10 Minute Seafood Nachos 2017 | (Ghetto Gourmet) Free Style Recipes

10 Minute Seafood Nachos 2017 | (Ghetto Gourmet) Free Style Recipes

Let’s make some seafood nachos
let’s get ready chop these vegetables up get it started alright here we got our
vegetables chopped up we got a few peppers different colors and about three
Tomatoes next we had to chop up our shrimp
got them all clean peel devein chopped up into nice little pieces next we have
our peppers and tomatoes going in lets get these’s guy’s a nice sautee after about two
minutes they should be nice and sauteed the tomatoes are breaking down and
juices are coming out so let’s give it about another minute or so and then
we’re add our shrimp alright it’s been about a minute let’s get these shrimp in
here get them nice and combined with the tomatoes and the peppers get this all sauteed together alright after about a minute two minutes your shrimp
should be starting to turn in color and looking real delicious now you can add
your favorite tomato sauce I would say add about a whole jar now take a little
time at your favorite spices in anything you like add it in now bring it to a
boil let it simmer I added a little pineapple juice add it if you like get
those chips ready line your pan with aluminum foil let’s
get them in the stove of course you want to top your chips with your shrimp and
peppers and tomato mixture next you want to add whatever cheese you like any
cheese you like used whatever cheese I had left over nice handful on top at this
point you’re pretty much done you just want to put in an oven maybe bake it for
two to three minutes until everything is melted together

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