4 Hours Smoking in the Garden: The Art of Meat! “White Smoke”, Mazraat el Touffah, North Lebanon

4 Hours Smoking in the Garden: The Art of Meat! “White Smoke”, Mazraat el Touffah, North Lebanon

Hi! Hi. Antonio and I met because he does very special meat and smoking. Because he left everything behind, he came from Australia to Lebanon, with his family… to cook meat in a special way, and you learned the technique outside Lebanon. So, Smoking pork beef, sheep, cow… everything. True! So today he invited us over for Lunch, so we will light the fire, and continue the tour then you’ll tell me what you do. Greetings. Anthony… those firewoods we didn’t buy them or cut them and keep them fresh. All of this is what’s left behind in our garden from natural reasons, wine tree… figs, cherries… orange… thin wine, apples, and oak tree branches that have fell from the tree due to natural disasters or snow. We don’t buy it.. or cut it fresh and we don’t come near the nature. It’s the important aspect. So, rather than being left behind or thrown we use them for smoking. Smoking means lighting fire aside, and the food would be cooked by the smoke coming out of the fire that you’ve lit. We use different specific firewood for different flavors. From oak, to fruity flavors… apples or figs or cherries. We do… Spare ribs and baby back ribs and entrecote of the pork… We have our own rub, the dry rub, and we will place them in a while… We put the heat on 250 degrees before half an hour… it will be ready in 5 minutes. It needs between 4 to 6 hours depending on the size and weight. Ever since the morning we were seeing how they were preparing…. now it’s time for lunch… it’s 2:30 PM. The guys are behind me you will meet them… So that we have lunch together and see what they have prepared ever since the morning. We start with the slidders, a thick piece of meat, cheese melted on top, sauce… up and down, barbecue on top. cocktail sauce or like a special type of sauce. You don’t feel the bread much, it’s not chewy! The sweetness of the pineapple and the beetroot The meat, is cooked well and thick. It’s juicy on the inside and not dry at all. It has the right amount of spices. Potato bun, juicy meat, a bit of sauce, very simple with cheese on top. They took around 5 hours, the baby back and spare ribs are ready. The entrecote needs half an hour. Baby back is ready to be served. We opened it after we have wrapped it with aluminium foil. And now it’s drying after it drank it’s juices. So we started at… 11:30 AM, now it’s 4:30 PM. so almost 5 hours! No fire the firewood is not under them! It got cooked only due to the smoke of the fire. It was so strong it got to 300 degrees! It’s so soft to the extent… it’s soft.. it melts… like butter under the teeth. Woah, very juicy! Look at the thickness of the fat! the meat… he went to get a knife. Where is it? Give it to me. Oh my God! Waw! For real waw! One second… Fat, meat, smokey, Waw for real!!! For whoever doesn’t like fat, this… it’s amazing! The smokiness! Red on the outside not the inside, the meat is very white and super juicy, it has lots of spices on the outside! It’s water from the inside! It tastes delicious! It puts more than a smile on the face, unbelievable! I washedmy hands , I thought I’d stop but I can’t!

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  1. التدخين في الحديقه ؟ ماذا تقول يا رجل أه. أنت تقصد تدخين اللحوم وليس تدخين السجائر و الأركيله

  2. ما الاكل ببلاش شو فارقة معك بتعمل برمة كل يوم على اساس بتفرجي العالم

  3. Lebanese are over weight ! Because of the American fast food that invaded the their cities ! and the smoked ribs are full of fat and sugar ! I say stick to the roots! Lebanese healthy cuisine is envied by the whole world.

  4. الخنزير محرم حتى في الديانة المسيحية الصحيحة
    لكن هؤلاء قوم صائعون خخخخخخ
    تحية لك يااستاذ طوني

  5. حرام عليك هالفيديهوات انا عامل ريجيم والدكتور مانعني من هالاشياء هي

  6. بطلت اثق بذوق انطوني بعد.نزلتي علبنان. للاسف على هيك فديوهات. ما في شي مزبوط بحكي الاكل طيب بس كرمال ياخد مصاري من المطاعم

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