7 Foods That are Causing You Anxiety & Depression 🤔😋😊

7 Foods That are Causing You Anxiety & Depression 🤔😋😊

Should I eat a Pizza Hut Pizza today? Sorry not now, that’s what I like to hear whats up guys welcome back to my channel called Preston where I help you escape away to your dreams while laughing On this channel we talked about the journey to self-awareness through having a healthy mindset, good habits, and new ideas. So consider joining the community Clicking the subscribe button. That was a thumbs up clicking the subscribe button in the Bell notification and becoming a subscriber Okay, today’s a blessing of the day is I am so fucking blessed to have food. Not only do we take our bodies for granite but we also take food for granite. be blessed for what you got to eat Cassandra. On this channel in the month of August It is all about self awareness and in today’s video We’re actually gonna talk about how eating unhealthy is actually making you less and less self aware I personally think there’s a lot to self awareness that it can’t really just be defined as one thing. so much that I’m self-aware enough to Know that I want to all the slow walking people here in Tokyo, Japan. however, I do know that a big chunk of self awareness is connected to our minds or what we could call our brains. but in Present-day our food has been so poisoned and tainted with chemicals that it’s like killing our consciousness to be honest. I have researched this for years and I personally believe it to be true. Let’s not forget that our brain is the most important organ in our body. But what I’m about to talk about comes from an article written from Healthline. But before we get started, I highly recommend to check out this book called the healthy college cookbook. I am obsessed with it. I’ve had it for years now, but it’s super cheap, It’s helped me out a lot and figuring out like fast quick healthy recipes. You can still get it on Amazon and I will link it down below. also in the description box down below I have created a free pdf of easy escaper recipes for you guys made by yours truly. These are literally things that I have created myself and I eat to stay healthy. But is also in my budget because I’m like literally broke as f%$k. Yeah, don’t forget to check that out. Let’s go over seven foods that are horrible for your brain and your mindset I’m not gonna go into all the health risk But I’m just going to be labeling off like the bad foods and maybe giving like my own personal alternative to it. Number one is sugary drinks. This includes soda, sport drinks, energy drinks, fruit juices. I know it’s like 3/4 of what the f%$^ing world drinks, but honestly all I drink really like water and coconut milk. But I can’t find coconut for the life of me in Japan. So I basically m%$#er sui everything around me looking for it. I also like to drink like detox teas and whatnot. This one’s roasted dandelion spiced detox. It’s by the yogi brand. It’s organic non-gmo whatever and it’s really good and it makes me feel really good. Oh and it’s vegan. I don’t care about vegan But number two is refined carbs refined carbohydrates include like sugars and highly processed grains such as wheat. So basically, we’re like f%&$ed in America. Just joking there’s ways to avoid these things. I personally use almond flour and coconut flour, but I can’t find these in Japan What’s new with my life the struggle But I try to only incorporate stuff like brown rice or like sweet potatoes or vegetables kind of to get my carbs. number three’s foods high in trans fats. trans fats can have like a detrimental amount of damage on your brain So like really watch out for those. so trans fats occur naturally in like dairy and meats But it’s not to be as concerned with those as much as to be concerned with like hydrogenated vegetable oils that goes for like shortening, margarine….. I don’t know who the f%$k would eat margarine though Like margarine is literally made out of plastic and it’s fake, like no. frostings ,snack and junk foods ready-made cakes and prepackaged cookies But don’t forget this also goes for the oils themselves, like vegetable oil, canola oil, grape seed oil like etc like all of those I personally use avocado oil and I use coconut oil both are highly good for you and actually really good for your brain Which is why I wonder why mine is so damaged sometimes. Yeah, definitely avocado is like legit because it has a high heat Smoking temp is what I think it’s called so basically you can cook something up to 400 degrees like in a pan or something and it’s not gonna like freak out and smoke everywhere. Where like coconut oil would or like other oils do. number four is highly processed foods again We’re f&%cked in America This goes for food such as like chips, sweets, instant noodles, microwave popcorn, store-bought sauces, and like ready to make meals, basically But at the end of the day you really want to like target Whole Foods That which are like foods that haven’t been tampered by man or machinery. number five is aspartame This is an artificial….whoa I just said that fast. This is an artificial sugar sweetener. What Kel? this is an artificial sweetener. That is super f&%Kin dangerous. It’s found in like many diet sodas and basically like all chewing gums This is what honestly caused my mom to have so many health issues so like literally be careful. number six is alcohol. blame it on the Alcohol, okay, somebody shoot me. It’s okay to have a drink every now and then Rebecca, but if you’re drinking all the time It’s honestly killing your brain and can have some serious effects on it Number seven is seafood high in mercury. especially like wild caught seafood like has a lot of mercury in it But especially tilapia like tilapia has the most like I will never eat tilapia. It’s like the filthiest fish ever. I’m not saying seafood isn’t good for you like seafood is good for you But if you eat it excessively that’s really bad because of the high levels of mercury, which is poison which will result in your body like Dying. overall guys, there is not a perfect diet out there I think you have to choose what’s right for you and your body but in present day There are so many foods out there that make us more depressed and sluggish, have more anxiety And so many other things. that can get in the way with allowing us to become more self aware. me personally I like to follow the Paleo diet Like that’s what’s good in my jungle but just be careful a lot of us in our 20s and our 30s just like don’t eat properly and Disrespect our bodies because there’s no consequences now However, then we get older and then start having 50,000 health issues And then we all wonder why. don’t forget in the description box down below there Is that free pdf that is going to give you your easy escaper recipes like and share this video If you think it’s gonna help somebody on their self awareness journey, consider subscribing and becoming an escaper with all of us. now, I’m gonna go have my spicy Mexican tofu taco salad easy escaper meal and pretend It’s a pepperoni pizza from Japan Pizza Hut. Okay. Bye

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  1. To me, the key to eating healthily is moderation. You can’t avoid everything that is potentially bad for you, but you can vary your diet enough that you aren’t overwhelmed with the bad stuff. For example, I can’t imagine going without my one glass of orange juice in the morning, but I avoid all sodas and mostly drink water and tea. I know my diet is not all it could be, but I’ve made it to the age of 62 with very few health problems, so either I’m doing something right or I’m just genetically blessed. Still, I will check out your PDF of recipes – I can always use some new ideas!

  2. Personally, looking at your face makes me uncomfortable, depressed about our world in general, and over all cringe so hard.

  3. This is such an important topic and video! 🙂 People are so unaware of the crap that's in their food. LOVE this new content! You are legit so likeable on camera…

  4. going to try out these recipes. Yeah, I agree we have to be careful about what we eat. I cut back on my salt, trying to cut back on sweets. Which I do okay, except when my sweet tooth wants something sweet.

  5. Self awareness is SO much more than mindset and expands to all areas of your life, including food! Love this video so much, keep up the amazing content!

  6. Great video!! It’s so important to be cognizant of what you’re putting into your body 🥘 🥑 🥥

  7. Cooking in coconut oil is not something I like. The flavor is too much. It kinda ruins the other flavors. Especially with meat! Great share though, keep it up! Would you mind giving me some feedback of your own? That way I can learn how to become a better content creator myself! Thank you so much for your time! I really appreciate it!

  8. Your channel is actually my favorite, I literally watched all of your videos! Ahaha. I would really really appreciate it if you could subscribe to me, it’d mean a lot.

  9. I totally agree with what you said … having a horrible diet is linked to confusion and strays you away from clarity

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