10 INSANE Ways Fast Food Chains are MESSING With your MIND!!!

10 INSANE Ways Fast Food Chains are MESSING With your MIND!!!

Have you ever felt like something was a little
bit weird with your local fast-food chain? Like you were being messed with? Or maybe
it was just that your Spidey senses were tingling? Well, maybe it’s not all in your imagination
and the fast-food restaurants are inside your mind. Let’s find out exactly what is happening
in your local fast-food chain with our list: 10 Ways Fast Food Chains Are Messing With
Your Mind! Collectible Toys ‘Gotta catch ’em all’. The famous Pokemon
slogan could almost be a fast-food mantra as we delve into the ways fast food chains
mess with us. For years many fast-food restaurants have offered toys and gifts as part of their
meals, and for years we have been lapping them up. With some truly awesome toys, as
well as plenty of tie-ins with the biggest movies around, fast food toys have been a
much welcome and fun inclusion to our food. However, there is a catch. When these fast
food giants release a new line of toys, especially if they involve favorite superheroes or Disney
characters, then, of course, the children want them all. As you only get one toy per
meal, you are going to end up going back to the restaurant multiple times in order to
finish the collection. Then the inevitable happens; you go to collect the last toy in
the series, finally, you’ve done it, and then you suddenly realize that they’ve changed
their promotion and you have to start all over again! It’s not just children that get
caught by this promotion, adults are constantly being targeted to buy more fast food then
they need to. With popular game promotions like Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit, we are
invited to play these beloved games as we buy our food, and the bonus is we can win
some fabulous prizes. If we collect the entire set that is. Adjectives Flavorful. Tasty. Delicious. Warm. Crispy.
Homestyle. Organic. Food chains add these nice words to help make the food seem flavorful,
tasty, delicious, warm, crispy, homestyle, and organic. And we fall for it every time
because we like adjectives. We believe them to be more than an advertising technique;
we believe them to be the truth. But, are they? That is what you have to ask yourself.
Check your egg in your sandwich. Is it fluffy? Look at your burger. Is it moist? Then, there
are the other words that aim to get people into stores, but may actually deter a few,
and those are words like real or true. Now, really think about this one; if the ketchup
is now made with real tomatoes, what was the previous ketchup made with? Real and true
may make some eaters a little bit more trusting, while it may throw others into complete confusion
and despair. Everyone wants to know about the ‘non-real’ things. The fake food they
have been serving. If you claim that something is now real, then maybe you are doing some
other sneaky stuff on the side. Oh, you sneaky fast-food chain, how you have messed with
our minds! The Container Trick Over the years fast-food chains have learned
a few tricks in order to boost their productivity and sales, while of course making a nice profit.
One such trick has to do with the containers our items come in. There are many occasions,
and we are sure you’ve had this too, when our food has disappeared way too quickly.
We start eating it and seconds later, it’s gone. Many staff have taken to Reddit to say
that this isn’t all in our heads and in fact the staff purposely underfill containers but
make it look fuller than it is. With fries, for example, the trick is to slightly pinch
the container as you fill it up and pass it to the customer. It looks full, so when you
start tucking in, you don’t think anything of it. That is until a second later you’ve
finished them and you either feel bad for eating them so fast or you go back and order
more. Then comes the containers that hold liquid. Do you get a cup of soup or a bowl
of soup? A medium soda or a large? Chances are that no matter what your answers are,
you are buying exactly the same amount of liquid. This is all to do with the way containers
are made. The soup bowl looks bigger but because it’s made shorter and wider than the cup,
it is, in fact, the same. As for drinks, it’s a well-known fact that a lot of ‘large’ drinks
just means more ice, or milk or foam, rather than the actual drink. Just another way the
fast-food industry likes to mess with our minds. The Moving Menu The menus move and they show pretty pictures
and they are completely capable of changing your order. Maybe you went in wanting the
chicken tenders because you were served them as a child and heck, you miss your mama today
and figured a chicken tender trio would be just the thing to satisfy your lonesome. But
then you walk in and you see the menu in motion. It sweeps across your field of vision. You
are entranced. All of a sudden you want the seasonal special. It’s not every day that
you can have that. It is special and it is here only now. You do not want to miss it.
And, wait, let’s see if it scrolls by again… oh yes, there it is. Yes, it is on sale. You’ll
get that instead. Or maybe you wait in line and tell yourself that you will wait until
you get to the register to make the decision. But, you will likely choose the item you saw
swoosh by. You know why? Because you do not want to miss out, and you do not even know
the price of the item you came in to buy because it’s not showing right now. Even if it is
offered, it is not up on the screens. So you trust what you see. That’s how they’re
getting to you. Literally through optical illusions of grandeur. For A Limited Time Only If there is one phrase that is sure to set
all fast food fans buzzing with excitement, then it’s ‘For a limited time only.’ The very
notion that there will be a new item on the menu and it won’t be around for long whips
us all into a frenzy as we rush down to our local fast food restaurant to try out the
new thing. Who can forget the genius promotion from Popeyes in which they released their
chicken sandwich, for a limited time only of course? Within two weeks the chicken sandwiches
had sold out across the country! The internet, and the country, almost broke as we all demanded
the Popeye’s chicken sandwich to come back. Eventually, Popeyes gave it to us, after making
us all wait for so long. McDonald’s is another master of the ‘limited time’ trick as they
constantly release and re-release fast food items for a short period of time. We do wonder
if the McRib would be the cult icon it is if McDonald’s put it on its menu permanently?
We don’t think so. Not only do fast food restaurants toy with us by having these ‘on again off
again’ items, but more often than not they are priced more expensively than the regular
items. The Celebrities When you love a certain famous person and
they are linked for the short time of a campaign to a chain or a menu item that a chain offers
then you just have to have it. Maybe that is part of the reason you went to eat at the
fast-food restaurant? It could have been a mix between you loving the celebrity and the
advertisement they did with the fast food joint of choice, and the fact that you’ll
get a reusable cup with your favorite celebrity plastered all over it. But, if you look closely,
what is next to that celebrity? Oh. Hey, look at that, it’s the logo of the chain. Go
figure. Maybe every time you drink out of that cup now you will want to go and get some
food. Doesn’t that sound just a little bit like brainwashing? Maybe that is because it
kind of is… Not necessarily in a bad way and we must give credit to these amazing fast-food
giants who have studied the human mind and know exactly how to get to consumers. Those
are some mad skills, just like Madmen. We must admire their work. Even if it does mean
we will go and buy a meal just because of the actor, singer, athlete, or even the cartoon
character we love posed next to it. Pretty wild! Slogans When a slogan or a song gets into your head,
you cannot get it out and you have to do something about it. For some, that is to actually go
to the place and eat. But, in that case, the fast-food joint that was targeting you with
that ad wins. They got you. They invented that catchy phrase and/or jingle to hook you
like a fish on a line. Are you comfortable being a fish on a line? Slogans really do
mess with your head because they are like little mini works of art. They are well crafted
and they often last for many years and have the ability to reach numerous target audiences.
They can be translated. They are so well done. But, they are also so evil because they make
you want something you didn’t want before. They are like hexes on your mind. Add Ons Do you want fries with that?’ ‘How about a
shake?’ ‘Extra bacon?’ These phrases are very common when we walk into pretty much any fast
food restaurant. We can understand this one, as although fast food restaurants give us
some truly tasty food, they are also in it to make money. One way they do this is by
selling us ‘extras’, which we always say yes to. After all, who has been into a Taco Bell
or Del Taco and just ordered one, plain taco? No one has. We want the extras. We don’t just
want a burger either, we want the combo. The reason for all the add ons and extras is that
fast-food restaurants have a huge mark up on these, especially on things like soda.
So they will always push you to get a soda, to get the next size up, or just to get more.
Unfortunately for the consumer, the extra portions and extra sizes are a waste of money,
as more often than not, we can’t finish them and they go to waste, or we just feel bad.
Either way, this is another area that fast food restaurants are messing with us. Having
said that, we still always ask for a large. The Healthy Option Due to changes in the way we view food, and
ourselves, society has become a lot more health-conscious. To keep in line with that, fast food restaurants
have been adding plenty of ‘healthy’ options to their menus. Which is great, right? Unfortunately,
all is not as it appears to be. It’s been a well-documented fact that a lot of healthier
foods – salads, in particular – aren’t very healthy at all. In fact, by adding things
like fried chicken to a McDonald’s salad, it’s actually more unhealthy than some of
their burgers. As well as the ‘healthy’ option not being so healthy, fast food restaurants
are also guilty of putting ingredients into their food that can be seen as addictive.
Not to put the entire blame of unhealthy eating in the hands of the fast-food companies – there
is actually a psychological condition, known as vicarious goal fulfillment, that has been
studied in fast food lovers, that if we see salad items, lettuce in particular, then we
are more likely to buy the item and feel good about it. Even if the lettuce is in a double
bacon burger. Because we see the green, we connect it in our minds as being healthy. Children Are The Future It’s no secret that the things we love as
children stay with us for most of our lives. Whether that is our taste in movies, TV, music
or food, a lot of what we love as children we continue to love as adults. It’s no surprise
that fast-food chains are well aware of this fact and do everything they can to target
children into loving their food. Having special promotions; like free toys and gifts with
meals, colorful mascots, and even playgrounds and ball pits in their restaurants, are all
designed to get children excited about going to their restaurants and to hopefully make
a life long bond that will have us coming back again and again. The other trick fast-food
chains use in order to entice us into their restaurants is the colors of the restaurants
themselves. Red and yellow in particular are colors that work on a subliminal level with
all of us. The color red naturally attracts attention; we are programmed to notice anything
red form a young age, like how a lot of things to do with fire are red. Yellow is a color
that makes us feel warm, safe, and happy. It’s the color of sunshine and daylight, so
whenever we see yellow we want to embrace it. This is why red and yellow are used so
much within advertising and companies, especially fast-food chains. But although fast-food restaurants
use a lot of tricks to mess with us and to get us into their restaurants, we still wouldn’t
want to be in a world without our favorite comfort food – so we can forgive them a little. Tap that screen for our next great video.
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  2. Businesses don't like customers like me because I don't buy into these gimmicks.  The video shows very well how deceptive companies are when mixed with easily suggestible people.

  3. McDonalds once said they didnt want kids associating their brand with food, but rather wanted kids to associate their brand with 'fun' and toys. And then when those kids grow up, the mcdonalds branding would remind those adults of simpler happier times as a kid.

    That kind of marketing is kinda scary it is almost like brainwashing lol

  4. As a kid I always thought if I ever work at a fast food place I want to try to make the ice cream as big as possible 😂………tbh I still kinda want to do that to see how big I can make it before it falls over lol, am I the only one that thinks about how big you can make the ice cream before it falls over

  5. Hi, there_ "Mrs. Babble Top", me just can't get enough of that French Fry idea they've talked about also the warning they've gave. Guessing? That I'll have to go for 2nd's. But! Nice job & thanks, for playing video.

  6. BabbleT,  How do you do it? The hundreds of relevant to topic movie, commercial and tv show clips per episode are truly astounding to me.

  7. McDonald’s is a no go zone for me. I don’t know why but my car is rarely seen parked in a McDonald’s parking lot. It does happen that I eat at McDonald’s but it’s really rare.

  8. When i was 4 and 5 i will alway want to go to McDonald's and get a happy meal beacause i always get exicted of the toy i get.

  9. Mind blowing!! 💥👍❗
    For me, red and yellow seem like ketchup and Mustered 😆! But the video sure seems to give the McDonald logo a Chill veiw!!

  10. The Big Mac is The Greatest Sandwich Ever Made. I always order extra sauce & they always make it Fresh just for me 😇

  11. Honestly, I don’t really bother with getting a combo version of what I order from any fast food restaurant because, I don’t really eat all of it and it’s really a waste of money. I much rather just get the item I want alongside the drink of my choice and then I’m all set to enjoy it. Besides I much rather go to restaurants that aren’t as common than restaurants that have far too many locations in whatever area I live in or travel to.

  12. There MUST be something wrong with me because I NEVER buy anything from a fast food place except what I came there for – Mc Donald's (Cheeseburger(s) / Egg McMuffin(s) / Mc Nuggets) I NEVER buy the French Fries (They SUCK!!) and seldom buy soft drink(s) unless it is Self-Serve. Same for Taco Bell, Jack In The Box, Burger King and it is a rare occasion indeed if I buy anything other than "the usual".

  13. I am currently a child. I am a person who does not eat foods for the adds, but by being addicted to Fast Food. I crave it alot. However. It had its down sides. It made me Obese. I do not enjoy it. But I still crave fast food. even though I'm a child, I am Obese. I have to wear adult clothing just to have something that fits. I do not enjoy it though. But I chose my route of life. I guess I'll die with diabetes. Like my father.

  14. Here's a tip. When you fill your drink at McDonald's, don't get ice. 1. The drink is already cold, the drink won't water down from the ice, and you can get more drink in the cup

  15. I'm only aware of the existence of expectation VS reality in presenting fast food to the masses. Most of the people complain but I rarely do, as long as the food is edible. The on exception to the McDonald's expectation VS reality was the "Secret Menu".

    I do not care about the "trends" and the other marketing strategies. But I want to eat the McRib again

  16. For the first one. You can purchase just the toy. I've seen it done before. So you could buy one of each and have the full set in one go

  17. Love you BabbleTop. I don't eat fast foods but it's good to show their tricks. (Still stuck with the word "moist" though 😂)

  18. U can buy toys from McDonald’s I think there only a couple dollars each and I can ask for specific ones I remember they did this when I used to get the toys when I was a kid

  19. Get NO ICE when getting a soda u almost get twice as much plus I don’t have the nasty ice from the ice dispenser that isn’t cleaned

  20. There's a way to resist subliminal messaging, especially from fast-food chains. It's food that has no nutritional value filled with grease and chemicals.

  21. If only these people that 'collect' the toys understood they won't be worth shit in 20 years down the road.

    AND, these parents with the 'do you have a different toy? We already have that one'. Not for nothing, privaleged fucks…seriously, kids are brats today. When we got the same toy weeks prior as a kid, we played with the duplicate & liked it, never complained. NOW, they bitch because they got the same toy they did weeks prior.

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