✅ TOP 5: Best Stand Mixer 2019

✅ TOP 5: Best Stand Mixer 2019

Homemade baked goods bring families together. The smell of bread, cake, or cookies baking
often punctuates our fondest childhood memories. And, the companion of any good baking project
is a high-quality stand mixer. Stand mixers make quick work of the hardest
dough kneading tasks while also offering an array of secondary uses that inspire the chef
in all of us. Before we get started on breaking down the
best stand mixers, we’ve included links in the description to various pricing options
for all the products mentioned, so make sure you check those out. Starting us off with our best overall stand
mixer we have the KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer. If you are an experienced home baker, you
will appreciate the KitchenAid Artisan mixer. You can mix the dough for nine dozen cookies
or four loaves of bread in one batch with the five-quart stainless steel bowl. You are certain to find an Artisan mixer in
a color that matches your kitchen since there are more than 40 options available on Amazon,
including Empire Red, Ice, Bordeaux, and Pistachio. The Artisan comes with a one-piece pouring
shield, six-wire whip, coated dough hook, and a coated flat beater. Also, with KitchenAid’s 59-point planetary
mixing action, there are 59 touch points for every rotation the wire whip, beater, or dough
hook makes around the bowl. This ensures fast and thorough mixing. Most of the industry experts agree that the
Artisan has impressive power. Foodal ranked the KSM150 as its top mixer
and liked that it came with all of the attachments you need to get started. Thanks to its ability to knead bread dough,
its solid motor, and the robust, stylish design, the Good Housekeeping Institute gave this
model a 93 on a scale of 100. Lastly, the color selection, versatility,
and motor led Top Ten Reviews to award the KSM150 best mixer honors. However, the site disliked that it didn’t
have advanced features, such as a timer or overload protection. Some 91% of the reviews of the KitchenAid
Artisan mixer on Amazon are for four stars or better. Buyers noted that this rugged mixer can handle
heavy duty mixing without waddling along your counter. Buyers did complain that there were too many
colors to pick from, and it’s hard to distinguish the tens shades of blue available on Amazon
from just the pictures. Also, the polish used for the mixing bowls
may need to be removed using Bar Keepers Friend, salt and lemon, or baking soda. Otherwise, you may end up with a gray residue
on your dough. Next up we have the best stand mixer for beginners
which goes to the KitchenAid 4.5-Quart Classic Series Stand Mixer. KitchenAid does not make cheap mixers. However, the KitchenAid K45SS Classic Series
mixer is an affordable alternative. It comes with a wire whip, 4.5-quart bowl,
a coated flat beater, a 250-watt motor, and a coated dough hook. There is also a multi-purpose attachment hub
that takes fifteen optional attachments for making ice cream, grinding, rolling dough,
and much more. You can also attach a food processor that
will slice and dice fruits, vegetables, and cheeses. The accessories are sold separately and are
compatible with any KitchenAid mixer. The K45SS is one of the quietest mixers on
the market due to its smaller motor. A knob on the side of the appliance lets you
shift between the ten speeds. If you are mixing flour or other dry ingredients,
they may go flying if you do not have a pouring shield. This model does not come with one and does
not do slow start mixing. Mix It Bake It was one of the many expert
sites that rated the K45SS highly for its price and ability to handle moderate mixing
tasks. However, it did lose points because it has
trouble with large batches of bread dough and other tougher jobs. This concern was also brought up by Mixer
Reviews, which cautioned against buying this model for regular bread making. The reviewers did like that this KitchenAid
Classic Series mixer had a small footprint on the counter. And, the quality design and dependability
of the motor were factors in Ratingle giving the K45SS a positive review. The Classic Series mixer has more than 1,200
positive reviews on Amazon. Buyers found the stylish design complemented
an array of kitchen decors, and they liked the mixer’s versatility. Verified buyers complained about the K45SS
having the same gray residue problems as the KSM150. Also, you may want to purchase a bowl with
a handle since the bowl that this unit comes with does not have one. Up next we have the best stand mixer for moderate
use which goes to the Hamilton Beach Eclectrics All-Metal Stand Mixer. As the name suggests, the Hamilton Beach Eclectrics
All-Metal Stand Mixer is made out of die-cast metal. It comes with a dough hook, two-piece pouring
shield, wire whisk, flat beater, recipes, and a helpful user manual. The motor is 400 watts with twelve speed settings. This is a tilt-head mixer that measures 9
by 14 by 14 inches when the head is down. When you put the head up, it is about 18-inches
high, which should still fit under the cabinets in most American homes. Not only does the pouring shield keep ingredients
from mucking up your kitchen, the shield, attachments, and bowl are all dishwasher safe
for easy cleanup. One of the advanced features is high-performance
electronics that keep the power constant at every speed. Foodal was one of the many expert sites to
give the Hamilton Beach Eclectrics mixer a positive review. The site noted that the mixer was more affordable
than the competing units of equal power and size and that it provided reliable time-saving
performance. However, it proved to be too light for regular
bread making. Mix It Bake It echoed Foodal’s observations
about the affordable pricing point and concerns about daily bread making. The site also added that Hamilton Beach backs
up its Eclectrics mixers with a three-year replacement warranty, compared to the one-year
warranty offered by KitchenAid. Around 87% of the reviewers on Amazon gave
the mixer a rating of four stars or higher. Despite what the experts say, the buyers on
Amazon were adamant that the Eclectrics is good for bread dough. They recommend following the tips in the user
manual, such as never kneading dough at a speed higher than 2. Buyers liked that this mixer could automatically
adjust to the thickness of what you are mixing. Next up we have the best stand mixer for bread
which goes to the KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus Series Stand Mixer. The KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus comes with
a stainless steel mixing bowl that fits five quarts of dough and features a handle. The ten-speed motor has overload protection
and slow start mixing. Installing the attachments is simple using
the flip-up hinged hub cover. The bowl stays secure with the easy-lift lever. A wire whip, flat beater, and a spiral dough
hook all come with the unit. And, it is available on Amazon in thirteen
colors, such as Cobalt Blue, Metallic Chrome, Onyx Black, and Empire Red. I own and regularly use the original Professional
5. It has served me well for the last 15 years. The 5 Plus is a step up from my model with
advanced features and a stronger motor (450 watts vs. 350 watts). Even with the smaller motor, the Professional
5 has held up as I use it to make two loaves of bread per week. Mixing pie ingredients, cookie dough, and
other easier jobs are a piece of cake. The Professional 5 Plus is an improvement
on an already terrific and durable product. Just My Two Cents, a respected expert site
that reviews a broad array of appliances, gave the Professional 5 Plus high ratings
for handling larger tasks with ease. The site also liked that it had advanced features,
including slow startups and an overload reset. Ratingle put this model near the top of its
list of stand mixers. Though the reviewers found the appliance to
be rather loud, they liked the flexibility the 450-watt motor and ten speed controls
afforded. Cooking Upgrades gave the unit 4.5 stars because
of the overload reset and the large capacity. More than a thousand reviewers on Amazon gave
the Professional 5 Plus mixer four or five stars. Buyers remarked that it can fit under most
cabinets since it is 16.5 inches in height and it takes up little space on your counter. Buyers also found it had the power to take
on just about any baking project. Our last pick is the Sunbeam 250-Watt 5-Speed
Stand Mixer which is our best budget stand mixer. The Sunbeam stand mixer is a small wonder. It is a two-in-one hand mixer and stand mixer. You simply detach the head from the base for
lighter tasks, such as mashing potatoes. This model features a 250-watt motor with
five speed settings. It comes with a three-quart stainless steel
bowl and chrome dough hooks and beaters. At 12 by 8 by 13 inches, it is easy to store
and does not take up much space on your counter. The unit is made of plastic and may not be
right for bread dough and other tougher tasks. Mix It Bake It recommends the Sunbeam mixer
for people who are willing to do manual mixing, don’t have much storage or counter space,
are on a budget, are patient with controls and buttons, and who do not want one of the
heavier stand mixers. This unit only weighs seven pounds. They suggest busy bakers who like to work
with tough bread doughs buy a heavier duty machine. BestFiveReviewed.com mentioned that this mixer
is ideal for people who want something for simple kitchen tasks, but they did not like
the plastic construction and unattractive design. On Amazon, 81% of the reviewers gave the Sunbeam
four or five stars. The buyers seem almost guilty for having chosen
this affordable mixer over the KitchenAid behemoths. Yet, they note that this unit works great
for casual baking and for tasks that require long-duration mixing, like whipped cream and
meringues. One user complained that their mixer broke
down after making their second batch of bread dough, but they used the medium setting for
this task. Most manufacturers suggest you use the low
setting for kneading dough. So that sums up our top stand mixers, we hope
you enjoyed. If you did please leave a like on the video
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  1. Just to clarify, the KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus has a 525 Watt motor, not 450 watts as you are advertising. Some websites also advertise 450 watts for this particular model, but it is not true. On the back of my Professional 5 Plus, it clearly states 525 total watts on the factory aluminum label. However, there was an “HD” model that has since been discontinued and was very similar to the Professional 5 plus, but the “HD” model had a 450 watt motor. Otherwise, great video. Thanks.

  2. I'm guessing you were talking about the 4.5 quart Hamilton beach that the link sends you to and not the 4 quart that is shown?

  3. I've got the KA Pro 600, and a legacy 235-watt chrome Sunbeam Mixmaster I inherited. I find the Sunbeam handles most tasks well, and break out The Horse for heavy applications.

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