AEG PowerMix Silent blender – Which? first look

AEG PowerMix Silent blender – Which? first look

Blenders are notoriously noisy. So when we
heard about AEG’s new Power Mix Silent Blender which it claims is the quietest on the market,
and conversation compatible, we were keen to try it out. Today we will pit it against
the Phillips HR2000 Blender to see how it compares. We will make a fruit smoothie in
each, using mango, banana, lime zest, lime juice and orange juice. So first, let’s try the Philips model. Now
as you can hear, this is a fairly noisy, I’m having to raise my voice to speak over it.
In our lab test, it scored three stars, which is average for noise, so this is a typically
noisy blender. On our decibel counter here, you’ll see that on it’s level one, it’s around,
around 80 for noise and if we turn it up to level two, then it’s getting up to 85 for
noise. Having said this it is blending our smoothie
pretty quickly and that now it looks just about ready. Now lets try the AEG Power Mix
Silent Blender. So instead of preset level this one’s got a stepless speed dial, which
is quite nice as it feels it gives you more control over the speed. Let’s turn it on. Now as you can hear, on
its low setting this blender is very quiet. And even if I turn it the high setting, I
still don’t have to raise my voice to talk over it. It’s significantly quieter than the
Phillips model. However, if we have a look at the decibel reader here, we can see that
on its high level it’s reading around 82. And if we turn it back down to the low level,
it’s reading around 72. Now, it is quiet, but it does seem to be going quite a little
bit slower than the Phillips model. And I wonder whether AEG have had to sacrifice some
of the speed, in order to make this model so quiet. Now, we’ll turn it up, give it a little bit
longer, and then we’ll take a look at the results. Now let’s have a look at the smoothie.
Whew! Now, one thing about this glass jug is, it does look great, but it is quite heavy
so you wouldn’t want to be carrying it around for very long. Let me pour this out. There we go. Now this connect it’s got a nice
consistency, although it does look like there’s a few lumps of mango like this one that haven’t
been blended. So, that’s a little bit annoying, but take a look at the Phillips one to compare.
Now, that one looks like a good consistency. There doesn’t appear to be in any lumps in
that one. Now it might not have blended our smoothie
perfectly here, but we haven’t fully tested it in the lab. And that’s the only place we’ll
really know how it compares to other blenders on the market. Here in the kitchen, we liked
how easy it was to put it together and clean. The only bit that was a little tricky was
getting the jug lid on and off as it is quite stiff. This model of FB4600 and deep aubergine costs
$149.99, and comes with a mini-chopper and juice filter. The more basic version without
these accessories and without the stepless dial is the SB4400 which costs $99.99. If
you’d like to see full reviews for all the chop blenders, smoothie makers and food processors
we’ve tested, visit

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  1. mine is the AEG, although its branded ELECTROLUX, but still same model "Powermix SILENT" <– and mine sounds WAAAAAY more than that!!

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