【Sushi in the US】Introducing The Great Sushi Restaurants in the US!

【Sushi in the US】Introducing The Great Sushi Restaurants in the US!

a sushi bar there’s some Japanese chef work in there so I was like okay it’s sushi menu is may be considered by Japanese person which is good the horrible Japanese food I had in California was fine anyway everyone into me you know if you’ve been following me for a little while you know that I travel a lot and sometimes has trouble with in Japan sometimes had trouble overseas and a lot of the times it’s business trip and I don’t really have time to do anything else for fun but then if one of my bosses like Japanese food so Martin and he has to have he has to have Japanese food or once in a while so I get to visit a lot of Japanese restaurants outside of Japan I took some videos at the restaurant so I thought I can maybe share some fun but this place was it’s known as one of the nicest sushi restaurant in New York City and we want that with a bunch of people it was really cool that they had a sushi courses and they have a lot of izakaya menus and it was really cool and they had some private rooms they have some sushi bar seats and the sushi was actually really good I want there only one so I’m not sure about anything else follow what I thought for that restaurant is that they’re confident of what they have the fish and everything so their sushi is just the regular so she’s like no seasonings no sauce I mean soy sauce but they just put the plain sushi out there for us and the piece was really good outside of Japan you can’t judge by the price sometimes what I’m saying is that even if it’s expensive they just import the fish from Japan and that doesn’t mean it’s the freshest fish we can have maybe the similar fish where they are located it that way it’s fresh right you know so I think most of the time more expensive the more better the better the better the the more expensive the better the product is the more I don’t know how you say it after guys but anyways yeah if it’s more expensive than it should be better but the restaurant submix authentic products and imported products well are the better restaurants I think so the next one is the one we went in Newport Beach that was in August we stayed there for a week and at Newport Beach I asked the concierge about good restaurants around there and they said a sushi Roku is really famous it’s in Fashion Island which is like the next place that rich people are moving to the Beverly Hills Beverly Hills and I always liked Newport Beach so the fashion item is a little mobile area and then there are some restaurants and then a good grocery stores and a good mold and everything and it’s just your office there sushi Roku I’m not sure if it’s owned by Japanese or not but it’s really American nice Japanese restaurant which I love I love Americanized Japanese restaurants the ladies there were dressing like ninjas you know the minute minute tight skirts with like slits in a top kimono kind of costume uniform but I was surprised to know a sushi bar there’s some Japanese chef working there so I was like okay it’s maybe if the sushi menu is may be considered by Japanese person which is good but many of the menu is Americanized you know it’s not on the sushi but they’re like fried rolls and like something and we’ve never heard of which I love to try I always love to try new things especially if it’s in Japanese restaurants not here but I remember back in maybe 2005 when I first went to the US I still remember the first time I tried tempura ice cream do you know what that is I don’t see it anymore but do they have it there’s spam ladies after a lot of Japanese restaurants in California they had emperor ice cream which is just basically a deep-fried ice cream like big ol bowl of ice cream they have breading around the ice cream so that ice cream don’t melt and all and it’s deep-fried and it was so good because when I think of temper is like you know festival and shrimp so it’s salty stuff but when I had it like oh my god it’s good I mean I know stereotypes but I like to try new things so when I first tried the tempura ice cream I like oh ah oh I gotta try it every time and that’s one of my favorites there is not even sitting but yeah some of the news that we don’t have I think a lot of Japanese still don’t know about tempura ice cream but they should try it it’s very good and this is another restaurant we want in New York City it’s called sushi of Gary I don’t know if it’s Gary or dari gari means the ginger the little ginger it comes with the sushi we call it gari but I don’t know if it’s coming from that or it’s coming from the owners name but it’s sushi al-bukhari they had many good izakaya I’m a nice guy so karaoke the cables all agree on with the tamagoyaki and different tofu and everything and then we enjoy it a lot with the plate of sushi and I was really good but compared to other sushi restaurants there’s sushi has sauces like seasonings already on top of sushi because it has strong flavors we can’t really know if it’s good fish or bad fish we don’t know the difference we just see it and it was beautiful and we eat it and what’s good but it tastes mostly from the sauce but the taste was very good and this is gene yaw Raman I don’t really go to ramen shop but one of my bosses wanted to go to ramen shop so we stopped by this is and I think Santa Monica and Genea Roman they had a big old congee there the Chinese cabbage in there so we thought it’s Japanese but I guess not nobody spoke Japanese and many of us not even in Japanese so not sure if it’s Japanese inspired ramen shop or just owner it’s Japanese or American under somebody else own restaurant but the ramen was really good when it comes to ramen in America I think it’s really expensive basic missile or some salt or shoyu ramen starts from even in the central tokyo starts from like 800 yen which is about us eight dollars and if you add toppings to it it goes up to maybe twelve dollars you know but in California it starts from like fifteen dollars and goes up to like twenty dip I think it is really expensive to hit just have a bowl of rice I don’t know if the price of the things in general goes up going up or they can charge more for Japanese food so they are set in higher price or I don’t know because that’s one of the things I heard when I was in the US lots of known Japanese own Japanese restaurants because they think it’s Japanese and they are willing to pay more they can make more money than owning you know Chinese restaurants or Korean restaurants if they have a Japanese restaurant they can charge more the horrible Japanese food I had in California was back in 2000 like eight I was living in an apartment there and I usually cooked but then when I miss real Japanese food I saw I go to his restaurant and take food to go this one time I stopped by at the the grocery store and then there was like the new Japanese restaurant next to it sounds like I I thought I could stop by now – do you see what it’s like maybe it’s really good or it’s not but I was hoping for a good then you know Kerrigan’s like deep fried chicken with soy sauce flavored reading usually on him I ordered kara given Tomas usually have like five or six pieces of chicken teriyaki deep fried chicken soy sauce flavor and the rice and it may be like sesame on it or something and it’s like vegetables or plum or something inside and that’s good and then I took it home and then I opened it but found that was why do you call that styrofoam styrofoam box now it’s been I think in California but it was like that before I open the white box and like instantly so the cutlet it’s not a piece of pieces of chicken but it’s a cutlet of chicken breast I think we’re just fine but by looking at it it’s not karaagac you might say it’s chicken katsu cuts is also deep fried by cuts usually come with a cutlet style so I thought they took it wrong and I ordered Kurata but they made chicken cutlet chicken katsu which was fine but the breading was tempura breading and that was gross it was like tempura I can’t really tell the difference but tempura has a little sweeter taste for their breading and Caraga had soy sauce in it in the breading complet its egg its egg and bread crams so it’s it almost taste nothing but then I don’t know if it’s like soaked in soy sauce and then hot temper a breading or something it was gross it was like somehow sweeter and something it’s salty and I couldn’t finish it I wonder how they decide to open the Japanese restaurant it California Japanese restaurants right everywhere and then if you want to open up Japanese restaurant either you like Japanese food or either you study Japanese food or you should it’s like hello have you had any Japanese food kind of but that was gross and I hope that restaurant is not there anymore if you have any bad experience about Japanese food outside of Japan or even in Japan and please tell me in the comment section I am interested okay thank you for watching please subscribe my video and like this video I feel like this video thank you so much I’ll see you in the next episode right

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  1. Our Chinese restaurants here (in my city at least) have fried ice cream ball. Soooooo good! 😀 I haven't had it since I was a kid though.

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