2017 Transformers McDonald's Happy Meal Toys Full Set

2017 Transformers McDonald's Happy Meal Toys Full Set

hey guys this is a genie here and today we have the entire set of the Transformers Happy Meal toys super super awesome and there's going to be four main characters eight total different Happy Meal toys and they're going to include Grimlock bumblebee Optimus Prime and strong arm super duper awesome so let's open this one up first and let's see what we have inside and the first one that we have is the number three Happy Meal toy and this one is Optimus Prime you guys know what Optimus Prime will transform into let's find out oh I thought he was actually going to transform but he doesn't so let's put this sword in his hand and it'll go up and down and there's a little button on the back of him that you can press that makes his sword go up and down what does he say when he loses his sword up and down and on the bag you can see that there are wheels but I thought he would transform but that's okay let's see our next economy we have the Optimus Prime number four now how this works it looks like a mask that you can wear as glasses which is super super cool let me go find us a model here I have the Incredible Hulk as our model for our Optimus Prime mask so come on – so here is bumblebee and his wing and we can bend his head forward his arms do move back and forth so let's bring him back he has taken a little wheel right here so let's attach this his wing to him and just press it in and he can fly so he's not a pullback but if you ride him on his wheel he will glide or he will go put his head back there and what else did he have inside we have a strong arm mask and this is number six and here is the mask and this right here helps you read this little code on his head so let's bring our model back out Hulk here he is come on Hulk model the strong arm mask he's looking pretty cool here so they fit on just like sunglasses so they go right over your ears which makes it super easy to wear now let's find out what's inside of this box number five strong arm figure oh there he is and his arms do move forward and back yeah there are some pretend plastic wheels so let's see his little shooter here we can put his shooter inside whoo it clicks into place let's have him hold it let's try to aim at Optimus Prime whoa hey don't shoot me mmmm-mmm don't shoot me don't you me but this is actually pretty fun to play with so let's try it again let's shoot let's try to shoot bumblebee next haha let's try it number two Happy Meal toy it's a fumble are you ready Hulk here is Hulk and let's put this mask on him this mask actually all of these masks fits Hulk's eyes perfectly we have number seven dinosaur rawr as legs don't bend but its arms do move up and down if you have a shootie toy – so let's load it up i'm gonna put this into his hand let's see who he's gonna shoot who's he gonna shoot who's he gonna shoot they're gonna fight – load it up let's see who has better aim oh no launcher completely fell off so let's try this again there we go and here's our very last one and it's a Grimlock mask number eight I think folks gonna like this one the most since it's got green and black come on hawk here he comes here's our model so when you guys say eight which masks do you guys think huh looks the best in well guys that's it for this video so let me know in the comments section who is your favorite transformer or what is your favorite transformer Happy Meal toy see you guys in the comments section bye bye for now thank you for watching a toy teeny channel if you like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up that lets me know to make more videos just like this for you click or tap on this video to watch it click or tap to subscribe it's free plus you get to see my latest videos and until next time be happy and keep smiling

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