3 No-Bake Rice Krispies Treats: Snicker’s, S’mores & Funfetti (Back to School Snacks)

3 No-Bake Rice Krispies Treats: Snicker’s, S’mores & Funfetti (Back to School Snacks)

Hi Bold Bakers! Back to school time does not have to be that
bad. Today I have three Rice Krispies treats for
you, they are all different flavors, and best of all, they are no-bake. They make the perfect after-school treat to
look forward to, so let’s get started. So before we get started, I just wanted to
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to be part of the conversation too. Okay, now that’s out of the way, let’s kick
this all off with a snickers Rice Krispies treat. So in a large bowl we’re going to add some
butter, and loads of marshmallows. Now you can use vegan butter and you can use
vegan marshmallows also if you are a vegan, so that will work really well too. Now what we want to do is pop this into the
microwave for two minutes for the butter and marshmallows to melt. So you’ll notice when you take marshmallows
out of the microwave they puff up really big, it’s kind of cool. You can also do this in a pot over the stove,
over low heat, and that will work really well too. So what to do is give this mix a bit of a
mix around, just to make sure it’s all combined and then we’re going to add in our next
ingredient. Okay this is looking good, let’s face it,
who does not like melted marshmallows? Now our next secret ingredient, which probably
is not so secret, are Rice Krispies. Now feel free to use any kind of cereal that
you have at home, they will work really well. I just like Rice Krispies because they’re
small and they get coated totally in marshmallows. So in you guys go. It might look like a lot of Rice Krispies,
it is a lot, you need them. Then once they are all in there, go in with
your spatula, and give it a really good stir around, and coat all the cereal in marshmallow
goodness. So Rice Krispies treats remind me of when
we used to come to Florida as kids, and as a family. We used to go to Disneyworld, used to go to
all the centers, like Epcot center, Universal, all that sort of stuff, but I remember it
was the first time I ever had a Rice Krispie treat that they sold in the stores, and I
absolutely loved them. I remember wondering like what is in this? It’s butter, marshmallow and Rice Krispies. Okay, this is all mixed up, it’s really
sticky, now we’re gonna press it into our tray and start building our other layers. So here I have a baking tray, it’s 7”
by 11” you can also use something a little bit smaller and that will work really well. I like to get my Rice Krispies treats really
thick, so I might not actually use the whole tray. So when your mix is still soft and squishy,
I can actually hear it popping, snack crackle and pop, like it says on the box, go ahead
and scoop it into your tray. Now if you’re thinking to yourself this looks
like a regular Rice Krispies treat and where’s the Snickers, stay tuned, because that bit’s
coming next. And then just take a spatula, and flatten
it out as best you can. So you guys know I love no-bake treats, and
I know you do too, that’s why I wanted to do something like this, I think you’re really
going to enjoy these, and they’re so easy to make. The recipe can be found on BiggerBolderBaking.com
so head over there for the measurements. Now I am gonna set my Rice Krispies over to
the side, and bring in my bowl of caramel. Now this is gonna be our next layer. So into here I am going to add in a little
bit of milk, and then what I’m gonna do is pop these into the microwave and let them
completely melt. Now if you don’t have a microwave, you can
also melt these in a pot, that will be fine too. So it’s been two minutes and my caramels
are melted. Check that out. So now I’m gonna bring back in my Rice Krispies
treats, and I’ve got my caramel, you might want to wait until it’s a little bit cooled
down and then just go ahead and pour it over your Rice Krispies. A nice, big layer. You’re starting to see where this is going,
you’ve got caramel, we’re gonna have nuts, chocolate, just like a snickers. Feel free to spread your caramel or with a
spatula, just so you get a nice even layer. Okay, lovely. Next up, toasted peanuts. So the peanuts that I like to use are salted
and roasted because you get that little bit of extra flavor, it works really well with
the caramel, with the chocolate, absolutely delicious. So go ahead and scatter them all over the
top and do not be shy with these, a nice thick, generous layer is what you want to do with
these guys. All over, until it covers the top. Now what I like to do to make sure that it’s
all even is just go in with my hand, and press down the nuts into the caramel, just so it’s
a nice and even surface. Okay, great. This is already starting to set. They firm up really fast. So now don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about
our chocolate layer. Here I have a big bowl of melted milk chocolate,
I’m just gonna go ahead and pour that all over the top. Also make sure that your chocolate isn’t too
hot when you’re pouring it over so it doesn’t slide around everywhere. You cannot have a Snickers without chocolate. Okay, great, and if you want, take your spatula,
and just even it all out. There is nothing about this that’s not gonna
be delicious. Marshmallows, caramel, peanuts, yummy. Okay so now because this has a chocolate layer
we need it to set, so you can actually leave it out at room temperature or you can pop
it into the fridge and we’re gonna let it set up for around an hour and a half. Just make sure the chocolate gets nice and
cold. My Snickers Rice Krispies treat is all set
so it’s ready to be cut. So with a nice, warm knife, go ahead and cut
nice big squares. I say big because I like everything big, you
can do whatever you want. And then look at that, you see the caramel
layer and the nuts and the chocolate on top, these are gonna be just like a Snickers. So now if you’re looking for more no-bake
recipes just like this one, make sure you check out my no-bake granola bars, they’re
great for school as well and they’re really easy to make. Yummy. This is so good. The reason it tastes like a Snickers is because
the marshmallow is kind of like the nougat of a Snickers and then you’ve got caramel
and the peanuts, and a big layer of chocolate, I tell you, if you make these, you’re gonna
be running home after school to have these, yummy. I promise you they’re all gonna be as good
as this one so let’s move on to our next one. With our next flavor, the name says it all. It is a Funfetti Rice Krispies treat. Now just like the last one, in a large bowl
we’re going to add in some butter, and marshmallows, and then just pop these into the microwave
until they’re fully melted. Then just take a spatula and stir together
your butter and marshmallows. Okay, now this is our base, now we’re going
to build on top of this. Here I have some white chocolate chips which
I absolutely love, and Funfetti always reminds me of the flavor of white chocolate, I don’t
know why but it does. So I’m gonna toss those in. there. Next we’re gonna add in our Rice Krispies,
because you can’t have Rice Krispies treats without Rice Krispies. So now here is my secret ingredient, Fruity
Pebbles, this is what is going to make it really looks like Funfetti. Now if you do not have Fruity Pebbles in your
country, do not worry. You can just replace them with Rice Krispies,
you can also throw a few sprinkles in there as well to make up for them. And then with your spatula go ahead and mix
it all together. When you’re mixing, take care not to crush
your cereal too much, because you want it to stay intact. Okay, perfect. This looks great, it smells amazing, now we’re
gonna press it into our tin. Scoop your Rice Krispies treat into your tin. I like how it all falls out in one big lump,
makes it less messy. And then with your spatula, go ahead and use
like the other one, flatten it out on top. Okay, so these have taken good shape, now
here I have some more chocolate chips, and I’m just going to scatter them on top, just
for a bit of extra crunch and flavor. Okay, so we got nice, even coverage there,
of white chocolate chips, give them a little bit of a press down with your hand, so they
stay in place, great. Now I’m gonna set this aside for around an
hour and just let it set up. I’m very well aware that these treats look
the exact same warm as they do cold, but I still think it looks fantastic. When it’s nice and set, with my knife, I’m
going to go ahead and cut this one up too. It does help when you have a warm knife because
it kind of cuts through the marshmallow because it can be a bit sticky. Lovely. And like I said, cut any size that you like,
there is no judgment here. Now I have to taste this guy as well, just
to make sure that he’s okay for you guys. Oh, do you see how gooey that is? There’s so much marshmallow. Oh, my gosh, this tastes so good. The white chocolate in it, make sure you don’t
skip that step. Definitely add white chocolate into these. Oh, my gosh. This just keeps on getting better and better. Okay, now onto our next treat. So as usual I always try to save the best
for last, so here is a S’mores Rice Krispies treat. So now just like before, I have my butter
in a bowl, and my marshmallows, I melted them and then I’ve mixed them all together. Into this, I’m going to add in some Rice Krispies. So what makes a S’more a S’more? Well, then next thing we’re going to add
is chocolate, because you cannot have a S’more without chunks of chocolate. The nice thing about this, because the marshmallow’s
warm, it starts to melt the chocolate a little bit and you get these kind of streaks all
the way around, it’s really lovely. So now another component in a S’more is marshmallows. Now I know we already have marshmallows in
here but I’m gonna throw in a few extra, just because I can. So now a S’more is made with graham crackers,
which we allow and love, but I’ve got the second best thing here, Golden Grahams. This is a cereal that you buy that tastes
just like graham crackers. Now don’t worry if you don’t have it, you
can always leave it out and maybe add in a little bit of cinnamon into your Rice Krispies,
just go ahead and toss all of those in there. I have to say, this is probably one of my
most favorite cereals. So now all of our delicious ingredients are
in there, now you just wanna mix it up really well together. Just look at that chocolate melting, yum. Just added extra flavor and yumminess. Once your mix is all combined, then scoop
it into your prepared tray. Once your Rice Krispies treat is spread out
in the tray nice and evenly, I’m gonna go over the top and add on a few more marshmallows,
and a handful of Golden Grahams. Look at that, gorgeous. And then just like with the other ones, flatten
them down so those ingredients stick on the top. Gorgeous, this looks fantastic. So I don’t think we could possibly add any
more to this Rice Krispies treat, so I’m gonna set it aside and let it firm up. So now the s’more Rice Krispies treat sets
up really fast because you have the melted chocolate in there and it hardens, so this
is even quicker than the other ones. Go ahead and take it out of your tin, and
cut up your portions. So once you’ve made your Rice Krispies treats
you can store them at room temperature in an airtight container for like up to 4-5 days. They last a long time, and they stay totally
fresh, so then you’ve got a good snack to go to. Now my favorite part of the job, I have made
a lot of s’more desserts on Bigger Bolder Baking, and I have to say I think this might
be my favorite one. So yummy, and then the toasted cereal in there,
yum, yum, yum, yum. Just goes to show you, you can enjoy s’mores
so many ways. If you have a little bit of extra time after
school and are looking for something fun to make, I definitely recommend my no-bake Rice
Krispies treats, I know you’re going to love them. Thank you so much for watching, don’t forget
to tap that subscribe button and I will see you back here really soon, for more Bigger
Bolder Baking. Oh, it smells actually really good.

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