. I think I should stop before I begin to sweat meat. It’s just so hard to stop because, it is just so seriously good. I learned that a bite of shimohuri and then a bite of akami, then a bite of onions. Is the perfect formula to keep the steak night going. They’re trying to force me out of like one hour in. Although they promised an hour and a half. This place, they’re urging to you more steak Isn’t this just the most beautiful piece of steak? You guys look? This is a lean piece of meat. Look how my chopsticks is denting than meat right now. Look at this! My chopsticks is like bruising the beef even by just gently poking it. Alright, my last few bites. I’m both sad, and kind of relieved at the same time. All right, so good. I want that butter-like steak to just kind of stay with me. Just a little while longer. We have to part our own ways. It’s a bittersweet farewell. I won’t see each other again till, I come back to this country That’s why long distance relationships are so difficult. And for some reason I feel like in this relationship, it’s pretty one-sided So this is the corn beef over rice. Broth beef rice soup This is so good. This rice soup? Oh man, first of all, their wasabi is great. Really great dining experience here. Apple compote and looks like vanilla ice cream. You need to have an ice cream. It is a great way, to wrap up a great steak day. Which today, 100% was. So just comparing the last two all-you-can-eat Wagyu places, the first place definitely beats this place in variety. There are a lot more different cuts of meats. It was a lot thinner, so you can taste a lot more and you fill up a lot slower. Of course, the bad thing is you only got an hour to chow down on steaks. So you can’t talk. All you can do is eat beef for an hour. By the way, I didn’t really eat as much as I could have. And I wish I did because and it tastes really good. So you guys go definitely get some beef revenge for me. Okay? Also, it depends on what kind of cuts of steak you like. Here, you’re gonna get more traditional actual cuts of steak. Like you would at a typical steak house. Of course the pro for the first place is, $60 compared to the almost $100 here. But the same time here, you’re not rushed. You can actually enjoy your meal. And all the courses they offer. They offer seafood, they offer dessert, the soup. Everything is quality, everything is delicious. And the steak itself out of this world. If you want to do something that’s pretty economical, you get a taste of a lot of different cuts of meat. Definitely the first place. If you want to actually enjoy your dining experience, this is where you go. And also let me clarify. The first place, they don’t kick you out after an hour They stop serving at you beef after an hour, you can stay for the full 90 minutes, but without beef it’s like you know staying for the credits after a movie. As lways all the places I went to is listed for you in my description box below. Also, if you have not definitely follow me on Instagram. Where you are gonna get a lot more exclusive photos and videos on food I’m eating. And you can see where I am in real time. All that information is listed for you my description box below. Thank you so much for watching until we eat again. See you later.

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