7 DAYS OF SEAFOOD BOIL Day 4 | Phoning a Subscriber Glamorouz Tube Hit by a Train & Lived

7 DAYS OF SEAFOOD BOIL Day 4 | Phoning a Subscriber Glamorouz Tube Hit by a Train & Lived

hi everybody and welcome to tasty
mukbang tasty mukbang tasty mukbang tasty y’all welcome to tasting my vain tasting
my vain tasting my vain tasting my buddy tasty mine doing her thing yeah yeah
yeah I am here today with the seven days of seafood ball and the seven days of
beep yes and I’m also doing a subscriber phoning
a subscriber today who is gonna be who it’s gonna be
if you want it to be you then all you got to do is go to instagram and follow
me and DM me and let me know you won’t need a phone you next time I saw my
subscriber not keep in mind I have a lot of people that have already deemed me so
I got a going list a list going and I’m gonna get you guys one by one so just
hold your horses and don’t get impatient oh okay so let’s go ahead and say our
grace so we could begin precious Heavenly Father I thank you for this
food that I’m about to receive I thank you for your love your kindness your
mercy and your grace I thank you for your generosity and your provisions on
my life dear lord I thank you for protecting me from all harm and danger
in Jesus name I pray a mine and hallelujah so yeah of course
we’re featuring teen AB in this seven days of seafood this
was my first time getting the king crab from Costco and we have some corn some
potatoes oh I forgot my red bell peppers last about the have a fit
I got my bell peppers some lemon and one tomato and so I’m gonna go ahead and
phone this subscriber so that we can start talking and eating I’m excited do you know who it is yes hello this is tasty mukbang eat I’m fine
Who am I speaking to today okay I am recording a video glamorous tube and I
called you I knew who you were I just want you to say your name so the people
out there can hear who you are I’m doing the seven days of seafood I’m just
sitting down and getting ready to eat so I am going to put you on my little phone
thing and I’m gonna talk I’m gonna eat and I’m gonna let you talk about you know questions bags no evilness no
nothing discarded and I love dating you I’m really this is well you said that I used to
calm you when I was doing my ASMR I love watching your makeup videos and I
love the way you talk like I just love your voice
I love how coming you speak I just love it I like to me your makeup videos or
like ASMR to me even though that’s not so into but it’s like you are so your
voice is just so calming and another thing you are so beautiful like
I’m gonna cry just talking about you and then another thing you guys I love about
some of the people that are surrounding myself with on YouTube is when I watch
videos and even when I watch my own videos i watch them with the I on how to
improve them and sometimes when I see people that I watch all the time and I
see something in their video that I could tell them to improve it I’d be
scared to say something because I don’t know how they’re gonna receive it but
glamorous – she was trying this new thing on her channel and we all try new
stuff she was trying this new thing when she asked the music in and just did the
makeup and didn’t talk and I was like girl I love watching you but I had to
mute that video cuz I wanted to hear you talk
I didn’t want to hear the music and I told her that and I said can you please
not put the music in your video anymore and can’t you talk and she was like sure
finer and I just want to thank you for doing it and taking my criticism and not
taking it the wrong way I told you I said I’d rather sit here
and watch this whole video well the whitey circle doesn’t exist
anymore but-but-but-but it don’t exist
to that extent but a few people we’re still together in the sense that we’re
family and we’re family forever now in the world and what gets me is you
tell us like you guys don’t know what I do today thank you you so sweet you are
just so so so sweet and you beautiful on top of that you sweet and you’re
beautiful and you’re talented you whipping out that makeup what state are
you located in okay well when I give me a vehicle
I am definitely I know where I’m I’m in Texas so I’m gonna start with the people
that’s in Texas first and go to them and do some mukbangs with them and stay with
them for a couple of days and so forth but when I work I’m gonna work my way to
where you are right anybody else who in Kentucky y’all need to contact me on
Instagram and let me know what stick me up out of the house I think so I think I see a lot of
similarities in us and do you mind if we talk about you guys I want to start
talking about serious topics and motivational topics because that’s what
I’m all about I’m about motivation on my channel and I think sometimes that
things that people have been through in life God can use it to strengthen
somebody else that’s going through something right now and a lot of people
do not know first of all if you do not know who glamour tube is go check out
her channel I’m gonna leave a link in the description go check out her channel
and subscribe to the channel she’s a beautiful person support her and just
show her some love you guys because she deserves it and I just want you if you
do not mind to as a testimony today to tell us about what you’ve been through
and about if you don’t mind that if you do mind you don’t have to talk about it
but would you mind telling us about you being hit by the train I watch your
videos all the way through and I don’t listen to you talk I love to hear you
talk my boyfriend which now is my kid father
him and her mom talked together I was a little bit more advanced so I’m
going to hide I was in high school and she’s like me and I don’t know that you
love sharing all kinds of stuff that we’ve been to her because we switch
schools I went to a high school until a middle school and I just didn’t know
what else to do I called them one by one after coming
home after fighting all five of them one of them cousins stay next door to me so
I could catch the bus home I walked home and as I walked home a
friend of mine she had no idea where I live
she never been to my house anything so that’s what I asked walk in front of her
she was behind me I never heard walking around with Jax – I never heard a train
in here trying didn’t feel trying the train will it come down anything – she’s
right behind me the shiny and it knocked me 25 feet away from where I was
standing and that the Train like you know how
like severely hurt me it pushed me and I say my mother saved both say that was
God and I landed on my left shocked when I landed on my left side the whole left
side of my face had jelly you can see my phone from the left eyes all the way
down unless I had to get 12 staples in fighting out and I was like a little bit
out for sake but never tell because I don’t know what
my mom did to do that I didn’t have to have plastic surgery because my mom
there’s so many old women such as fighting for elevator for me I wouldn’t have to be
around the eye right now you know we’re not six times though we’re not video
change but in the Train actually oh my goodness and you are blessed you are so
blessed to be alive because where I grew up in Houston there
and there are so many people that will get hit by trains every month every week
and they will get killed and like we knew as children we were raised up
because the trains ran in our neighborhood all day every day and we
were raised to never cross the track when the Train cuz the train would come
and it would just sit still on the track and sometimes it would stay there for
like two hours or something but we were trained never to cross that over that
train never let nobody pick us up instead and girl one day you know my dad
just passed away and they bury him Saturday and and one day my dad had
something me and my baby sister to the store and we have to cross the crane the
train track to go to the store where he fares the four trainers on the track
going to come in do not cross over their train do not go
under the Train cuz a lot of people will go under the train track and then their
train would start moving and that’s how a lot of people got killed and a lot of
people would try to cross over it and then in the start moving and they will
fall off and they would get healed so he always told us do not cross that train
under any circumstances so this day he sent us to the store and going to the
store me and my little sister we was walking going to the store it wasn’t any
train on the track but we was coming back and girl he sent us to the store
for some ice cream and coming back it was a train on the track and this man
was um he was going under the train and he said baby you want me to take your
listeners to across India I’ll come back over and take you
and I said no sir he was like do you know how long this train gonna be on
this track y’all gonna be standing here tonight time I say sir my daddy say
under no circumstances for us to cross over go under or listen buddy take us
over and he was like all right so that man lil girl bye I want something real
that man coming back the other way coming back over he cross over the train
again you tell me y’all still here I say yes sir he said baby you might as well
let me take you over there train track and I say sir my dad alone time it was about the neighbor they call me she say
nearly noon it is a ball of fire and about door I think my mother and her
both singing and my mother warned me don’t go and I went
anyway because I didn’t want to you know how it is I just want to let
them know something genius the more you know I retaliated and I always say to
this day for me retaliation but it’s very important to listen to your parents
cuz you don’t know by you being obedient disobedient what harm you’re putting
yourself in what harms way you’re putting yourself in the girl went with
me my sister finally got home my dad was paralyzed when we got home that man was
waiting at that door he was cursing and fussing he was angry angry angry where
y’all been I thought somebody kidnapped you but I
better I say daddy didn’t you tell us not to cross their trainer for train was
on track he say yeah I said with a train been on the track all this time and you
told me not to cross the train at the pass under the train after lit nobody
pekus across the train I say it’s several people that came and wanted to
pack us across the train but I listened to you and you told me not to so if it
took five I was first and get home you should have figured out it was a train
on the track so yeah I understand about them trains them trains are very very
very very very dangerous and you are list I’m talking about blessed to just
be able to say I can’t imagine somebody living and saying I was hit by a train
and they didn’t lose a limb they didn’t get that cuz some people that did get
hit by the train and they actually live they end up losing a leg they end up
losing an arm or something and you and you are still here and when I watch your
videos I can’t even tell that you were hit by a train in
and I just be like me and anything but the blessings of God and sometimes we
have to see sometimes we have to see other people that are worse off to
realize that we are blessed there was this girl in the neighborhood where we
lived she was a burn victim survivor and her whole face her whole body her whole
face our arms and everything was covered in the scar tissue of burns and she
didn’t have hair on her head or nothing and I used to look at that girl she
would be catching a bus every time I was be on the bus and I would look at that
girl I would start crying because I am a burn victim survivor and nobody don’t
know it because my my burns are not where anybody could see them but every
time I looked at her it made me realize how blessed I was because you know she
she had to live with not having hair she had to live with being burnt all in her
face and everywhere and people looking at her strange everywhere she go and
Here I am thinking because I have burns on my body didn’t nobody could see I’m
thinking that I just hate myself and she had the courage to get out the house
every single day and be seen the way that she was when it comes to people but they have
more things to yo Skaar is where nobody would ever see you and there are people
living with deformities and mental ill I mean disabilities and stuff that they
have physical scars that people see every day and they get teased for those
physical scars so we are blessed I am blessed to be a burn victim survivor and
nobody ever knows it unless I tell them and then when even people come in on my
videos and talk about my high I lost sight in my eye when I was 12 years old
and like the fact you say people are so mean and evil in nine days they use
social media to attack people and destroy people and it’s just I want to
the Bible say whatever the devil meant for evil that God could use it for good
so I want to take this social media and I want to use it for good because
there’s so many people that’s using it for evil so you guys not coming out of
my nose well this was my first time talking to
you but it will you see this video you are definitely gonna cry so get the
tissue ready because I am crying I’m crying in this video but you can’t see
my face so when you see the video you don’t actually see that you made me cry
today a lot of people be trying to do my lab and I’ll be like I’ll be like I’m
trying to do Karly be laughing but I got my own no laughs to do send it to me on
Instagram and posted on Instagram girl and I might have you because I don’t
know how to dance and I want a jamming taste in my van I want somebody just I want somebody to
stand up and uh sister Dean kites son dear to taste the mudbank dance one day
and then that boy was jamming I’m coming he was doing new new movements to that
song now as I see that’s what I need right there good I wrote that I want the
children Jam into my song I want the children jam into tasty macmaine tasty
mukbang tasty my baby tasty much but tasty mukbang eats y’all y’all today we
are talking to Glamour – from YouTube she have a youtube channel y’all go and
check her channel out make sure you give her video a thumbs up make sure you
watch several videos and let her know that tasty mukbang eats sent you and let
her know that you are there to support her and love her and she’s like I said
she is a victim of being hit by a train before so do not go to her channel with
no drama the drama feed zone and y’all show her some love and appreciation like
y’all do me and y’all do not forget to give this video a thumbs up thumbs up
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another video singing with me girl so you can see more of tasty mukbang tasty
my thang tasty much bein tasty mug bang tasty mukbang eat yo I will talk to
y’all later thanks for watching my team will tighten my mushy boys

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