$13 Lasagna Vs. $60 Lasagna

$13 Lasagna Vs. $60 Lasagna

get it cat lasagna Garfield the famous cat who loves lasagna oh yeah I got it but don’t worry he didn’t keep the lasagna lasagna is actually not good for cats to eat today I’m worth it we’re gonna be trying three lasagnas at three drastically different price points to find out which one is most worthy at its price I grew up eating a lot of my mom’s lasagna which I love but it’s a dish that I almost never order out at restaurants and I’m the opposite actually we don’t make lasagna at home but it’s a treat when I go out and we’re off to our first lasagna yes we’re going to pasta sisters where we were in season 1 episode 2 we are going there to meet with Francesco his mother all the pasta sisters and we’re trying to lasagna at their new location out in Culver City they have bathrooms now and wine you know they say about lasagna where they say don’t get any Anya who says that you’ve been on worth it once before after the first video we had the line outside the door for a year and a half and I gave us the opportunity to expand past the sister to our second location we have wine and beer now and we had a couple of dessert options too same family it’s just bigger so let’s talk about the lasagna where’s this recipe come from I know this recipe from when I were kids because I was making with my mom we put a little bit of volunteers on the bottom our Bolognese cooks for nine hours the same way grandma used to do it though the meat and veggies simmer becomes soft creating this harmonious fantastic flavor our lasagna is very thin pasta inside so you don’t have a really strong bite or a chewiness of the pasta but it’s more soft that it kind of melt your mouth and then we put the first layer we cover completely the first layer and then we put a bechamel bechamel is milk butter and our support and usually me and my brother eat all the leftover in the party you eat with the spoon we take the pot and we lick it we ruined a lot of people’s life please explain people are coming saying up you know my wife lasagna is the best I’m gonna try yours but and the next day they were coming back saying don’t tell my wife but this is the best lasagna ever had you put in the oven I become a little crunchy everyone wants that side the one day is a little bitter so you’re all usually fighting over the corner piece yeah you’re back at pasta sister’s round two with a bathroom with wine and the original pasta sisters very close quarters sitting over a table about this size now we’re spread out we’re outdoors the Culver City breeze sipping wine unless the afternoon wine so I’m going straight in for the end right now Oh layers chairs really good I’ve never had such a soft okay I also had the crispy bits on the end and that sealed it for me it is so soft it’s like it’s a drinkable lasagna this might be the best way to deliver pasta to your mountains you priests stacked it you know you’re like pre-constructed a delicious bite it’s so efficient it’s already I know no I will not slow down it’s time to have some chocolate salami chocolate salami is a dessert that we do in the north of Italy there is no meat it’s just the shape you usually slice it yeah so these are two different cookies this is the wheat and this is the butter cookie and we’re also gonna try the chair museum my favorite one oh yeah thank you a little crunch of cookie it’s great No Oh what if you dip the salami in the tiramisu we’re painting the world here I gotta go it was great seeing the pasta sisters again especially Francesco who refers to himself as the most beautiful sister lasagna fact lay it on me like a sheet of lasagna in 2006 a man in Germany set a world record by eating twelve point six ounces of lasagna in 30 seconds at first I was like that’s not impressive that’s less than a pound of lasagna I do that regularly in 30 seconds I do think my giant flaw is I think things are easier than they actually are but it does sound pretty easy this shotgunning lasagna we’re now on our way to see Gino Angelina at Angelina Osteria where we are going to see his green lasagna how much is this lasagna over $20 okay it’s got a lot of green what sort of food do you serve here at the Osteria this era a lot of the regional Italian food nice quality and simple recipe Sam Piero cicala as myself ten year kiss with me I’m very happy so this lasagna recipe is your grandmother’s loss I dedicate to my grandmother a lasagna noodle Villa I think I’m good competitive with my grandmother you think should be articles on you made I think so was your mothers and grandmothers lasagna also green yes I’m from emilia romagna and roma especially they make green ragout bechamel parmigiano a green path is the same when your mother and grandmother were originally making this recipe it wasn’t exactly spinach that they were using to make the pasta green because sometimes we don’t have speed I say they have in the garden yes they don’t have you go around the land and you find all these herbs Green leave it was wild like different wild greens yes they boil it at the time didn’t have the blender I like the mortar yes Wow you’re going up Italy was only something you ate out at the restaurant a lot we don’t know that lasagna because they make home when you go to the rest will something little different the fried spinach on top where did that come from they give little crunch make little different lasagna cheers Steven here’s to you oh that’s delicious it’s very crisp can we go with the focaccia this is my favorite kind of stuff by the way what a basket at the start of your meal that’s amazing I snack on saltines all the time it’s almost like if saltines had our bread quality look at this spinach have you ever seen spinach like this before I have not sure Steven chairs oh man why are they not selling bags of this in my every store oh I have to have a little spinach leaf on top oh crap I know you said this is a plastic lasagna but I’ve never had a lasagna like this in my life the color is ridiculous right it is literally like a lasagna guava tree right now okay oh wow so we have a disabled Metro we cooking in the mood oven we start with Dufferin your kitty we use a whip it up on inside and then we finish with the balsamic aged vinegar period only Oh oh my quad Jersey drew coming out oh my god is he drew this dish reminds me that we are at a very nice dinner spot yeah because I kind of associate was Anya with something that I eat as a kid and this is like look this beautiful date night lasagna oh great my lasagna that’s are you following this that was delicious whoa bring another chefs kiss when you do it though it doesn’t sound right I think you’re doing too much sorry nothing when you’re kissing that’s a peck if you love it you gotta express it that does it for our lasagnas in Los Angeles we’re now on our way to Philadelphia to have our very last lasagna oh geez take Cheers okay my cheese hmm I feel alive was on your back lasagna effect Garfield comic strip creator Jim Davis has said that he wishes he had made Garfield’s favorite food pizza because lasagna is more difficult to draw I’m glad it’s stuck with the lasagna there are plenty of cartoon characters that love pizza now wait for this though when asked why garthe’s favorite food is lasagna Davis explained that he just thought it would be funny but as it turns out I hear from people all the time that their cats love lasagna huh all right it is a delicious lunch but for dinner we’re going to see Scott at the hungry pigeon where we’re going to have a family serving of lasagna also we got a cheesesteak for Adam Adam here you go what type of restaurant is the hungry pigeon the hungry pigeon is a farm-to-table restaurant but we take it really seriously so the sourcing is a huge part seasonally focused ingredients local focus ingredients all the vegetables are right from around here we buy whole cows the trim goes to burgers at lunch the steaks go into dinner at night but in general it’s supposed to be simple food that is very craveable we modeled our breakfast sandwich off of McDonald’s breakfast sandwich we don’t need a mass-produced thing to use the local really creamy Jack cheese so we made like a hash brown that can go on there too and then we make our own sausage in the end like it’s just a real nice fancy Egg McMuffin yeah we’re really thinking about what’s the cool thing to do we’re always kind of going for like what do you actually want to eat that exactly goes into our lasagna never happened today the ultimate comfort foods it’s geared for about four to six people it’s like basically classic lasagna as though some people might argue ricotta versed bechamel I like the ricotta version I just think it’s nice and also we make a very nice ricotta out of local milk the quality of ingredients means a lot to because there’s a lot of bad lasagna out there but bad lasagnas like bad pizza it’s like it works and then we use a little bit of the local cheese we have because it’s very creamy and like easy so lasagna is a dinner only item it’s a labor-intensive process it has to be reserved 24 hours in advance so we’re drinking a Negroni a classic Italian aperitif but this one has a vintage Campari so it costs $30 $30 each one cocktail and we have a high-end Negroni which is served with a Campari from the 1970s which is pretty special and damn expensive so these together equals that Oh interesting aperitifs are designed to whet your appetite makes you salivate makes you crave and here we have one of the most craveable foods I love a dish that’s served in the vessel it’s cooked em look you can see where it’s bubbled over this is the witch’s cauldron of pasta you see that burnt edge right there yeah let’s do it Wow thank you whoa okay now I’m getting the full scale this just reminds me of the very first time I saw photos of the earth cross-section yeah the crust the mantle whoa yeah I know look at the corner on that I can’t wait I still do it yeah this is more similar to the lasagna I grew up eating which has cheese between the layers and on top you gonna go across with me yeah let’s crush let’s take a little piece here you have the best-looking crust I’ve ever seen on all of you’re about to be mine more this is a boat of meats oh why is crispy stuff so satisfying I don’t know I almost brought up at long hots I’m very curious what that adds to the game here it’s like an in-and-out when you get the little cup of pickled peppers alongside your burger is this date food says Adam it’s probably not first date but it’s probably tenth date whatever the opposite of small talk is that’s what this food is yeah it’s around at our Philadelphia experience that’s a pretzel dig in which lasagna what’s the most were that see you I just give him price point I have to say am i worth it winner I’m sorry to do this again it’s pasta sisters that place is crazy having a glass of wine in a lasagna in the afternoon that to me is a corner slice of heaven I am a hungry pigeon and I love the holy vision but I think my worth that winner has to go to pasta sister a simple mom style boom Adam who’s your worth of winner Adam says pasta sister’s Annie who’s your worth it winter season six shout out oh these are alert next week is the first-ever double episode of worth it double the food double the puns see you next week [Music]

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  1. Not gonna lie guys, fantastic video but this whole season so far reaks of insufficient research and trying to pack everything into a few cities. There's tons of hidden menus out there with wonderful food you just have to find it. That's what this used to be but more and more it seems to be whatevers around the corner instead. Just slightly disappointing

  2. That’s not a family serving. I’ve seen family servings
    That’s not one of them.
    Family servings are at least double that size and has 7 layers of BESCIAMELL MODAFUCCAS

  3. The Editors are Annie, Andrew and Alex for this video . I am wondering who chose the p*** music everyone is talking about 😂😇

  4. The first restaurant admits to eating off their serving spoons after they finish I am pretty sure that should be a health code violation SMH no thank you I would not eat there.

  5. there is not real pictures of the earth crust cuz we live on a flat Earth and all those photos are digitally made my friend look at the sun raise and tell me we are spinning 🙂

  6. Idk just wish they’d talk more about the primary food then get some more if you decide that. Just feels like the primary food is getting lost in the episode

  7. im 16 and have the coolest mom. i watch these and ask my mom after if we can make that for dinner tonight 😂 now that ive watched people eat lasagna i want lasagna 😂

  8. 13 dollars for a piece of lasagna is quite expensive imho…
    Maybe it‘s LA prices but in our region lasagna costs about 7-10
    And they‘re the budget option

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