5 Sushi Gadgets put to the Test

5 Sushi Gadgets put to the Test

What’s up everybody? Welcome back to my laboratory where safety is number 1 priority. And today, I’m going to try to make sushi… …by using gadgets. I have never made sushi before, so hopefully the sushi gadgets will help me a lot, because I have no idea how to make sushi. So we’ll just follow directions of this sushi gadget. For the first gadget, it’s rice cube. Okay, let’s see how it works. So, we have 2 pieces like that I guess I’ll set it up like this… …and stick all the rice in here. Just stuff it all in here, and you need sticky rice. And then we’re going to close it like this, and push it in together. Boom™ And now line it up. Make sure it’s a cube… WOAH!! No way! Check this out! I did not know I could make rice cube! Wow! This is like Minecraft! I’m gonna make a castle out of rice cubes! This is too much fun! Let’s make another one. Okay, stuff bunch of rice in here I think that’s plenty. Maybe even too much. Close it, and push it together. Yeah, maybe too much rice this time. Okay, let’s open it… and… take it off. Wow, this is still works even though I put a little bit too much rice. So, now we learn – don’t put too much rice next time. That’s so beautiful. *Luke barks* Luke wants some. Okay, this time let’s do something fancy actually. Put a little bit of rice in here. Then, we’re going to grab a little bit of seaweed inside there A little bit of avocado. Who does not like avocado? Avocado makes sushi tastes awesome. Then, we’re going to close it off with rice. Boom™ Then, we’re going to close it like this, and push it all together. And make a cube out of it Okay. Let’s take it off. Once again perfect sushi, cube, and we got your rice and avocado inside of it Awesome, maybe a piece of cucumber There you go! Whoa, this is the most beautiful sushi I’ve ever made! That’s for sure. It’s amazing how perfect square of rice cubes it does. Definitely a thumbs-up for me for this gadget. This sushi gadget is from as seen on TV Let’s see what this thing is all about Right here, there’s five step direction, so how simple can it be? Okay, I figured it out how to set it all up. You gotta put this two things in here And then this one right here looks they’re going to go inside here boom and boom Something like that. Okay, and then we’re going to put seaweed into here, I guess then we’re going to put the rice in here I guess we will need to spread out the rice like this a little bit I’m just trying to follow the picture and then we’ll just put some cucumbers in here and maybe an avocado Because I love avocado. You could add fish in it, but I’m just doing a vegetarian today Okay, we stuffed it in next step looks like would be going to do is push this in like this the second step We’re going to fold this together The third step, I will roll it like this Okay, the fourth step. I’m opening this part. Take this part off pull this out And let’s see what happens. Oh, my gosh look at this almost a perfect sushi I’m so happy, and I’m so proud of myself look at that of course I should have spread out rice a little bit and made it less thick and Also, I could have added fish and would have been an amazing sushi super proud of myself Maybe the right spot and inside should be worked on but this is a perfect roll of sushi And I can just cut it in half You know what, for this gadget thumbs up for me first time rolling sushi I say it’s pretty good job, and from the next sushi gadget another sushi making kit But this one is completely different compared to the other ones. I will need an instruction Looks like there’s ten step instructions first of all I will need to open it Very nice. Okay, then we’re going to open this part looks like Alright, we’re going to grab rice And stuff it in here And we will need to spread it and we will need to spread it around and then we’re going to put the rice in here as well and And then we’re going to grab one of these things and squeeze it like this Okay, that looks good same thing on this one and squeeze it All the way down Maybe put maybe put it too much rice. I’ll just gonna scrape off some of that That looks good, and then we can add tuppence let’s say a little bit of seaweed put some avocado in there as well, and why not add some egg in there i might be adding in too much tuppence, but that sounds delicious. Okay, step four looks like I will need to close it all together like this And then clip it together then we’re going to add cover right here. Okay, step seven looks like we need to Squeeze it in and push it down and press it Boom nice little bit messy, but I’m getting it done open this part, and now we’re just going to push it out Wow look at that Beautiful oh my goodness. That’s so satisfying Next I will need seaweed, and then we’re just going to roll it right Like this And you see it just sticks to the rice, whoa guys I can’t believe it This is my first time sushi Boom woah, this is so beautiful my knife is not very sharp This knife ruins everything, but you know what this is not too bad. I just should be a little bit more patient Whoa so satisfying to make sushi I might start doing sushi all the time Look at that that’s so beautiful Never done sushi like that in my life for the next sushi gadget. This is looks like a sashimi maker you see let’s looks like when you order sashimi you have rice and little fish on top of it whatever that sushi called everything is in the different language, so I don’t understand But, let’s see how it works Hopefully there’s instructions Okay, we’re going to set it like this and then we’re going to put the rice in there boom like this Of course you will need sticky rice Actually, I put it upside down. Let me flip it over again, and then we’re going to push this down Just like this Depends how much rice you wanna put in there. Let’s take it off. Now, we have a perfect flat ice in there, and then you would normally put fish on top of it I don’t really have fish, so we’ll put some cucumbers. I also have avocados. That sounds like a good idea avocados and cucumbers Just think of it, it should be fish instead of cucumbers then we’re going to cut it like this Then once again, I’m going to go up this part and put it like this and open it boom Now, I’m just going to take off this part and now look at it each piece is separate And again think of it on top of it instead of cucumbers and avocado It’s fish beautiful Never done sushi before I’m pretty amazed. How well it turns out with these gadgets Well guys. This is my first time making sushi, and it looks pretty perfect to me Again, don’t look at the ingredients because I was just practicing I did not want to waste any fish or crab or Anything good stuff and looks like this sushi gadget pretty much very similar as this one and don’t forget about the best gadget right there Sushi dog Yeah, I put it on Luke because he looked like rice. He is all white Luke do you like your costume? Come on he He like his costume Luke is a sushi Hugo wants to eat it mm-hmm Luke It’s too small for him should have got a bigger one Well guys, that’s pretty much it. Let me know in comments below. Which sushi gadget was your favorite. Thank you for watching Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and I’ll see you next time

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  1. "boom" "boom" "boom" i want you in my room…….(fill in guys, use your crazy russian hacks brain to fill in)

  2. “I’m so happy and proud of myself”
    Actually the most wholesome line and I fricking love it

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