what are you today video chitchat recap letting you know how the day has been it's about eight o'clock at night still getting dark really really late the kids are in the other room hoping they stay quiet please think what I told them to be quiet for this video they're old enough to obey and listen so I wanted to run through today as you know I get up I drink my tons of water at least I'm trying now to hit 32 ounces I know that sounds like a lot but like I said if I start my day off with water I will usually be okay if I don't I just don't drink enough okay I also have been incorporating apple cider vinegar so a couple hours later I had my apple cider vinegar with some pink Himalayan salt that's really been helping to just with my digestion and helped me really just kind of clear out I don't know it's supposedly really healthy for you what am I saying I'm not a doctor but I like the way it makes me feel alright I normally have my ketones before I walk I did do my workout without my pre-workout oh forgot guys but guess what mama has now this is the uncharged these are my favorite these are called true passion therapeutic ketones if you don't know I love these these get me into awesome with you ptosis they help me with pre-workout so I did do my walk but I think I'm going to do more of a workout after this I'm going to now they aren't the charge their caffeine free but I'm feeling like amped and I really wanted me to use some like weight training yeah your girl is on a fitness mission I really want to take this to the next level and I want to be more fit right not just healthy not just feeling good not just losing the weight but actually fit that's really important to me so anyway I did my walk in the morning and I broke my fast around 12 o'clock and guys you'll never believe what I broke my fast with well you probably already saw it in the clip granola cereal I know I shared a quick clip of this on Instagram and everyone was like whoa what is that keto granola cereal basically it's the same granola bar recipe that we have on our blog free taquito com we basically have the same recipe I just left out the nut butter and that's it and I just started in a mixing bowl and I keep it in my refrigerator so it has the butter it has the the granulated sugar substitute it has all the seeds all the nuts all the coconut flakes and then you just put it with either cashew milk or almond milk and oh my gosh guys if you're missing granola cereal you have to have to have to try this oh my god it's so amazing Chris cereal now I normally like to drink coffee with my first meal if it's like a breakfast II type food but cereal and I wasn't too keen on it but I did have my coffee about an hour later so I just had I enjoyed this granola cereal it was so good it really reminded me of granola and I just enjoyed every moment of it and I normally don't have you've been I've been having about two meals a day but I did have a second meals kind of a snacky meal I had cheese stick and I had some celery with almond butter and I don't know what it is about celery lately peanut butters really go with it too but celery celery has made a comeback in my life I just I love celery it's just the crunch the saltiness I feel like my taste buds are alive now again more so than they have been just in the past I feel like keto has like liven up my taste bud life and celery radishes all kinds of vegetables that I would have never eaten I absolutely adore and love so celery with almond butter and cheese stick it was that was around like 3:30 and then I did go to have coffee with a friend around about 4 o'clock and I don't know what it is about just meeting with people who have such a good energy it was such a good coffee date we had such a good time oh she's just so amazing and she wanted to know more about the ketones but also just what's going on we just got to sharing it just life updates about so much good stuff and don't you just love when you meet with someone that you haven't seen in a while but it just feels like it fits right back up I absolutely love that I adore that and I adore her for that so they'll do that then it came back home after that and of course you know how your girl rolls with that quickly like a boss if you're not subscribed to the channel or you don't know about bashing like a boss it's a show that we produce every single Sunday we back cook in the kitchen we edit it we get it up the next week and we have a production for you to motivate you get you in the kitchen to cook less clean list endless and waste less and basically keep you accountable on keto and this past week we made aa veggie lasagna I made it with zucchini and I thought it wasn't gonna be good because I've made things with zucchini in the past especially with my kids it's questionable guys I don't know if it was the marinara sauce because I now make my own marinara sauce I don't know if it was the fact that I used sausage instead of ground beef but whatever the combination was like the lasagna gods got together and said girl you made a masterpiece so we had veggie lasagna for dinner actually the whole family did so it was a win-win I love making meals that everyone actually eats and enjoys and loved so everyone had it another good one is like Taco Tuesday my broccoli cheddar soup there's so many meals that we are now we have on like serious repeat because kids love it they don't complain hubby loves it I love it we all eat it and keto now my kids are not kyo and my husband does definitely does carb loading he gets into ketosis really quick he's fat adapt and he's very fit but you know gotta love meals that everyone loves he you mean so yeah that's my day it's 8 o'clock now I probably just like I said gonna finish this do a little bit of workout when I say workout I mean like like strength training maybe some squats some like arm workouts and stuff like that we'll see I'm not ready to film all that yet we'll see if I'll put in a few clips yeah also I'm just getting some packages ready these actually our packages I have a ton on the ground right there these are packages of this product so I do have samples that I can get to people who are interested these are people in my real life as well as people that meet me online what I'm super excited to be able to share those with you guys if you do want them I do have like 5 and 10 day trial pack so you can try the different flavors it's a summer flavor they're probably gonna discontinued in soon but I do have a nice stash and oh boy do I hope they make it a standard mainstay flavor because it's so good alright I think I'm pretty much done for eating this will help me kind of as a nightcap I'm not really hungry I'm feeling really good I'm not really counting still my kit on the macro counting train soon but again I'm feeling good I'm not gaining weight I'm I have no pain everything's good getting my micronutrients getting all my macronutrients I think pretty much good like I said I do better when I'm not obsessing I don't know let me know how you do it's called lazy keto not tracking but again I might get back on that especially as I get more to my fitness journey like strength training and all that let me know in the comments below what did you eat today what are some also some really good for like family meals that everyone in the family loves let me know I'd love to hear that alright guys thank you so much for watching and we'll see you in the next one bye you


  1. In today's what I eat in a day on keto VLOG, I am sharing what I ate today on the keto lifestyle / diet as a keto mom. What I ate today was an amazing assortment of amazing healthy REAL FOOD that makes me feel amazing! YOU HAVE TO TRY KETO GRANOLA!!! AHHH!!!!
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  2. Thank you for the motivation, not giving up ! I’ve lost 50 lbs have 30 more to go and its been a challenge. Girl kudos to you being so real in your videos. You also make me laugh with your awesome personality. Have an amazing Day!

  3. Loving all ur videos 💓 thanks for putting them out 🙂 doing keto is so much easier with motivation from others! Also love Dr Berg, keto connect, etc… And hate counting calories! Much easier to just do i.f. and healthy keto and just listen to my body and not obsess over calories

  4. Hi Kim! I love these videos. I didn't get the Monday mailout for this week's meals. Checked my spam as well.

  5. I would like to start keto, I would like samples. I weigh 235 trying to get down to 155-165. Please help

  6. I love that your husband and kids are apart of and help support your journey so it’s the family’s journey, that’s so loving & amazing! God Bless your family! Thanks for the inspiration and tips! Love your channel 🥰

  7. My family is so picky yet I keep trying new recipes-I need to just find 7 simple, good dinners and put them on repeat-it would mean a lot less arguing! Great video!

  8. Another awesome video thank you so much for introducing batch cooking to me. I am eating OMAD I broke my 24 hour fast with my lunch. I had a salad, broccoli, grilled ribs w/ two tablespoons of sugar free BBQ sauce and a 24 oz of water 💦 to wash it all down.

    I have added strength training to my daily workout and I am seeing a difference. Good luck and keep going you look amazing!

  9. I do the ACV with raw lemon juice for my digestion and assistance with weight lose. Just make sure the ACV has the Mother!! 👍👍😁

  10. Thanks Kim! I love your videos and can’t wait to make your granola and zucchini lasagna recipes!!! Thanks again for your positive spirit, your raw honesty and all the inspiration you share! 🥑❤️

  11. When you're eating pumpkin seeds, do you eat the whole thing, or crack it open like a sunflower seed and spit out the hull?

  12. I also made Lasagna, but i used deli chicken instead of zucchini. Whole family loves it!! Also prefer lazy Keto, lifes too short to be counting macros!!! love your Videos, they not only give me great ideas, they also help me stay on track. Thank you!!! 🙂

  13. I think I will make the veggie lasagna tonight. You inspire me so much. Your meal prep series is the main contributor to me bring keto since April. I do need to stop cheating though. I wanna buy some ketones from you. A trial package!

  14. Mix the acv with your ketones! Put the salt in there too. I make a pre workout smoothie each morning. Spinach. Kale. All the berries. Acv. Powerade zero. Salt. Chia. Flax. Kratom. I can’t do acv plain. 🤮

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