पीने के लिए सर्वोत्तम पानी ऐसे बनाएं | Best & Pure Water Making Process At Home | Exclusive Video |

पीने के लिए सर्वोत्तम पानी ऐसे बनाएं | Best & Pure Water Making Process At Home | Exclusive Video |

Welcome to health care at home In the previous episode we were talking about Water that how important it is for us So, the point over here is, the water we get either middle class or lower middle class We don’t use the water without the filters There is one more filtration process which is known as UV Filter where the pass by Ultra Violet Rays If you are living in a area where you get rainy water in the tap water, then you can use UV filter But UV has its own challenges, it can not clear the chlorine It can also not clean the Arsenic so both of these elements would be there in your water It doesn’t remove the bacteria rather it kills the bacteria In result those dead bacteria get into your body when you drink such water So you can use it if you have impure water or in case you don’t use it, even then there is no harm How to make pure water? Simply take the tap water and boil it for 20 minutes After boiling let it cool Once its cool down, sieve it and transfer it into a earthen pot Place this pot in a place where it can get some air and sunlight too Earthen Pot has its specialty, if the TDS of the water is high Then its Mud, sucks the excess TDS If TDS is low then its mud releases its mineral and increase the TDS of the water In both the conditions the water which is boiled, kept in earthen pot Where it can get some air and sunlight as well, that is the best water for you to drink If the TDS of your home water was more than 900 and you have RO at your home Then how to make that water drinkable Take the water out from RO and put it into a Earthen Pot As I said earlier, if the TDS is low then pot adds the TDS So if the RO water was 100 TDS then earthen pot will increase its TDS Secondly, this water is slightly acidic So when you are transferring the water into the pot then cut 2 lemons slices with skin into it This will alkaline the water People come with queries because Lemon contains Citric Acid then how will it alkaline? Its true that Lemon has citric acid in it but it has alkaline effect on our body So when you’ll put the lemon slices into either boiled water or in RO water(Its must for RO Water) Also if you will put Basil and Mint Leaves, the deficiency of minerals will be sufficed If you want to make this water more effective, put this water into a glass bottle and place it under sunlight Let it sit under sunlight for entire day, next day let it cool down and then use it So this way Sun energy will energies this water And this is the best water for you to drink So whenever you want to drink water, either you are using UV or RO Even if you are drinking boiled water, always store the water in without polished earthen pot Let it have air and sunlight. You will never fall ill when you will drink this water We wish that you stay healthy, busy , relax and do meet us To meet us you have to subscribe to this channel and do tell your friends and relatives To subscribe to this channel and get all the health benefits at home Do support in our motive as our aim is to let maximum number of people have health benefits at home Thank you

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