3 Ingredient Chocolate Truffles, Perfect for Christmas! – Mind Over Munch Episode 38

3 Ingredient Chocolate Truffles, Perfect for Christmas! – Mind Over Munch Episode 38

Hey guys, today I’m going to show you how
to make healthified chocolate truffles. These babies are refined sugar-free and gluten-free,
making them the perfect lightened up holiday treat. This episode is part of the Kin Community
Edible Gifts Collaboration. So a lot of different channels have come together to share their
favorite edible gifts. Be sure to check them all out on this playlist. But first, let’s
take a look at my no-bake chocolate truffles. For this recipe to work you really only need
three ingredients: dates, almonds and cocoa powder. So we’re just going to start by blending up
the almonds in the food processor until you get a nice flour. Then you’ll add in your
soaked dates and cocoa powder. I always soak my dates just to make sure that they blend
up really nicely in the processor. And today I went with some optional add-ins: cinnamon,
vanilla and salt. Blend in the food processor until it becomes a nice pasty consistency.
It will be gooey. So gooey in fact that you won’t really be able to work with it until
it firms up a bit. So I like to transfer teaspoon sized bits of the dough onto a baking sheet
lined with parchment paper and then just chill it in the fridge for a few hours or even overnight. For this recipe I was able to make about fifty
truffle balls and I had to use two baking sheets to fit them all in the fridge. You
could just chill the dough without portioning it out but I think doing it before makes it
easier on me later on. While those are chilling let’s gather up our toppings and dippings
for the truffles. Today I’m using a dark chocolate coating with holiday sprinkles, finely chopped
walnuts, crushed peppermint and unsweetened shredded coconut. The truffles are sweet enough
with just the dates so we do not need to use sweetened coconut. Once removed from the fridge
you should be able to easily roll each bit of truffle mix into a ball. Yum. To get the toppings to stick, we are going
to use the dark chocolate to get a nice sticky coating on the truffles. Melt your chocolate
either in the microwave or using a double boiler method and since I have been bringing
that up a lot lately in my episodes I thought that today I would show you just how I do
it to make sure we are all on the same page. You’re going to fill a pot of water and bring
it to a boil. Place a large glass bowl directly on top of the pot and fill it with your chocolate
pieces. It will melt quickly so be sure to stay with it and avoid getting any liquid
in there. Even a drop of water will give you clumpy chocolate instead of a nice smooth
consistency. If you’re having a little trouble getting
your chocolate as creamy as you’d like you can always add a few drops of coconut oil.
We’re going to take one of our truffle balls and use two forks or any utensils you want
really to just coat it in the melted chocolate. And you really only need a thin layer because
we just need enough on there to get the toppings to stick. Then you can just dip your chocolate
covered truffle into your bowl of toppings and coat it lightly using a spoon. Now repeat
with all of your toppings and truffles. So we have the gift but how do we make it even
more exciting to share? Well mason jars are always a winner. Am I right? Thumbs up for mason jars. And I have got an
easy trick to make your jar look a little more festive. Fill up a mason jar with your
assorted truffles. Now if you want a batch to go a little bit further and make a few
more gifts you could always use smaller mason jars. Am I right? Separate your Mason jar
lid and once the jar is filled with chocolate you can put the flat piece on top. Grab any
festive cupcake liner that you like and flatten it out as much as you can. You’re just going
to wrap your flattened liner around the lip of the jar and then use the other piece of
the top to seal it shut. And of course, top it with a bow. It’s so cute. It’s like a little festive skirt for the jar.
And the jar is perfect because you can see the texture of the beautiful truffles inside.
And there you have it! Delectable bite sized truffles that are healthy and ready to gift.
Yes the toppings will affect how healthy they are but you know what? You are not going to
find a truffle that is healthier and easier to make. It’s like peppermint mocha. And it’s
so light too which is maybe a problem. I think my favorite is peppermint, or maybe the walnut.
Thank you so much for watching. It is time now for you to go and check out
all of the other edible gifts on the playlist. Try them out and subscribe to their channels
and subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already. For this recipe and more you know
you can head to mindovermunch.com. And remember, it’s all a matter of Mind Over Munch. Coconut…maybe that’s my favorite…making
the…I can’t say any words…fifty dough balls…nope, fifty truffle balls…I don’t
want to just say balls…gather up our fillings…nope, not fillings, toppings…toppings and dippings
…toppings and dippings for the truffles…whoops.

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  1. @Mind Over Munch  love it Alyssia, The I that you used dates. Where can I get one of those jumpers??!! 🙂

  2. If you make your hands wet, you can roll them without putting them in the freezer first. 🙂 Don't they melt in the mason jars?

  3. I'm so glad that youre collab with Kin!!! And you look beautiful with that makeup touch!!! I wanna ask you for a vblog about paleo diet; what do you thin about? I heard a lot of it and now im trying, by now seems like the atkins diet to me, i'll be glad to know what you think about!! Saludos desde México! !

  4. These look so good, thanks for sharing! 😀 Can you taste the dates in these? (I'm not always a fan of combining fruit and chocolate)

  5. My bad. I've already finished my christmas-backing-sessions for this year. Would love to test these :3

    Just something I wonder: Do you even need the chocolate? I mean if you roll the balls immedieately and coat them with walnut/coconut/whatever the coating should last. At least that's the way I do my truffles^^

  6. So what do your dates think when you soak them? LOL sorry lost my mind for a second 😀  This looks really good.  I'll have to give this recipe a try.  I love the view out your window ;-D  Your Selfie Sweater is so cute!

  7. These are so cute! I love the mason jar idea. I bet it would be fun to decorate these truffles with friends/family too. Thank you for sharing this great idea. 🙂

  8. @Mind Over Munch What a great gift idea. Truffles are my weakness. I love the dates in there. I'm so making these. Really great video sweetie. Thank you! 🙂 

  9. omg!!! i made chocolate truffles the other day too!! lol!! these look amazing <3 gotta try this too !!! love you so muchh.. SO SO MUCH <3 im obsessed 😀 and omg mason jars <3 talk about obsession, i LOVEEEEE mason jars!! def have to try this <3 <3 && no wonder you get awards for your amazing food!! so happy for you!! im so excited to see your brand get bigger and bigger everyday! so excited for your future journey and super blessed to be able to follow your journey <3 LOVE THE CUTE SWEATER BTW <3 love yas!! muahhh!! xx

  10. I love kin community! I have all the ingredients and will definitely give this a try! I LOVE MASON JARS! Last year I made biscotti and peppermint bark and put them in a mason jar, tied a ribbon and gave it to all my friends 🙂 
    I love the way that you decorated the mason jar, will steal your idea and make this this Xmas!

  11. Love these! Defiantly going to make these. Found you via weelisious. Subscribed to u now aswell, can wait to look at ur other videos. You are great to watch very bubbly and great personality:D

  12. Awesome I'm making some for my secret Santa person at work she likes purple so I bought purple melting chocolate at Michaels to dip the truffles in

  13. These look adorable! I've been trying to get my family to eat healthier, but the holiday season is proving more difficult. My mom LOVES chocolate truffles, so I cannot wait to make her some of these! <3 Thanks for the idea! Side note, I just found your channel today from the edible gifts playlist after watching The Domestic Geek. I love it here and just subscribed. 

  14. So I'm in middle school and I love to bake. My mom is kinda a health freak so she thought this would be a pretty great recipe. I love it !!! they are delicious. !!

  15. Recipe Idea!

    Ok so if you take the date and almond mixture without the melted chocolate and toppings, you basically have chocolate dough balls. If you took about 1 or 2 tsp of the mixture and rolled it into the shape of an oreo, and the made a white cashew cream, you would totally have raw vegan Oreos. So like 1-2 tsp date mix+ cashew cream (or coconut?) + date mix equals instant oreos. I dont know if everyone else would like it but i just thought of this!!

  16. this is amazing. I will try to make such edible gifts for Christmas. But here we dont have Mason jars. Any other options to make of it an eve nicer gift?(

  17. Hey @mindovemunch, 

    I made these truffle balls last night for my vegan friends at work, they are so sick of missing out on christmas treats. I swapped the almonds for cashews (because I didn't have any in the house) and instead of chocolate I added desiccated coconut to the mixture and coated them again after I had rolled them into a ball so they would look christmasy. They taste AMAZING! I had to stop my mum from eating them all because they were that good. everyone in my family has weird dietary needs and these meet everyone from gluten free to vegans 🙂 So happy!

    Thanks you!!!  

  18. What brand and where did u get ur food processor? I've been looking for one, but not sure if it's durable. Thanks!

  19. Hi!! I really really love your channel!!! I have a question, I'm from Nicaragua and dates are really hard to find and when I do find them, they are sooo expensive, what else can I use instead????? 🙂

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    👍👍 all around.

  21. Thank you for the recipe Alyssia! I just made them and they are super delicious!! I'm wondering if they are supposed to be soft even though after being in the fridge for over night? Thanks❤️

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