A Man Goes to the Store to Buy Some Milk

A Man Goes to the Store to Buy Some Milk

A man goes to the store to buy some milk. The end. No, no, it’s terrible… That’s just some events, that’s nothing. Ok, let’s see… The man goes to the store to buy some milk, but at the store, There’s a crazy lady in the aisle But he wants that milk so he fights her to get the milk And then he buys it. The end. This doesn’t make any sense. Why would he fight someone for milk? Ok. A man is driving his car when his daughter calls him and asks: “Hey, pick up some milk.” At the store, there’s a crazy lady in the aisle. He fights her he buys the milk and the daughter is happy. The end. This is… awful. I am the worst writer in the world. No one… learns anything from this. A-a man is driving his car when his ex-wife calls him She says: “You have never been there for us, but right now I need your help. Your daughter is at her milk competition at school, and she’s run out of milk. For once in your life Please do something and help her.” The man decides: “Ok. This is my shot to prove myself to my daughter.” He goes to the store to buy milk but there’s a crazy lady in the aisle in front of the milk. The man starts thinking: “Wha- I don’t have time for this.” “Need to help my daughter.” So he pushes her aside, and he buys her milk. And then he drives straight to his daughter’s school and hands her the milk, but it can’t end here anymore… (sighs) His daughter freaks out: “You idiot. This is the WRONG milk.” “This is skim milk! My competition is RUINED.” The man did all he could, and in the end it was for nothing. It was a waste of time and even putting in effort made everyone more upset and angry with him And maybe he should just quit trying! The end! Or… or… maybe…. Maybe, his daughter is given the milk, and she realizes this is the wrong milk. This is skim milk, his daughter could freak out, but for once in her life her dad is there for her, and he profusely Apologizes, he did everything wrong, but he tried and he regrets making this mistake. But his daughter is ok with it. She goes on stage for the milk competition And she pours the milk on herself. And the judges they see that clearly, she’s pouring skim milk, and give her low scores. But she is happy and her dad is happy, because it never really was about the competition. It was about trust and being able to be there for someone when he needed it the most. This is a greatest story ever made and everyone will love it because everybody loves milk… (Quiet piano music)

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  1. 우리나라 영상에도 최근들어 자번보다 훨씬 외국인 댓글이 많아진 것도 외국인들한테도 알수없는 알고리즘이 적용되서 인가?

  2. 유튜브의 알수없는 알고리즘이 저를 이곳으로 인도했습니다 좋은 영상 감사드립니다 구독추천박고갑니다

  3. 알고리즘드립 지겨운건 인정하는데 이쯤되면
    진짜 진지하게 궁금하지않냐ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ?

  4. 아니 얼마전부터 계속 뜨길래 애써 무시하다 들어왔는데 이게 도데체 뭔 소리얔ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ훈훈한건 알겠는데 다 보고 머리에 남는건 디 엔드 밖에 없다고ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  5. 궁금해서 올리는건데 한국어 자막 없이 다 알아들을 정도면 괜찮은건가요? 아니면 기본인가?

  6. 이게 왜 뜬거지..?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ근데 한국 예능영상보다 한글댓글 더 많이 보는거같앜ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  7. 나는 이 영상 썸네일과 제목을 봐도 재밌겠다는 기대를 하지 읺았다. 하지만 유튜브 추천 영상이라는 이유로 봤다. 이는 놀라운 일인데, 내가 AI에 주관을 팔아버렸기 때문이다. 난 유튜브의 노예다.

  8. Why do people pour milk on their heads- I mean, what's the point of it? i thought it was a joke or something xd

  9. 외국에는 우유를 머리에 붇는 대회가 있어요? 진짜 궁금해서 그래요 아무도 이 얘기를 안 하길래…

  10. 한국인 댓글특1 : 알고리즘
    한국인 댓글특2
    나 : 자야지
    유트브 : 뭐뭐하는거 볼래?

  11. Milk is not very delicious. No, it is terrible. So I hate milk. Why do you hate milk? Because I ate it and had diarrhea when I was in elementary school. In a word, I hate milk.

  12. Boo, father should do more things than just giving her some milk. Imagine the mother feeding her and nurturing her. How miserable. 독박육아의 예시를 똑똑히 보여줌

  13. 아 개웃긴데 ?? 도대체 외국인 영상에 한국인이 몇이야 … 한국인 영상 보면 외국인 밖에 없던데 ….

  14. 나: 으아 미친 자야해
    유튜브: 우유
    나:아니 시바 우유고 나발이고 자야한다고!!!!!!!
    우유튜브: 우.유.
    나: ????우유??????
    우유튜브: 우.유.
    나: 우유

  15. i have a couple of questions
    1: how did she got to be a milk competitor?
    2: what do they actually do at the milk competition?
    3: why the milk is blue?
    4: what?

  16. 이유를 자꾸주네 그레고리는 자고일어나니 벌레가되어잇엇다 에서 시작됫다는 카프카 말이 생각나네요

  17. 우유?우유?우유?우유?우유?우유?우유?우유?우유?우유?우유?우유?우유?우유?우유?우유?우유?우유?우유?우유?우유?우유? 밀크?밀크?밀크?밀ㅋ..

    졸라 이 영상 보면 뭔가 쓰고 싶어짐 ㅈㅅ

  18. 명작가네
    우유를 사러갔다 라는 한줄의 문장이 서로 같이 있으면 기쁘다는 내용이 되버리고ㄷ

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