8 MILLION SUBS SEAFOOD PARTY!! (Boodle Fight) | Ranz and Niana

8 MILLION SUBS SEAFOOD PARTY!! (Boodle Fight) | Ranz and Niana

Hey yeah guys, are you guys ready to eat? for 8 million subscribers for 8 million subscribers! everyone will eat! Let’s go! Aye Let’s go! Aye Turn up! What’s up guys! Niana here and I’m with Ranz Kyle! and welcome to Ranz and Niana Vlog Season 2 So today guys Not today. We just hit 8 million subscribers! We just hit 8 million subscribers on this channel. Yes. Congratulations to you Niana. – Thank you, thank you. Road to 10 million. Let’s go, let’s go – Congatulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! So we’re gonna celebrate today but before that we’re gonna show you how we hit 8 million subscribers. Everyone’s tweeting now congratulations Niana. Is it true? So we check. Check this clip out. Everybody’s tweeting. I don’t know if it’s true. I don’t know if it’s true that I hit. We just woke up. I don’t know. They hit? Oh my gosh! Happy 8 million subscribers. Happy 8 million subscribers! Happy 8 million subscribers! Hey! Okay, at the moment it’s raining. I’m gonna run but the camera gonna gets wet. Happy 8 million subscribers! It’s time to celebrate. Let’s go! And now, we are back here. and it is time to celebrate. With another crazy things again – Yes, yes. This is different from all other celebration because this time we really invited other people in our house to party with us. to join us to celebrate 8 million. Yes. Today we’re gonna have a Boodle Party !! Yeah guys. You heard it right. We’re gonna do a boodle fight with a bunch of people. Yes guys. and it’s gonna be exciting. We’re kinda worried right now. Look at the weather man. It’s actually raining right now. I don’t know if you can see. but we won’t cancel that. We still got to celebrate. because you know, we got to. Earlier, I woke up and I went to the market and the grocery. So check this footage out. Yeah. To buy a bunch of seafood right? Yeah exactly. Today is gonna be like you know 8 million seafood party. You know what I’m sayin. Check this footage out. and now guys, we’re gonna get the mussels. Bro give me some mussels. Guys we got some crabs over here and now let’s get them. and now we got seaweeds over here. Bro let’s get some seaweeds. Banana leaves. Now let’s buy some mangoes. mangoes Sis give me some mangoes. and now it’s time to buy the container for the seaweed juice. Let’s go. and now guys, we are here at the grocery store to buy the food that we need for the boodle fight. Let’s go! Shrimp Shrimp Milkfish Maybe that’s enough. Yeah! corn. Drinks! Rice Okay, we got some street foods over here. We got fish balls. squid balls kikiam Now, let’s get the seaweed juice. Got 2 packs of pearls. Let’s go! I just went out of this mall. Look what I see. I was in a good mood and look what I see. Freaking raining man. How we supposed to do the boodle fight? Oh please! Okay guys. So since it’s raining So, we we’re supposed to set it up here already. but it’s raining so we’re gonna set it up at the garage first. So, let’s go there and set up the tables — and the banana leaves. Yes. Let’s go! We’re gonna set up tables So the first table that we’re gonna set up We’re gonna put some banana leaves. and then cook the food and put the food and then so on, so on. From afar visitors are here, as you can see. and there’s still more coming. So, let’s set it up. Since it stopped raining. It’s time to put all the tables there because I’m positive that it won’t rain anymore. So, we actually ordered more food. Extra food for the boodle fight. I just wan’t to say shout out to the Dampa and to this guy right here and hi! Say hi — Hi! It’s time to arrange the food. So let’s go. Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you. Bye bye! Let’s go! yeah guys and now, it’s time to grill and cook all the food, the seafood. and then after that, we’re gonna put it here. Are you ready? Yeah I’m ready. I’m ready. Okay. Let’s cook the food now. fish! for those who are alone. squid! for those who are ?? for those who are escaping. We’ll put this now at the table. put it there just put it there. Where will I put it? Yo guys, by the way, squid is like my favorite seafood. Sorry The next fish for 2 million. Rice for the rise! Open it! Pour the rice! Niana come here. 3 million! The biggest cup of rice. Here we go! What are you doing kuya? — one cup of rice in. We also have mangoes here. for those who are sweet like me. We have some crabs right here. Okay. I’m gonne be — this stuff. Okay. Let’s go! for 4 million 4 million! more people are helping right now. Mom is right there. Seah’s right here, helping. Chef’s Seah. Okay. Let’s see how will it turn out. before after Yo guys, so Natalia is right here. Say hi to the vlog. Hi! Are you ready to celebrate? yeah. What is that? Food. boodle fight ! boodle fight. Happy? Happy new year! Happy 8 million subscribers. Okay guys. Natalia’s gonna play. Bye bye — bye. and now, we present to you. The 8 million — boodle fight — party! I want to eat already. Go back, go back. okay guys I think now. It’s time to call out our friends. but before that, let’s change because like, I’ve been to the market and everything. Let’s go! Oh yeah guys. Now we are here as you can see, we are wearing our party clothes. Now, it’s almost time to celebrate 8 million subscribers. Let’s go! before we start that We have our guest here at our back. We will introduce them one by one. Say what’s up!!!!!! Here they are. They’re a lot. So Niana introduce your’s first. So first is my Mom. Say hi. Hi and it’s my dad! This is Natalia. Say hi. Hi This is Mitch. This is Shawn. Cole This is my grandma Ate — and this is uncle Noli This is Aunt Claire This is CJ Mirandas This is Heaven This is Hell. No. This is Biboy. This is Vhenjo. This is Seah, my sister. This is Adrian. This is Ranz! This is Ranz! This is Mikko. This is Gab. This is JE. That’s Drei. and now guys. It’s to celebrate. The time to eat. before we go on and eat everything. Let’s have a countdown for Niana. 3 persons, five to eight. Who wants to suggest food for Niana? Okay come here. One! to all her friends Mitch, come here. Mitch! and daddy! for 5 million for 6 million for 7 million and for 8 million, everyone, okay? for 5 million subscribers! mangoes Yes Daddy! for 5 million. Thank you dad! Mango. for 6 million. What would you suggest Niana to eat? Her favorite food. Egg. for 6 million subscribers! Niana hurry. two? three. Okay. For 6 million subscribers Come on. Okay. For 7 million. What’s next? Mitch? Let’s go with the vegetable. Eggplant. Okay Niana. Eggplant. Okay. Okay. For 7 million subscribers, eggpant! Hey yeah guys. Are you guys ready to eat? for 8 million subscribers for 8 million subscribers !! Everyone will eat!! Let’s go!!! Okay everyone. Let’s take one photo. Let’s take a picture. three two one! Everyone is eating right now. I just got done. I don’t know why I was the first one but yeah. We’re having fun and we’re talking about something and yeah! Let’s go and see my friends. So these are my 3 friends that went because the others are in another country. Exactly! How’s the food man? It’s nice! Yes! it’s very nice. Everyone’s almost done. How’s the food? I’m here with Natalia. Natalia, where’s your mango? and yeah guys. I think that is it for the 8 million subscribers party. As you can see, everyboday ate. The food is done. Today is a fun day because like everyone’s here. my friends the production, family. Everyone is family. yes and I just wanna say thank you to everyone who’s supporting me through my journey through our journey and yeah. Thank you. 10 million. Let’s go!! again, congratulations to Niana. Let’s say congratulations to Niana. Congatulations Niana!! Now we’re gonna fire up some fireworks even though it’s not real. In three two one Happy 8 million subscribers! Give this video a like! share! subscribe! and turn on our push notification for shout out, shout out! To everyone who came, thank you so much! and yeah! We will see you in the next vlog. another fireworks. Peace!

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  1. I've notice that when you guys received blessing you only celebrated it with your family only. Why don't you try to help other people who is in need. Para maiba naman.

  2. For me you must share β€œyour blessings to those people who don’t ate everyday i think that is most brilliant β€œor charity guys..

  3. Do you like ranz and niana
    and do you like to joined to budol fight πŸ‘‡

  4. Itong mga to, payaman lang nang payaman ang alam. Imbes na yong ginagastos sa pagcelebrate ng naachieve nila sa YouTube eh ibigay na lang sa mahihirap o kaya itulong sa charity. Tsk.
    Oo, hindi ko pera yan, at hindi ko buhay, pero kung sakali mang ako ang nasa kalagayan nila, walang alinlangan kong itutulong sa mahihirap yan.

  5. my mouth was just watering while watching u guys eating that sea stuff …. please swiggy it to my house πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. Would love to see you both dancing to Ed Sheeran's South of the Border ft. Camila Cabello and Cardi B! πŸ’•

  7. Mga nagsasayang ng pagkain. Gayahin nyo ng si kuya lloyd.
    Fan ako pero pag nag cecelebrate kasi kayo. Daming nyong nasasayang

  8. CONGRATS… Pero mas ok sana kung s children foundation nyu ise celebrate ung celebration nyu.. πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ˜‰

  9. Mas maganda sana kung ang pinakajn nyo yong mga taong halos walang makain since milyones naman yong pera nyoπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

  10. If you share your blessing of 8million subs share it here super friend of ranz&niana from nowhere.
    Make it blue thanks.

  11. Shout out Lang po ate niana
    Pwede pubang ma isali pangalan ko diyan sa vedeo niyo masaya napo ako
    Thank you po😁

  12. Congratulations and God bless guys!
    Wish for book sharing / donation party for the next celebration.

  13. YO! NianaΒ is the best! she really inspired me to start my own channel. It's not much but it's honest work. I post every Sundays and Wednesdays, come check me out!

  14. Wow 8 million subs?!!! God bless you more niana and ranz

    Hoping to reach a million subscriber too.small youtuber here 😍

  15. Another nonsense celebration for millions of subscribers. And they didnt share? Mabuti pa ung maliliit na YouTubers, they know how to share the blessings.
    Kahit ung pinang fireworks nalang sana binigay nalang s charity or they could have donated the money instead of spending on nonsense.

  16. For the 8millions subscribers I hope u have a charity or make a help to the poor peoples, make a more challenge not only dancing or mukbang. We will wait that guys , more power and god bless you❀️❀️❀️

  17. sana sa ibang tao na mhihirap naman sila mgpakain πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚ happy 8million sub sa inyo πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  18. Nayayabangan n ako sakanila ,hahaha sana balik nila sa charity blessing nila , marami sila vlog na waste of food and money lang talaga ,

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