7 DAYS OF SEAFOOD CHALLENGE (DAY 4)  | Bloveslife Seafood Sauce | COLLAB with G-MAMA’S WORLD

7 DAYS OF SEAFOOD CHALLENGE (DAY 4) | Bloveslife Seafood Sauce | COLLAB with G-MAMA’S WORLD

did I forget to tell y’all cuz I forget
to tell you out there I’m gonna be in trouble cuz G mama gonna hit on me I
can’t remember cuz I told you out or not but I’m doing a collab with G mama G
mamas well we are doing the seven day of seafood challenge and she got some king
crabs over there y’all and she made some beloved sauce when she doing it up over there y’all I’m doing a different version of the
seven-day of seafood but she do one of the teen crabs so y’all go check out G mama code link
is in the description watch your videos give her videos and
thumbs up if you like what you see subscribe to her Channel and say no
notification bail she also do coupon a string beans
showing taste a month into her thing for day number so instead of four is full of
the seven days of I have some shrimps in the bean love seafood sauce I just made
some seafood sauce this is the seafood sauce that I made without the extra
stuff that I add in and this one over here is the one you probably can’t see
it it’s with the stuff that I add in because I do it’ll look different
and these are some shrimp cocktail and this is a salmon sandwich or salmon
burger I’m doing two in one I’m doing the seven days of seafood and I’m also
doing the big burger sandwich this is a fusion burger so yeah this is my version
of a fish burger and it just has Salman black and Salman on it and some bacon
and some mayonnaise and mustard and that’s it with some fries then I left a living a little longer
because I like them to get crunchy I’m gonna be love songs I got my favorite
sodas and a and W root beer and now and I need for him a little birthday crown
on but I don’t have today it’s Christmas Day you guys it’s my birthday
I’m born on Christmas Day and I don’t know what I did with my crown by the
time you see this video is gonna be two days after Christmas but I’m still of
breaking the birthday today cuz it’s Christmas Day are you doing – all my
December babies out there hello and happy birthday to you as well let’s say
how Greyson get started cuz I’m starving it’s going on five o’clock p.m. and I
ain’t knitting father God I so come to you right now the lord I thank you for
letting me and allowing me to see another birthday Thank You precious
Heavenly Father for your blessings your kindness your mercy and your grace
and in Jesus name we pray and we thank you for this food that we are about to
receive Amen honey you yo let the class say Amen you let me get the point is
soda I’m so hot y’all I’m so hot I’m hot I’m sweaty I’m sweaty sweaty sweaty but anyway yeah how did you doing let me
try the B love sauce which shrimp cocktail this is the sauce right here I
add mushrooms tomatoes canned stewed tomatoes and the can of tomato sauce they taste good now let me take the one what I didn’t add this is the one I didn’t add the tomato
sauce too I still add the mushrooms and mine they look around because I am mmm yeah it tastes so good I add soy sauce tomorrow hmm I’m not eating none else I want to finish my shrimp today anyway I think I like the one with the tomato
sauce that’s why I add it in there I like that one better we do tomato salad tomatoes stewed
tomatoes I keep forgetting to bring napkins y’all okay yeah I got a topic to talk about
today I noticed okay wait a minute did I forget to tell
y’all cuz if I forget to tell you I then I’m gonna be in trouble cuz G mama gonna
hit on me I can’t remember if I told you out or not but I’m doing a collab with G
mama G Mama’s world we are doing the seven day of seafood challenge and she
got some king crabs over there y’all and she made some beloved sauce when she doing it up over there y’all I’m doing a different version of the
seven-day of seafood but she do one of the teen crabs so y’all go check out gee mama her link
is in the description watch your videos give up videos and
thumbs up if you like what you see subscribe to her Channel and turn on a
notification bail she also do coupon e if you want to
learn how to say some money go over there and check her out see you
down-to-earth person and I know you don’t love her I know you’re gonna love
her so go check her out okay let me take a bite on my sandwich this is salmon and bacon mm-hmm that is Purdue yeah I’m still infatuated with these shrimp I want to finish my show up after day mmm now I’m getting so full let me slow down and do a little talking so that way I
could eat more I hope this hard work coz be loving life
so when she talked she get full quicker I think if I slow down and talk oh god
help me I’m so tired yeah so anyway I’ve seen people leaving comments on other
people’s page channels somebody also asked me in life what did
I think about one of their subscribers telling him to start wearing makeup am I also seeing somebody leave a comment on
somebody else’s video and say you talk too much and I was like that is so rude
and disrespectful and first of all a mukbang the person purpose of a mukbang
is to talk and eat first of all and when people don’t talk that much and they’re
not entertaining then people say they’re boring and now you got somebody talking
and keeping you entertained and you say they talk too much
and then y’all go to other people videos and y’all on the same oh you trying to
be like be loves life but when the person is trying to beat himself and be
natural then you go to them and tell them you need to start wearing makeup
like people let me tell y’all something youtubers this is my advice to you if
you come if you do your YouTube videos and you do not want to wear makeup but
you come on here and you look presentable and that’s you and that’s
what you want to do continue to do it don’t respond or reply to their comments
just give them a heart and don’t say nothing else
don’t say nothing else don’t make a video about it don’t dress it in the
video don’t even acknowledge it just keep being you and doing you because when you switch it up first of
all the majority of your subscribers are leaving positive comments about how much
they love you you don’t need to change for one subscriber and number two if you
had a million subscribers telling you to do something but that’s not what you
wanted to do don’t do it y’all I do what I won’t do when I want to wear makeup I wear makeup when I don’t wanna wear
makeup I don’t win amigo when I wanna burp I burped when I don’t wanna burp
I don’t burp if you listen to people you’re gonna
change and you’re not gonna be you and then everybody’s gonna be coming to you
and telling you and asking you to do something different all the time and
then you’re gonna start getting frustrated and you’re not gonna be happy
and the whole purpose of you doing YouTube is to be yourself and to be
happy and to allow people to see you and enjoy what you’re doing and become a
part of what you’re doing if you keep trying to change
you’re not gonna either being yourself at the end of the day I’m not letting
nobody change me not for of you not for a dollar I got people in my real life want me to do things that I don’t want
to do I’m not doing it I don’t do nothing I don’t want to do that people in my real life that think
that they could treat you in a kind of way and talk to you any kind of way in
the face call you and say I got a gift for you I
got some money for you I needs a relative’s Dan you supposed to accept it
I let them treat you in kind of way I’m not the one but on the same token if you
are comfortable in starting to wear makeup
cuz the person that asked the question she don’t wear makeup she’s beautiful
she come on presentable she have a beautiful smile a beautiful personality
but she don’t want to make up if you don’t wanna wear no makeup and you don’t
wear makeup in your real life and you never plan on when like there is a girl
on YouTube y’all go check her out her name is Mira Jane by room she’s an
African American girl she had beautiful long long hair like the glam glam glam
twins she’s a travel vlogger she travels she
trying to go to I think a hundred countries by the end of the year but she does not wear makeup she used to
wear makeup years ago but she do not wear makeup anymore and she’s beautiful
and she don’t wear makeup and she’s not gonna make it so you can’t go around
changing people and telling people to do something that’s a part of their
lifestyle change she don’t wear makeup she don’t want to wait on makeup and she
ain’t gonna wear no makeup and her channel has grown she just been doing
YouTube this year I think and she have all she had over a hundred thousand
subscribers right now just being herself so I’m saying do what you wanna do if you don’t wear makeup in your real
life then do not wear makeup on YouTube that’s how I feel about that mary-jane
Byron do not wanna make up in her real life she’s young what make up on YouTube and then she uses a lot of olive oil her
whole body her whole face and everything you’d be so ugly and her subscribers say
you too only but she say that’s how I like it
everybody always telling her how beautiful her complexion is and how
smooth her skin you and want to know what she do but then they always turn
around and telling her you to only pick a side
it’s her complexion beautiful do you want your skin to look like hers she
tell you what she do she wear olive oil all the time she walk around looking
like which I’ll call the greaseball that’s what she do but you want your
skin to look like her I tell you people are something else of
you got a million subscribers and you asked
all your subscribers what they want you to do I’ll meet you never gonna say
something different you cannot do that you cannot let people pull you in every
which way and every which direction that is gonna make you very insecure that’s
gonna make you very unstable and it’s gonna make you very unhappy at the end
of the day I suggest all youtubers to build their channel based on what they
want to do at the end of your chat at the end of the day your channel sir
represents you it should be a representation of you what you want to
portray to the world and if your purpose on YouTube is to portray to the world
they’re a woman with natural skin with no makeup and no even her hair is
beautiful then you can’t do that if you wear makeup so that is your objective it’s to show people how to be beautiful
Oh see I’m getting ready to implement some some different stuff on my channel
and my channel is not just gonna be some days I’m gonna have you guys I shaved my
head and I’m getting ready to come on here with my ball here in some of my
videos because that’s how I’m most comfortable I don’t wear makeup all the
time I don’t I’m most comfortable with no makeup on and about here that’s what
I’m most comfortable with and to anybody they do not like it they do not have to
watch not one single one of my videos but I’m gonna keep making my videos the
way that I want to make them because at the end of the day I am comfortable
being me and I only want the people around me in my life and even on YouTube
that will love me just the way I am do what you want to do on your channel
represent yourself how you want to represent yourself on your channel don’t
let nobody else trying to change you into somebody else
cuz at the end of the day they don’t really I don’t know to meet people who
trying to tell cuz I met this guy not too long ago
he was the older man and I was trying to help him out with some things that he
needed help out with he’s very sickly and very ill to me and he told me I like
you better with your natural hair when are you gonna let me see your natural
hair and I’m like how do you like me better with my natural hair when you
ain’t never seen my natural hair number one and number two I shaved my
head so you’re not gonna see my natural hair you’re gonna see a shaved head and
number three I don’t care what you like or don’t like about me I’m here to try
to help you with your business and my hair on my head don’t having to do with
me helping you with your business you got to put people in a place real at the
beginning because if you don’t but on YouTube really you don’t need to be
going back and forth with your subscribers I have found on YouTube
once you address a subscriber invoice your opinion by writing comments they
could become irate they could become that person that’s giving you thumbs
down so I would just not say anything to them at all and just give them a heart
and I wouldn’t even address it I wouldn’t even say anything about it in
the video I wouldn’t address it and I would just
keep doing whatever it is I want to do if you decide to start wearing makeup
the if you decide to start wearing makeup then start wearing makeup but
don’t address it in a video don’t address it in the person’s coming just
do gradually start doing what it is you want to do if you decide to change any
aspect of your channel you don’t have to let anybody know about it just do it
that’s my suggestion for you guys today I am full as a tick I ate all those
shrimp I can’t remember how many it was but it was a lot I took a bite on my
burger which is really really really good I will be revisiting this food
later what I do is if I know I’m gonna be up in any videos I don’t put my food
up I just take a trash bag and trash bag over it cover it up and leave
it right here and then come back to it when I’m ready to eat agin you so that’s
what I’m gonna do I’m going to turn this like this get my trash bag and put it
over there go put my sauce in the fridge eraser I thought I would have oh I
forgot I have a whole pot I’m gonna say I thought I would have more sauce than
Italy I’m gonna put this up in a refrigerator wipe my table down and
everything and that’s gonna be all she wrote so this is the seven days of
seafood this is my version today of my seafood make sure you give this video a
thumbs up make sure you leave lots of comments down below make sure you press
the subscribe button turn on a notification bill and be sure to come
back so you can watch more of tasting my I got forgive me a tasting McBaine
Danish out because somebody do a tasting with Ben dance in a video so I could see
how to do it I love yourself so so so so so much I
will be back thanks for watching and I will talk to you guys later

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