5 Ways to increase muscle and size for skinny people

today I’m going to show you five ways for you to increase your muscle mass and increase healthy weight especially for skinny individuals my name is Andrew and I’ve been a fitness coach for the past five years and helped hundreds of people transform to look and feel their best right so today we’re going to talk about the first tip which is to increase your food intake and going on a calorie surplus skinny individuals or what people known them as hard gainers have a higher metabolism rate and which in fact their body burns off calories at a much faster pace compared to the others so in order for you to gain weight the bottom line is to be on a caloric surplus to eat more than what you usually eat and in order to find out much calories to eat just go to calorie calculator online okay and find out how much calorie to eat see the mistake that most people make at first is that they go by feeling right so when you go by feeling you usually underestimate or overestimate the amount of food you eat okay which is not something that we want and the second tip is the track your progress so it is really simple all you to do is to weigh yourself on a weighing machine scale okay once every week so if you’re seeing a gradual increase of weight okay it means they are doing the right thing and you’re on the right track alright that’s very important and the third tip okay is to increase your protein intake you know protein food such as your chicken and fish steak eggs tuna so on and so forth because protein food is a muscle building food and muscle weighs heavier than fat and if you’re able to build on more muscle in your body okay you will also see an overall increase in weight as well simple as that okay the next thing the fourth tip is to have more meals in between if some people right if they do not like counting calories which in fact not everyone has to conunt their calories okay why i suggest is to increase your meals intake and every meal to comprise of wholesome foods such as carbohydrates protein vegetables or even some fruits and some healthy fats as well and a good guide will be to have four five meals a day so let’s say your body requires a thousand five hundred calories okay in order for you to gain weight it is easier okay for you to eat that one thousand five hundred calories and spaced out okay within five meals as compared to squeezing them into three meals because by doing that okay you create yourself a wider or rather bigger eating window and let’s say you’re sleeping for eight hours a day you have 16 hours okay of window to consume your meals and that itself would allow your stomach to stretch okay and when you do that you’ll be able to have more food and increase your appetite okay along the way okay and the last tip is to involve yourself in some weight training or rather what I call resistance training because it is proven that weight training will trigger muscle mass production and whenever you put yourself to train weights and resistance training okay you’ll be putting on muscles and if you do not burn off okay excessive calories it will be stored as fat because ultimately the bottom line you want to give yourself lean muscles and healthy weight okay and muscle mass in your body you do not want to look chubby so in involving yourself in weight training will help along the way so these are five tips okay for you to start implementing today for you to see some real results see some weight gain especially if today you find it hard or struggling to increase some weight

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