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  1. Yay happy budgies😄
    Btw how did you make the png image of Jenny in the thumbnail? Just curious🙂 (Its really cool)

  2. We usually just give our budgies normal seeds, they will also help me eat fruit like bananas and sometimes they will have some millet. Im going to start to try and branch out with more foods after watching this!

  3. For breakfast I give my birds seeds and pellet mix, and some fresh veggies and fruits. For dessert they get strawberries or millet

  4. Great advice! Though it is not known exactly WHAT we should be feeding our pet parrots and scientific studies to date have shown only discordance in their results. Research is ongoing on this topic… Note that budgies in the wild do feed on insects and are therefore classified as omnivores.

  5. Wow nice video! Can’t wait to test these tasty treats to my budgies! Oh btw the first animation intro is completed on my channel if you want to see it ☺️😜

  6. Please help, my budgie doesnt eat fruit or veggies he only eats parsly, i have tried many things, what should i do? Please answer btw good job with the channel

  7. Prava si vrednica i istinski ljubitelj papigica. Nadam se da ćeš u budućnosti biti jedan od boljih uzgajivača papiga, jer to mogu da rade samo takvi ljubitelji kao ti 😍✌

  8. my budgie is almost 6 years old, and she always eats seed mix and millet. she has minerals and bone ofc ^^ but every time I tried to give her some fruit or vegetables, she lick them and run from them 😅 is it because she is older budgie now or what?

  9. hey whats up i think its better to keep the egg shell they do eat a bit of it and i think its a good source of calcium just like the squid bone , just make sure to wash it well before cockiing

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