5 Clever Life Hacks You Should Know

5 Clever Life Hacks You Should Know

When your sink or bathtub is clogged and backing
up with water, rather than reaching for harsh chemical drain cleaners, try reaching for
your toilet plunger first. Place the plunger over the open drain and work it back and forth
the same way you’d unclog a toilet. Within a few seconds, the clog will disappear, allowing
your sink to drain normally, saving you time and money. An open cut, or blemish, is an invitation
for infection, and if you don’t have antibiotic ointments handy, you might be surprised by
what you can use instead. Honey has antiseptic properties that fight all kinds of bacteria.
So just drop a dab of honey over your wound, then cover it with something like a band-aid.
The honey fights off infections, and helps speed the healing process as well. If your trampoline is an eye sore, and the
uncovered springs are an accident just waiting to happen, why not fix both problems at once
with some cheap pool noodles. Simply cut sections a little longer than the springs, then push
the them through the holes in the centers so they make a nice snug fit. Now hook the
ends of the springs back onto the tramp, and repeat the process with the others. If you
alternate the colors, you’ll end up with a custom pattern that will give a new life
to your old tramp. Kids will think it’s way more fun, and now your springs are padded,
and protected from the elements as well. When you’re taking out the trash, a full
garbage bag isn’t a big deal if your trash bags have built in handle ties. But what if
you’re trying to save money and using the cheaper variety? When they’re full, there’s
hardly anything to work with, and tying them off seems nearly impossible. But it doesn’t
have to be. Just gather opposite sides at the top to form little handles, then spin
the bag around 4 to 5 times. This will twist the handles to the point where they can be
tied together easily. And now you can enjoy the convenience of handle tie trash bags,
without having to pay for the more expensive brands. Before you go on vacation, try putting some
leftover juice in the freezer until it freezes completely solid. This way, it will stay in
place even with the bottle upside down. Now cut the top off another bottle and push the
two together so they lock in place. Put the container back in the freezer with the frozen
juice at the top, and now you’ve got a modest little device that will help save you from
food poisoning. When you get back from your trip, simply open the freezer and check to
see if the juice is still at the top. If it is, then your power stayed on the entire time,
and your food is still safe to eat. But if the juice is at the bottom, that means the
freezer lost power, and everything thawed out long enough to start growing harmful food
poisoning bacteria. Well now you know 5 more tricks that will
help save you money, and make your life a little easier. If you liked this project, perhaps you’ll like
some of my others. Check them out at www.thekingofrandom.com

100 thoughts on “5 Clever Life Hacks You Should Know”

  1. The pool noodle instead of trying to push the spring in and damaging the noodle u might aswell cut it in half that's way it's super super easy

  2. Tried the plunger in the sink ended up with a face full of dirty sink water as I was loooking down at the sink and when I pressed down it went through the hole for if you fill it too much

  3. but in case no one has left pool noodles outside for more than a day, pool noodles themselves deteriorate so the trampoline one isnt that practical

  4. Sugar works too if you don't have any honey. It just doesn't have honey's adherence. But you can find it anywhere that serves coffee.

  5. I would buy a NEW, toilet unused plunger for busting clogs in anything other than the toilet. I gagged just watching that plunger spewing water all over the bathroom sink top.

  6. I've done that freezer trick for several years now, although mine was a bit different. I'd freeze a glass of water, and once frozen placed a coin on top. If the water thawed, the coin will sink to the bottom.

  7. when you get a cut

    you see this video

    wow!i can put honey at my cut

    and you did it

    and you get another cut

    wait my blood tastebluke honey

  8. using the toilet plunger instead of drain cleaner is smart, but also gross bc you’re basically putting poopy water in your sink

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