Actual Day in the Life of a Real Estate Investor | The Realities of Investing

Actual Day in the Life of a Real Estate Investor | The Realities of Investing

hello propely oh I am pace your guests from Phoenix and I'm here with your hosts KC della and Elizabeth Nava hat they will be back after a word from our sponsors welcome back we have a guest so amazing he does his own intros so this is pace from Phoenix we are so excited to have you here because you are I think the definition of a go giver and you know pace here is known for really helping and I'm talking really giving access and helping new people new wholesalers new people to the investing game and I am so excited to introduce you to the propel yo family I'm sure you're pretty well known but yes why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself absolutely so I'm in Phoenix last couple years I was a home Wester franchise owner I went away from that a few months ago and built my own team my own wholesale company and I broke into assisted living which is actually the last time I was here and interviewed by you we spent probably good 40 minutes to an hour and actually I took you to one of my assisted living facilities or two of them actually you did and it was absolutely the most amazing amazing time ever like after meeting with you that day in Phoenix I was done for the rest of my year like you literally made my year yeah and we took her husband to in-n-out burger for the first time in his life I mean that's everybody from the west coast and that is a treat oh it was a major treat and obviously the company was quite phenomenal so we had we had a really good time so – took them on a field trip and so anyway I broke into assisted living and built my wholesale company but along the way through Instagram and other avenues I get a lot of questions and most of those questions are from actually all of them are from people who have either done less than three deals or have never done their first deal and so it's the same question in a different iteration how do I get my first deal how do I overcome this how do I overcome this and all of this off all of us that have done deals are done flips or whatever we look at those questions as oh my gosh like really like I that doesn't even enter my brain so what we started doing in Phoenix me and my team my wife is my trans that does all their all of my transactions Anna is my Spanish speakers I don't speak Spanish she's my Spanish speaker and also ran my construction for a long time we basically just started helping out newbie wholesalers people have never done a deal so the way that we help there's probably five ways we help but one of the bigger ways I help is doing what we did for you not that you needed it but we got to hang out and I enjoy your company but I take newbie wholesalers on appointments with me so they've watched youtube videos they have read books they've gone to seminars they've spent the money they've spent the time but they still don't know what it tastes like feels like smells like to walk into a sellers home and hear that dialogue between somebody that has a problem and a dialogue on the other with us that has a solution to that problem and watch how that inner chain hat change happens it's amazing to watch a new newbie wholesaler watch that and they leave the appointment I go oh my gosh that was so much easier than I thought yeah that's key then you realize that there's just these massive like brain blocks that these guys are having and so we just do it for free come to our appointments come learn what we're doing and just help people walk through their first dealer – so if you follow me on instagram you'll see in the last 30 days I help for new wholesalers get their first deal and actually took them from helping them get the lead helping them get the appointment and actually going to the appointment and closing it for them and then helping them go and dispo it off that's fantastic has you seen them get the confidence and have success just from that first deal out of the way I tell people it's like the first I was like really deathly afraid to kiss a girl the first time when I was in like sixth grade and it was this it might as well have been Mount Everest right like this overwhelming thing in front of me everybody talks about it you see it in movies you heard out on all the radio and everything else and you're like oh my gosh I can never do this mm-hmm and I had this girlfriend that we had been dating sixth grade we'd been together for a long time that she finally was like are you gonna kiss me or not right so it took her it's almost like a seller saying are you gonna ask me to like buy the house or not you've been in my living room for freaking four hours and you haven't bought my house so I look at it like that once I kiss my girl I was like oh my gosh this is not as hard as it I the whole world isn't gonna fall apart and after you get your first wholesale deal it is amazing the world changes everything in their brain changes it like wow this is not a scam wholesaling is real I can support my family I can support other people's families and I can make really good money doing this by just simply duplicate duplicating so yes watching somebody get their first deal and having their first check in their hand like you know those guys is right don't get it don't get a cashier's check from a title company have them wire it to you save the time know when you get your first deal get a cashier's check I've heard so many people say that and it does make a difference frame hat above your desk frame it wherever you want to frame it but it's your first check it's so critically important it's that first leap of now I'm in the game now I know what it feels like and all this stuff I heard is now real and I'm not being scammed this is real stuff I like your style when you walk into an appointment and how you handle the people that that are in the room I think that's so key and you know how you can literally throw out the scripts and all these things in a checklist and all these bullet points you have to cover when you go into an appointment because you you are just you throw that out the window you're like you go in and you connect with the person with the people that are in there one person or two we didn't get to go to an actual seller appointment with you but we went into your behavioral facility and it was just amazing how everybody was just so welcoming and how you are so warm to everyone and you asked how they were and you asked how one of the patients there if how they were how they were healing because they had a head injury yeah and it was just amazing to see how personable you are and I think that is you just have to be you and if you you are not personable then that's that's where you have to work at right what do you think of of that being one of the major skill sets that's gonna take you I think we all you know and one of my favorite people to be around is you because you give off a warm presence and it it's because you truly enjoy doing what you do right so we are so freakin lucky that we are in this business I'm lucky I didn't learn this business when I was 50 I'm learned I'm lucky I learned at 36 I'm somewhat jealous of guys that are learning youth at 22 because it truly is business so what's fun about this business is that you can find whatever part of this business your personality best fit so for example Jamil and Josiah and Hunter and his partners at Keighley they all have three very distinct and different personalities Jim Mills the social glue right he's the fun jovial guy he's everybody's friend he's the almost like a big brother to everybody Josiah is just he's kind of a blend between hunter and Jamil but hunters like systems system systems he gets to exercise his superpower right it's like assembling the cast of The Avengers right and my superpower my superpower is just being in front of people talking truly loving and connecting with them similar to both your guys's personalities as well which is why we both need in it we all need integrators in our life because we're like I'm lucky that I found and realized my superpower and I'm not apologetic for how much I talked how much I love and talk to people and try and connect with them I don't think of this as a job anymore I think of this as I get a wake up and do what I actually have a sigh like God gave me a superpower and I get exercise every single day yeah and it shows yes I just I love that you say that because some of the best skills advice I was ever given when I first entered sales and even in real estate as it transferred is I I always felt like I had to close like the guys and they were trying to train me to push and be authoritative and I struggled the first two months and I finally said please get out of my space don't talk to me for 30 days and I said let me find like myself in my groove and how I connect with people and I literally just saw something changed so I tell people always make a friend first like make a friend first just start there take the pressure off yourself to be something you think you're supposed to be right and you're gonna watch your business completely change I love that that's really good advice for a lot of people not just in but people in sales in general is that life sucks when you have a script life sucks when you feel like you have this regimen and all that kind of stuff we both like took a deep yeah yeah like no I don't want to do that so my thought on that is don't be apologetic at all about your superpower you have a superpower right and we all ours are similar but they all are different in their own right just figure out how to go exercise that every single day right and then surround yourself with people that can help you do the other things that you are not good at Gary Vaynerchuk talks about this all the time stop trying to do stuff you're not good at right yeah hire that out or bring out a partner or whatever and and build and it basically assemble the cast of The Avengers yeah absolutely I appreciate you saying that because in our industry we hear that we have to be this and we have to do these things and and and I like that you say don't be apologetic because I can sidetracked an appointment but that's what gets us the deal on your person sometimes it's like do you want Elizabeth to go to a appointment it's like well I'm gonna take longer and but you're gonna get the contract because my mind is like we're gonna go when I leave my office or when I leave my space that I'm at to go to an appointment my thought is I'm gonna make a connection say I'm not thinking about I'm gonna get a deal son I'm gonna get numbers and I don't even think about those things we're prepared but I don't that's not what drives me my drive is like who are we going to help today when it even if it doesn't end up being buying the house there's something we end up doing to help these people right something always happens where yeah right and the best my favorite and I was just telling you guys about this appointment we had gone on my husband a night my favorite thing about the end of it was like listen we don't like we want like we like you guys I like both of those options let's figure out which option is best it's like you that's what you want to hear I don't care what the solution is but I know I'm gonna find it with you guys and I think if you get that from a seller that's a home run because they always say it this way you have to earn the right to ask somebody to trust you with one of the biggest decisions are probably going to make in their life and if you haven't earned their trust you don't have the right to ask for that so when you get shut down you have to ask yourself okay where did I where did I push and where did I not connect and that should take a lot of pressure off yeah but the biggest advice I ever got the best advice and I tell this to people it doesn't this isn't like a step by step piece of advice or anything but it gives you an overall understanding of what we're trying to do and it's a very simple one-liner and it is it's not about the house mm-hmm people think I need to go in there with a construction estimate I need to go in there and tell them why this their comps in the neighborhood bla bla bla bla bla so we have a weekly call which you know maybe we'll say something else about that we have a weekly call where my team in Phoenix tells what we did the last week how we got the deals and all that kind of stuff and then we have a Q&A at the end of that phone call and this guy calls two weeks ago he's on the call and he asked a question he says okay so I've got the seller and I'm basically you know beating them up about you know how much the renovations gonna cost and why I need to buy it at a lower price I go dude you've already lost the battle if you're going in and talking them about comps in the neighborhood and you're talking about construction costs and all the kind of stuff you are not talking about their dog you're not talking about their vacation they went on they're not you're not talking about what their plan is for the money when they they sell which is what you you guys just talked about with Jamil it's like what are you gonna do with this money that's the conversation you should be having you shouldn't be sitting there beating up the seller about construction costs you should have built the rapport but you're not listening to the fact that it's not about the house it's about the person and the solution that we can provide right so the secret ingredient we could all agree the secret ingredient to the perfect appointment is rapport 100% yeah as cliche as it sounds cuz you hear it a lot it really is the truth and so when you take people I have a gentleman took him on appointment a couple weeks ago his name is Jordan and Jordans like I've paid for seminars 30-grand paid for this I've gone to that I've traveled around the country trying to learn this and I just can't simply break through I go ok cool I've got three appointments to that I want you to go on one I don't want to go on it would you know it's an older lady she probably would be spooked if there's multiple men that come to her house so I ended up taking my wife to that appointment but I took in my two appointments so I show up to the first appointment he jumps in my car we drive down the road to the house and I'm getting out of the carnie goes hey do you need me to get you anything out of your car I go what do you mean he's like well you don't have a business card you don't have a clipboard you don't have a bla bla bla bla bla I go yeah I'm here to build a relationship with somebody there's nothing there's no bigger barrier basically the way I look at a clipboard or a folder or something this is my personal style is that's my barrier between my connection to your heart and my heart I'm gonna remove all of that it's just belly to belly and I'm gonna build that relationship and walk in there and they're gonna be like wow you're a normal dude yeah I'm smiling because I was thinking about how I approach people and I kind of let some new things and I realized even when I was in home sales I never brought the product in ever I brought myself in and I still do that to this day in fact we don't bring a computer we don't bring cards even when you're knocking on a door if your door knocking I actually have my hands visible and free I don't have anything in my hand and it's a really small tweak that people don't think about so I really like that you brought that up because it does make a difference and I think it also has an effect on yourself when you're walking in you guys don't realize that's a really good day you have to think about the whole concept of dressing how you feel and you know all of that has its place it's no different with the seller like you have to you have to be in your own element and know yourself and what your style is and again stop trying to be something else to somebody so I that is gold it's taxing I mean there's people that really are trying to wear a face they're trying to wear a certain you know clothing they're carrying things with them and they're trying to make it more stuffy and more corporate than it really needs to be there there's nothing better than just you know going to an appointment and saying okay great well tell me what are you guys trying to accomplish how can I help ya good fit I use that one all the time I say hey listen we can go to the house let's just see if we're even a good fit yet see if you know I can help you or you can help me Felicity what we can do that is key KC because a good fit not just in in person but also over the phone you have to make that emphasis over the phone we'll see if we make a good fit right see how we can work yeah that's possible my favorite line because they're gonna come in people always have a guard up because people are always gonna assume you're trying to get something from them that's a natural human so that's why you know don't be scared of the nose that's just them with their walls up take it let them sit you know say great you know I totally understand do the takeaways and say hey let's let's start again sometimes when that when sellers get very I can tell they're getting tense like you have to be able to read your people too and I can see it they're getting uncomfortable I say you know what I'm gonna go why don't y'all talk for a minute I'm just gonna run in my car really quick come back in and talk about anything but let's say well anything about what caused that tension and you can kind of redirect and control and so I think it's just resetting yourself and your mentality versa you know no matter what right right like it's that reset when you walk out for a minute take a breath you kind of gather yourself again go back in and okay this is how we're gonna make it happen right yeah yeah I think I think it's good and and I like that we're talking about this because guys you know propely Oh has had a ton of people on and we all have different styles one-liners resources that you can listen to over and over and over again and trust me a lot of you know material has helped me think of lines that get people to uncover objections this this approach has been absolutely hands-down the most successful approach I've ever had I don't think it's talked about enough yeah you know when I first started I would reach out to people so I was a contractor before I became a wholesaler so I knew a lot of people who were doing wholesale even though I didn't know them as wholesalers I knew them as real-estate investors right but when I jumped into it I started texting them hey can I go on an appointment with you I want it I I feel like I'm having with the block right I don't know I know how to talk to people but I feel like there's something I'm missing there's a secret sauce there's a secret something and I need to see you do it in order to get my own deals right so that's not the case there is no secret sauce necessarily you got to strip it down to the basics but what we do and we're even doing it today we have a gentleman named Edwin who was in Dallas I met him you introduced him to me yes oh yes yes Edwin yes so today Edwin he had a seller and the sellers husband will talk to him but the wife wants something a little bit different and I said take me on that appointment let's go there today like I'm here let's go on that appointment he's never closed a deal I know so he goes well I don't know what to say to our guns let me call her I'll set the appointment we'll go to the house and you can just watch us I go either a you're gonna watch me crash and burn and that's fun super fun or or B you're gonna watch us you know nudge this lady closer to the to where she needs to be you know reminder that this and this and this and this is probably a better fit for you and whatever else through the proper way but you can watch me go to that appointment instead of fumbling around on your own so if there's anybody in Phoenix anybody that flies in for another event cuz we are kind of the Guru Capital there's so many people at fly-in for seminars hit me up on Instagram I'll take you on appointments I'll take you to assisted living houses I'll take you on flips that we're doing there's a lot of people that want to fix and flip that are like I've never done a fix and flip great come on to the job site I'll show you how we budgeted why we bought it what we bought it for how much we're budgeting for how much we're currently into it are we late on the project are we early on the project and what we expect to exit for and I'll break down my sheets and how I look at a flip I'll do all of that for anybody for free if you guys are watching and listening here that is an amazing offer so take him up on this and why don't you give your Instagram oh yeah my Instagram handles just my name pace jay mohr BPA cej mor B Y app obviously Instagram so you can DM me through there I have a gentleman right now coming from El Paso he's flying out to spend three days and he's like I'll buy your food and your gas and whatever I just want to learn from me like dude I'll buy my own food and guests just sit in the car you can watch me text and drive and call and do all the stuff that I do normally and I will pretend as if you're not there if you have a question great ask the question but if not I'm gonna go about my day and you're gonna see everything we do to get deals open up contracts you're gonna see us picking up checks from an escrow company you're gonna see me meeting with my team you're gonna see me talking to sellers you're gonna see me go to the assisted living facility and check on those you'll see what it feels like and tastes like to be in the business without sitting there saying oh my gosh what you know it's weird I look at grant cardone and Gary Vaynerchuk and I think these guys are eating different food than me they shop at the different stores and me like they live in this fictitious dude they they're the same as us we just put these weird mental blocks around everything so if anybody wants that help please reach out and we're coming to you stand hang out with you noodle Palooza noodle Palooza we're gonna have a big noodle fest and Mel and Keighley is paying for it so we're coming out to Houston in a couple months to hang out so if anybody has appointments or anybody who wants me to cold-call for him I've done that too where I'll go into people's offices that are there saying hey my guys aren't doing a good job calling I go great put me on the phone I will I will call for you guys for free I just can you tell I like to talk I want to do is just talk I didn't take the pressure off of you guys so absolut on that note let's take a really quick break guys if you're watching and tuning in getting value from this please like share tell your friends about this connect with pace here on Instagram and take them up on this offer but sit tight we'll be right back after this break the propel yo Academy an all-in-one education resource for training and wholesales subject to raps short sales flips rentals bur property management and more go to propel yo comm slash Academy to get your scholarship today you propely Oh calm what does propel you offer lead generating websites access true MLS calms off market lead lists and dealers get them all today at propel yo dot-com welcome back and thank you for joining us today I'm propel your TV Thank You pace for being with us and taking on this interview we're having tons of fun Casey and I are enjoying ourselves and on that note I want to appreciate you I want to thank you for taking on Edwin I introduced you to him at the propel you event you ever had one of your guests record you and I can't stop recording reporting I absolutely love this he comes in revolutionizes and changes up all our rules here in the studio so don't be mad this is all paces idea okay here because this is you know I think you're one of my favorite guests oh thank you no because I think you're just yourself and I think it shows how that translates into what you do you know something that again changed for me my business wasn't when i graph the idea of just figuring out what I love about this process and I think you've just you found your niche and it shows and we were just talking about how newbies can come to you either in your market or whenever you're here in Houston or Dallas to help with cold calling or anything you guys need but one thing I heard you talking about earlier was a Sunday phone call and it absolutely want to dig this Sunday's we do a lot of that stuff too on Sundays it's like a time to reflect and reset our business before the work week so why don't you tell us a little bit about what that looks like well we have it so we have a staff meeting I shouldn't say staff meeting a team meeting staff meetings the thing of the past we have a team meeting where we were doing it Monday and then we realized you know what Monday that weeks already started why don't we do this Sunday wrapping up the week before preparing for the week coming forward and whether that's just a phone call or it is us getting together and breaking bread my team was getting together and breaking down have you guys ever read traction the book my whole business is on traction okay look so Steve traying and maximin as good buddies of ours with real estate disrupt really good friends of ours yes mentors as well because they're you know colleagues and mentor oh they're the best yes and I run with Steve Monday Wednesday Friday we run four or five miles each one of those days the wholesale running Club exactly no let's go we'll ditch the humidity let's go it is very humid here so we I'm running around with Steve one morning and he brings up traction again and I'm like gosh I've heard this thing 50 times fine and I read like I got to chapter 2 and I'm like I've been running my life in correct this in fact like all three calls it's the meltdown revelation I'm like oh my gosh we got to fix things so what we implemented was the level 10 meeting yep and we call it the level 10 meeting you'll understand if you read the book and so we were doing it Monday we realized what would happen is we've already started the week and we didn't really like it so we started on Sunday then one of us had a thought where we go what if we recorded this call for a newbie or somebody that's even doing one or two deals a month but wants to get to 10 or 15 bills a month they want to hear what it sounds like to be in a level 10 meeting so that they can visualize in a year or two years what their company should be talking about mm-hmm right so what we do is the first 45 minutes of the call is basically the last 45 minutes of our art level 10 meeting right because they're 90 minutes so we do our 45 minutes and we talk about a bunch of stuff that's boring and then we talk about the last 45 minutes we kind of wrap up our level 10 meeting and let people hear in on that and we talk about our KPIs for the week we talk about the deal of the week let's say we get three or four deals we're gonna pick one out of those that deal or out of those four that might be the most interesting that require the most creativity that maybe teaches them something they haven't heard on a YouTube video or they haven't learned in a seminar right last week we talked about how I drove from Phoenix to Wyoming to get a contract that the seller does even have an email we guys run until that ever you ever get an email all the time that's weird it is you're even have an email no I understand you're not checking it you don't even have one yeah I know we've had to create emails for hey I had to do that right that's smart smart so what we did is we suggested a Mobile Notary no absolutely not I've been talking to you and Anna if one of you is not willing to come up here that I'm not willing to sign so I thought I could fly to Denver but then it's a four-hour drive and blah blah blah you know what screw it I'm just driving so I tell that whole story on that call and then talk about how we where the lead source came in how many times we called that seller before we got an appointment what happened during the appointment how much we bought it for how much we think the ARV is what we decided to do with it whether it's we're fixing and flipping it we're holding it for an air B&B or an assisted living or we're dis bowing it and which mechanism are we utilizing to dispo it actually on that particular deal Keighley is selling that for us so we'll tell people hey we were having Keighley sell it and we'll do all that stuff and break it all the way down on a real deal that happened in the last seven days so it doesn't matter if you're in Phoenix if you're in New York City you're in Florida we had I think close to 200 people on the call last week and it's just people listening in and our team talking about the deals we're doing and then we open it up the last 30 minutes for the first people the first 10 people that press I think it's six the the number six they get put into a queue to ask a question the first ten people get asked a question and then after those questions are answered we end the call so we do that every week it's free we simply do it just to help and see if we can change the industry to be more of like brotherly love and helping each other out because it's a lot more fun that way yeah two things that I love about this is one you're showing people I think what it looks like to you said to what you could be in a couple of years if you if you don't know what it looks like you don't know what to build I tell people all the time you have to understand what you want in your business and what you want it to look like so go listen to these guys who are doing it see if it fits for you and I think that that's access like that is so hard to come by so I I mean that is an incredible offering and I think it's um I think it's really key that you say you want to change but you know they've kind of thought behind the brotherly love of the industry because all of us get so busy with ourselves and we always think well how are you bringing me value I don't have time for this this is a great way to bring people in without disrupting your business perfect exempt people say how do you have time for this I go I'm not really changing anything in my business you're just hearing the tail end of an already existing business discussion same thing with when I take people on appointments I'm already going to those appointments right yeah you're not going to coffee extra time right that's unnecessary just better you know what I title agents reach out to you yes okay so what I tell agents will go if they're not investor agents yes right right they go I want to take you to lunch want to take your coffee I go here's what I'll let you do you can come in an appointment with me if you want to hang with me key phrases you like key phrases Casey this is what I will let you write you I don't mind you marketing and telling me something but it needs to be during the normal course of my day and the most important thing I do in in the day is in the morning you guys this isn't something I created a million people do this and I learned it from everybody else as you wake up and I review my calendar that I set the night before and I just go is everything exactly as is did somebody text me in the middle of night and say hey I got a change or whatever else so I'll set my calendar down and if there's 30 minutes unaccounted for I'm feeling that in with oh let me call this person I've been meeting a call or and I put it on my calendar so I don't have time to sit down and have coffee and have lunch and teach somebody something by you know you get newbie wholesalers ago I'll buy you lunch I'll do whatever no no let me work let me make money and you can watch me do that and it's gonna be way more valuable than sitting at Starbucks right so it's not that it screws up my day it allows me to not have to sell anything to make up that time I'm just doing it for free just don't slow me down that's all I ask okay that's key I'm gonna start implementing that because I get a lot of people reaching out to me and I get overwhelmed right because it's a lot and I really can't I mean it's like a lot of people so I imagine if I even took 30 minutes per person that's I've already lost I lost already over a month month worth worth months work a worth of work sorry so it's which coffee but so yeah so it's like yeah this is much more effective it's real life what better than to see somebody implement what they're doing and your answer your questions will be answered even questions you never even knew you have you had fake they're answered right then in there I love that pace you know I my first thought about all that was not an altruistic thought so like a year ago I said man I would not a year ago but two and a half years ago when I first jumped in I go these guys don't want me to go on their appointments these guys don't want to help me nobody want you know there's a handful of people that really I attribute a lot of my success to Jim Mills one of actually Jamil was the first person I called when I jumped into wholesale he said bro sit down with me I'll buy you lunch he didn't say something like no I'll let you go too right it was super gracious we went and had lunch together but the overwhelming majority of guys in our in our town at least two and a half years ago to change dramatically they wouldn't want me to learn anything they're doing because they saw me as a threat right so I thought man I would pay somebody five grand I would pay somebody ten grand to sit in their car and watch them go get contracts I love the seminars there's a handful of seminars I've been to that I thought were completely worth the money but for me I'm the guy that if I didn't sit in the front class in my in school I'm getting bad grades I have to sit in the front row so I want to sit in the car I want to smell the car the air freshener that they chose I want to see what color notepad they have I wanted I want to see feel smell everything and I said I will pay five or ten thousand dollars to do this then I came up with this thought one of those things where you're just sitting there and this thing pops in your head and I go I could make money teaching people how to do this by charging $5,000 a seat and doing this once every three or four weeks then I realized as you're getting deals the amount of time it takes to sell people whole them accountable and whatever else would actually detract from my business and I would get less deals therefore any money I would make on helping people and collecting money from them would actually cost me money in my real business absolutely and so we just decided doing it for free so you'll see on my Instagram I'll be I'll do a story and I'll say hey guys there's a seat right here and there's three seats behind me that are empty who's gonna sit in those today and who's gonna go on the appointment so whatever car you drive I don't know how many empty seats you have but you should have a couple people driving on with you at least one day a week and seeing what appointments feel like case you think I should go to Phoenix and just ride around go you know Palooza number two that's right we have propely ole and then in Houston we're gonna have noodle Palooza what are we gonna have in Phoenix oh my gosh what are we well-known for I don't know it sounds like we're all gonna be on seller appointment actually on some other Palouse event okay points yeah III think that you hit something on the head and that really is sometimes we all know that this is a grind right and I think a really good way to distinguish I always say like I have nothing you know if people want to coach and spend their time doing that and they really love to teach great hundred percent a hundred percent but if you aren't doing the deals then you're gonna find that that's pulling you that's a whole different business and it's one thing like I personally am gonna want to I'm gonna want to invest in somebody that's doing the business so to me its credibility built-in without it feeling like I'm not really you're not accessible you know because a lot of these people yeah they'll put you in the car with you and sell that program and sometimes it's limited because they're like well I can do this one thing and I can teach you this one strategy and then you have to go and do it yourself it seems like you're giving you know much like you know Jamil when we were talking to him that full like 360 experience right and sometimes you have to touch and feel and hear to realize that you're in your own way so I think that's just a great opportunity a good point and it brings up another weird thought you know the the biggest thing the biggest deterrent from people that hang out with me from getting a real deal is is that I'm – accessible it looks too easy you're not telling me something okay yes I I saw like Monday I had a guy with me sign a contract at 10 o'clock go and sign another contract at one o'clock you know actually I had the weirdest appoint me today I'm going to talk about on my Sunday put on my Sunday deal Monday we go to this house and I'm in this appointment and the the seller you know I never give them a number however ever rule number one it's about the house it's it's not about the house it's about the people rule number two don't ever give your number until you know that they're ready so I broke my roll and when I've broken my rule in the past I've had people stand up from the appointment and walk out of their own house get in their car and leave like there were that offended by my number so I say that's a good day I'm like what the Freak I'm in your house by myself right so this one this is really weird I've never heard of anybody have this happen to him maybe it has and nobody talks about it but I'm in this appointment and I knew that the by number was 140 and I said okay well you know tell me a story I'm gonna save all this time because I know we're already like chewing up time no please go ahead so I get her story the house has been vacant for years her husband had passed away but she had an emotional connection like that was where my husband and I lived right super important for you to understand that if you're gonna try and get this deal done so you kind of jump into that okay well how's life going now you owe your grandkids oh my gosh that sounds like that's where you know you build the rapport build the rapport build rapport so her name's patty so patty what were when you sat down and you were trying to figure out what the perfect scenario was for you timeline price all that kind of stuff what were you thinking on the number you're trying to get out of the property she goes I have no idea I really don't have any idea 99.9 percent of the time I used to say a hundred percent of time now I've been proven wrong it's that point one percent ninety-nine point nine percent of time the sellers not telling you the truth they have a number you need to extract it out right right therefore the the game can ensue of that's a little high maybe I'm not a good buyer for you or whatever hmm so I go this is like 30 minutes of meat trying to get the number really 30 minutes that's a long time mmm right that went back out to the pool to look at this and I came back in ask the question a different way multiple oh the windows of our oh that's that's weird about the window above all all right try to get the number again wouldn't give it to me so I go ok so I said Patti if somebody not me cuz I'm not gonna give you a number if somebody came in and said they can close in two weeks and they can give you 125 thousand how would that hit you how would you feel about that she was okay I go alright well great I just used the only contract I had in my car why don't you follow me to my title company we'll just go open up escrow right now and I'm it's literally a 20 30 minute drive to the title company and the whole time I'm looking behind me like is she still following me is she still literally she follows me all the way to the spot walk in the title company open up escrow right there you know we we printed out a standard contract and I'm like wow I gave her a number I got her to follow me to my title company to open up escrow because she didn't have an email I couldn't have stock you signing anything to her hmm so I just said follow me into the title coming I've never had that happen so those are the that's a very smaller that's a smaller version of the story that I'll tell on Sunday but it's interesting how different these appointments are and how basic they are what happens is when I take people on the appointments the guy that was with me goes that's all you had to do to get a contract and I'm like you guys are making this way harder than it really is you're you think that I should be you think that I should be doused in gold and I should be driving a car that doesn't even exist on the open market and I should be helicoptering into the sellers backyard and with a contract in hand it's so basic its basic human relationships you're buying a product from them and all you have to do is understand their story and so I get people this is again sorry for that big long tangent but there was no I'm grateful for it reason I went on the tangent is to say the people that end up not doing anything from our advice and actually going on appointments are the people that feel like this is too easy you're hiding something from me there's a secret list that you have that you haven't brought up there's a secret script I'm like no I just opened up to escrows in front of you he was with me in the car watched me say oh hey Heather that's my escrow officer here's a contract we signed this morning boom usually I'll just email him but I was going to the title company anyway so I open up escrow with this one pull out my checkbook write a check and then on and then I go and hey this is paddy work she's here to sign a contract open up escrow and then I go do you have any questions for Heather this is who's gonna be handling the transaction I walk out and I go so hey do you have any questions so the gentleman those with me goes that was just too easy there's no way that this is what I'm like you just saw two contracts get done so I hope that he goes off and does something and I hope I can help him more but there's a lot of people that they expect it to be harder and they build these things in their brain and they end up not getting anything done the other side to that is probably also a little bit of they see it being so easy for you what they don't see behind it is that you've probably taken a lot of time to figure out how to connect there's a lot of back side to that like our job as like buyers and closers and acquisitions right is to make them feel you're in control but you're not making them feel like you are and that's an art that takes just trying and going and figuring out who you are in your groove right and so that's one side but it's also what they're gonna find is when they go on their appointment it might not be that easy for them at first and that's because I don't I think the answer to that is that they just don't know themselves yet and they haven't picked up that it is just that connection that you fire I call it the push up factor and I talked about it a little bit last night about people that will you'll look at somebody who's been in this business for two years the same way that I look at maybe a personal trainer that's body's bill shredded eating healthy and people get so stressed out about like after 30 days they're like I'm not losing weight I'm not gaining muscle I'm not doing whatever it's like yeah that dude took a year or two years to get to that point so the first step is you can't start too doing 200 push-ups in a row you start today by doing one pushup on your knees mm-hm and then in a week trying to do one without your knees and falling flat on your face but if you stay consistent cliche phrase but if you stay consistent in 30 days you're gonna realize wow this really is easy it just requires a little bit of effort yes consistency is key again another cachet and afters it takes effort and I think a lot of people come into this wanting to just nail it make it be easy like I said and I really like I think Donnie said that too at the propely o event recently where he was like guys you have to pay your dues you have to put in the time so if you're out there with the attitude that if this is just oh everyone makes it look so easy they're lying to you but at the same time there is an ease when you let go of that fear and just fail and keep failing and figuring out what works and you have to pay your dues right I like that you said about how you have to switch it up and how you have to really find your groove and your space because for example I just sat down with a couple they're both in corporate America and they have a mentor and a partner and mentor in their business and their mentor took them to a cellar appointment and he came in suit and tie all dressed up to the nines and he's doing a presentation and they're both like okay 30 minutes and he's just very like this is too pure wholesale turns out all my word yes so there's three of them in the appointment yes and I'm listening to her like wow and I know that I know the mentor right and I'm thinking yeah but okay because I know who he is I know I that's how he dresses but I'm like wow to cellar appointment okay first of all no then second she's like and then I ended up seeing I think she saw the ID card that he was in the Armed Forces so she's made a comment about that and the conversation took a different toll like you know in a bit the seller was not responding they were not giving in once she brought that in and the guy loved her the seller loved you and the conversation sweating somewhere and the poor instead of instead of a freaking footboard she's new and she's like so what do you think I'm like bingo that's it yeah all you need so we can just go an appointment alone yes and I tell I tell her her or her partner I tell her her partner you can take her to appointments she's gonna smooth things out and make it so much easier right and we talked about Nelson and I how we how our dynamic works perfectly because I don't want you guys to come to Phoenix because then I wouldn't buy any deals you guys one really good tip on that that I think is really good for anybody going out there find something in the house scan your eyes even if there are holes in cockroaches you find one in that house look at a picture look at a diploma look at any kind of like Navy any way that you can ask them about them and I always try and say like make them talk 70% at the time at first because you just want them to connect with you so that's one small tip I think you can take to kind of foster this if you don't feel like you're somebody who's very patient with that kind of thing right you have to really really hone in on the skill of the the art of listening that's so key because it's that's what you're doing there you're not there to pitch in to top you know you get an earful to them you're there to listen how you can make things happen you know what's funny is that when you sometimes I'm sure you guys are great at this so it's happened to you is that by the end of the appointment you could probably bet a thousand dollars on the fact that your seller doesn't know your last name but they're selling their biggest asset to you that's fascinated at Sagamore interesting right don't remember your first name yeah for the most part there's been times where people are like oh my gosh I'm so embarrassed what's your name and I'm like we have an open escrow and you don't even know my name yeah because it doesn't seem like it here right but I can turn it off I can change the switch to now I'm not the talker I'm the listener but here we're talking and telling people stuff but that is a really good point you've got to be a listener and you got to be absolutely fascinated with stuff weird crap and people bouncing cockroaches are literally the most interesting people because the conversations you can't make this stuff up you can't and I think it makes you just an interesting person and it makes you able to not just talk to people and talk to people and talk to people so I've really enjoyed this conversation we talked a lot about tips for getting contracts and sellers but I think this is an aspect that we really honed in on that is so key and important and obviously your success speaks to that so thank you so much you for having for being here any kind of final thoughts or something any thing you'd like them how they can get a hold of you Instagram always Instagram it's easier because I don't feel guilty if I don't reply to you for a day or two but I will get back to you if you text me then I feel guilty in whatever respond but it's okay we love you well I'm it's good I know I didn't reply for a couple of days I didn't I was probably at a wedding I know you're away my brother you were very boy I think so Instagram is the best way Instagram and then on my Instagram on on my stories I will give the dial information every week to the phone call okay and if you're it so that's Instagram then the phone call and then if you're ever in Phoenix hit me up you can always sit in my car or my truck depending on what I'm doing that day and go on appointments I'll even take I take people to Keighley all the time right so I I picked up Charles from Keighley and then we met up later and so if you guys want a tour of Phoenix come in and we'll hang out there are a lot of amazing places to go visit just with Keighley with Annie and with you after even max Steven max yeah so when I went out there I was I was with Max in the studio studio I was great by the way also all Spanish interview which was fantastic loved it and then we met up with you a Charles and then we took the rest of the day and it was awesome and you guys are living living proof of what it looks like to work together you know in this industry and I know everyone's encouraged super super interesting comment this just popped in my head I'm sorry we're trying to wrap this up and hear it mister you run this show the yellow wants to talk I I feel that if I took the probably my top 15 or 20 friends out of the market I would actually have less deals isn't that interesting if my friends who are my direct competitors moved out of the market I would have less deals that my disposal that's really interesting to think about I think that is a wonderful place to leave on just because I think that's that's really huge y'all think about that soak that in let that marinate love comment ask him questions in this feed here I'm he's a giving person I like to call it the go giver which you know people love that book and so please comment like share give him your love and connect and on that note my take us out yes so thank you pace for coming on and also you will be able to see pace live in Houston Texas first weekend of October 4 5 & 6 right you'll be there and you can meet him in the flesh he'll be there to be to answer any questions and with that please share this video like comment share with any friends that you think this may be helpful to and reach out to pace if you need anything thank you so much for tuning in and we hope to see you soon on our next propel yo show thank you see you guys propely Oh TV is sponsored by noble mortgage and investments batch script racing pink multifamily creative Castro comp my fair want to keep up with the latest propel yo TV daily be sure to subscribe and click that Bell

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