7-Eleven Diet – Really? – Health Food Intermittent Fasting Ketogenic Diet Pruvit Keto OS Nutrition

7-Eleven Diet – Really? – Health Food Intermittent Fasting Ketogenic Diet Pruvit Keto OS Nutrition

hi I’m Anthony flat and welcome to my
video on the 7-eleven diet and the 7-eleven diet has not about slurpees and
big gulps and hot dogs from the rotisserie machine the 7-eleven diet is is really more
about when you eat then what you eat and basically the 7-eleven diet is don’t eat
anything after 7pm and before 11am so basically eat all of your meals between
11am and 7pm and i’m eating two meals a day instead of three meals a day and I
know somebody just said well breakfast is the most important meal of the day contrary to popular belief that’s not
actually true or in many cases that’s not true i hate to make blanket
statements because for certain people certain things work certain ways so I
don’t wanna be the guy that said you know this but go and do some research
and you’ll find out that breakfast is not necessarily the most important meal
of the day this concept of of what i’m calling the
7-eleven diet is not eating after 7pm and then not eating again until 11am and
the reason is you want to give your body that 16 hours of intermittent fasting
and that’s what a lot of people call intermittent fasting of repairing itself ok when you eat food your body goes work
on working on digesting it and as long as it’s working on digesting it it can’t
do other things it can’t fix and repair your body and do other things and i’m
making this really simple so there’s a lot of science and in met you know
medical science behind it so I’m not getting very deep into the weeds in this
but go and do some research google it search should go look at some
youtube videos try to find some doctors from the Mayo
Clinic and john hopkins and and don’t just look at you know crazy guys that
are that are talking on YouTube videos like me go research it but basically
you’re giving your body that time to repair itself and to recover drinking lots of water at that point in
time some people even drink vegetable juice beef broth or other kinds of
flavored or enhanced water I don’t I just basically drink water and
then there’s one other thing that I that I do and I take a ketone supplement that
I mixed with my water and that’s that’s keto OS and there’s lots of videos on
this channel about keto OS so i’m not going to get into keto OS today but I
drink that twice a day once it about between six and nine a.m. in the morning
and then once again usually between one and three o’clock in the afternoon or so
and then if i feel i need to i might have another one after dinner but for
the most part I drink two of those a day and in when you when you do this
intermittent fasting you’re putting your body into a fasted state or state traditionally known as the starvation
mode right you’re not eating so your body is is processing what
you’ve eaten before and and usually that process is a five to eight or more our
process and you’re going to let your body repair you’re going to go into this this mode of of not having sugar or
carbs to burn so your body is going to have to look for an alternative fuel
source and that’s ketones and that’s when fat gets metabolized and that’s
probably one of the biggest benefits that I see being being somebody who’s
overweight in in intermittent fasting is that it gives my body time to burn fat so I’m constantly eating carbs
constantly eating sugar my body would prefer glucose so it’s going to burn the
glucose first but if I don’t constantly give it glucose if I if I keep that
stuff and I keep my carbs low and i like the low-carb high-fat diet but this
7-eleven I can work with any meal plan it can work with low calorie can work
with just about anything you want that idea is to give your body time to recuperate
in to repair itself for me the low-carb high-fat works because
taking in the higher good fats helps keep my body burning fats because i’m in
taking ingesting fat so that my body has readily available and then I’m also
taking the ketone supplement which then again is keeping ketones readily
available so i have both fat is getting tabula metabolized into ketones as well
as ketones in my body and at all times now um I said all that but let me let me
read a couple things to you from two different doctors on and then you can go
research this and in figure out for yourself with what you want to believe
but let me let me give you just two quick things so dr. mercola says
contrary to popular belief breakfast is not the most important meal of the day in fact omitting breakfast as part of an
intermittent fasting schedule can have many important health benefits from
improving your insulin left and receptor sensitivity to helping your body more
effectively burn fat for fuel that’s what I was just saying right and
then dr. michael jonas says diets are easy income excuse me easy and calm em easy in
contemplation but difficult in execution right intermittent fasting is just the
opposite it’s difficult in the contemplation but it’s easy and the
execution just basically saying diets are easy to understand but hard to stay
on intermittent fasting may be a little more difficult to understand but it’s
actually pretty easy to stay on just don’t eat outside of that window of 11am
– 7pm and you know if you cheated a little bit here and there it’s 10:00 a.m. up it’s a 730 or
whatever it’s not going to be the end of the world but the better you stay inside
that window the more time you give your body to be
in that intermittent fasting I’m stating that fasted state to be able
to talk to repair your body dr. he just goes on to say most of us
have contemplated going on a diet when we find a diet that appeals to us
it seems as if it is a breeze to do but when we get into the nitty-gritty of it
it becomes tough for example he says I stay on a low a low carb diet most all
the time but sometimes I think of going on a low-fat diet it looks easy I think about bagels whole
wheat bread and jelly mashed potatoes corn bananas by the Dozen etc all of
which sound appealing but if i were to embark on a low-fat diet I would soon tire of it and i would wish that I had meat and
eggs so diet is easy in contemplation but not so easy and long-term execution intermittent fasting is hard in the
contemplation for that there’s there’s no doubt in you go without food for 24
hours people ask you know you are you are you
serious and explain why are you doing this you know I could never do that but once started it’s a snap to this
easy right 7-eleven your food expenditures plummet
and you’re not particularly hungry although it’s tough to overcome the idea
of going without food once you begin the regimen nothing could
be easier now i’ll add to that that it’s easier to not eat when you’re not hungry ok so I was victim of the card cravings
of the sugar cravings of the hunger pains to every weight loss program i
participated in up until this low-carb high-fat
ketogenic diet that I’m doing today with my key to supplement I failed because I would always hit that
nine o’clock bear mode right running through the the kitchen trying to find
something to eat looking in the refrigerator trying to
tear something out of the refrigerator because i would get these these really
bad cravings for something to eat and that’s largely because my blood sugar
levels were low and there’s some science behind that but by not needing the blood sugar but
not needing the carbs by using ketones for fuel by using fat for fuel that
burns like coals whereas sugar and carbs burn like kindling like twigs so it
burns really really fast that’s why they tell you eat every two hours so you eat
and then it burns off and then you eat again and it turns off TV again well by consuming a low-carb high-fat
good fence diet you’re able to stay full you don’t get the hunger pains and by
keeping enough ketones in your body you are you fight that off that’s why people
that that initially go into starvation mode after a period of adjustment there are
no longer hungry even though they haven’t eaten there are
no longer hungry so we could do this just by not eating and starving herself
but that doesn’t sound like a lot of fun to me so for me I just drink Mikey OS twice a
day and that that helps me my dream I keep us in the morning and go about my
day I’m not hungry and around up you know 11 1130 12 o’clock i start getting
hungry I have a low carb high fat meal of a
protein maybe some eggs maybe some avocado maybe
some broccoli or cauliflower or asparagus or salad and I eat a pretty
reasonable meal and then I go about my day and at six thirty seven o’clock i
have another meal with good proteins some good high fat and and keep my cards
as low as possible so hopefully you find that entertaining hopefully find that helpful that is my
7-11 diet and of course i call it the 7-eleven die cuz it’s entertaining has
nothing to do with going and having big gulps and slurpees but I think if you’re
looking for something to try you should definitely try this because I
found it very easy I get to eat the foods i want to eat I
can still eat steak and I can still eat pork chops and chicken with the skin on
any good proteins and still eat fish and seafood and then eat vegetables and
salad and I’m not hungry so I’m losing weight by not being hungry so I’m
Anthony flat hopefully you found this useful and valuable if you did please
like the the video comment below if you have any questions i love answering
questions and trying to go and research if somebody says well what about this so
if you have any questions please put them in the comments below and if you
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channel and I’ll get you more videos like this and the ones that already on
the channel take care

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  1. To help you decide if Keto OS and Ketosis (being in the fat burning state) are right for you I am including this link to a video that explains both very well. If you do decide to give Keto OS a try then follow the steps below the video and I will work with you personally to answer any questions you have and let you know what has worked for me.

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