Friends, If you follow us on Instagram You know that in this video We plan to give away this wonderful tandoor It’s called “Okhotnik” – The Hunter From the online-shop ShelkoviyPut The giveaway conditions are very simple You need to subscribe to our account on Instagram @georgikavkaz Subscribe to the account of these guys who gave us this great tandoor their Instagram is @shelkoviyput.ru the links are below this video and leave you contacts in the comments below this YouTube video It can be your telephone number for Whatsapp or Viber Or you can give us a link to your social media account Ok.ru, vk.com, Facebook.com – doesn’t matter Any way of connecting you is fine Also I want to note that this tandoor And the delivery is free, we don’t charge anything In a week there will be the results of this giveaway We’ll select s winner during a live broadcast on our Instagram But there is a limitation Online shop ShelkoviyPut can deliver the prize only to the countries that are members of the Customs Union So if you live somewhere outside the Customs Union And you win, you can settle matters with the shop On our Instagram we held a poll on What sheep do we buy, white or black And the black one was the winner Or the loser Today we’re cooking a traditional Caucasus meal Khashlamah Chop off the tail Cut the tail fat into small pieces Cut off the shoulders We don’t need huge chunks for khashlamah I’m gonna change and come out Ok, are you going to help? Yes It’s pretty hot today Need to quench the thirst To your health! Nice! It’s for Phoebe Phoebe! Where are you? There! Take this home Let’s start laying our meat into the cauldron By the way this cauldron was given to us by the Online shop ShelkoviyPut There is a link below If you like this kind of thing I’m gonna sneeze! Slice the onions If you want to make juicy delicious khashlamah You need to make layers of meat and vegetables in the pot Salt some more And pepper Right, sweetie! To make real khashlamah You definitely need “live” beer Today we have unfiltered beer Friends, if you can’t have alcohol You can use water instead of beer But it won’t be khashlamah It’ll just be boiled lamb with vegies Are we going to a cook a dish too? Yes, the dish is also very tasty. Give that to the chickens We’ll make it boil with big fire And then simmer it until done Well, let’s continue By the way, this sheep was 35 kilos And it was not more than a year old I checked his ID myself 2,5 liters of beer already I guess it’s enough I think we are going to make terrific kebab! Let’s wait until khashlamah is ready And then make a kickass kebab! Salt is good *Indistinct baby chatter* (Алексия что-то лопочет) 1,5 hours passed Let’s see what we got Who was saying that it’s bad luck to eat from the knife? It needs half an hour more cooking 2 hours passed Our meal is ready Let’s take it off from the fire Otherwise it gets overcooked And becomes like tinned stew meat Let’s use all the merits of our oven So fast! We’re opening a barbecue season How much more? Not much. 10 more minutes. Food! Food! Food! If you think there’s alcohol left You are very mistaken It evaporated while boiling Mmmm! So soft! *Baby sneezes* Bless you! Careful! It’s hot! Let’s go to the limit! Let’s live it up! Friends, I wish you victories not only in our giveaway But also in any of your good endeavors To you! And good luck!

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  2. Затем ребёнку тем более такой маленькой столько МЯСА??Девочка стройной быть должна.Прекрати трепаться,Осетин!!!

  3. Love all your videos and watched them multiple times.

    Pl don't mind asking this, am just curious: never see any guests partaking your delicious meal. Your family consume it all?

    Love from India.

  4. Бабушка покойная в деревне вот так резала хлеб-ножом к себе.Домашний,из печки каравай!

  5. Георгий как всегда лайк шедевр удался всех благ вам и вашим близким здоровья

  6. greetings from California. luv your videos, your toasts, your cooking, your family and even your well fed pets! I wouldn't be surprised if your kids become master chefs themselves. a role model you are.

  7. Так и хочется оставить коментарий)))),а всё благодаря самой младшенькой,у самого такая маленькая,интересная и красивая принцеска)).Молодец,постарался.👍

  8. Greetings from Romania. It's amazing what you do, but you have to put a title in English too.
    Please tell me, where can i buy the knives than the ones in the video?

  9. Fantastic cook, I will visit him 1 day for some tips on how to open up my grill house business! Well done such a wonderful family keep it up!

  10. Георгий, как, год барану и уже паспорт? , его же в 16 лет выдают😂😂😂

  11. Шашлык какой превосходный, слов нет, ааа хашлама супер. "Хашлама" у нас в Казахстане называется "Сирне" Ассалам алейкум из Казахстана!

  12. Greetings from New Zealand, really enjoy your videos. Your knife work and breaking down your animal's for cooking. All the best to you and your family.

  13. Ассаламу алейкум из Узбекистана!!! Молодец все очень красиво

  14. Какое вкусное прямо желудок шевелится. Георгий здоровья тебе и вашей жене и детям.

  15. Салам из Узбекистана маладец георги я пасматреу всё твой перегатовла

  16. youre kids are wasting that food there just playng and not eating so you should use that food to feed some homels people !

  17. Приятно смотреть мало слов много дела удачи вам… Потрясные блюда вызает только удовольствие от просмотра… Всего хорошего вам!

  18. Настоящий мужик, девки выбирайте не понторезов, а такого как он

  19. Я все видо пересматриваю по несколько раз, я один такой извращенцы ?)

  20. Wow… That's awesome but one negative comment i have to write that you shouldn't be eating in front of us….😁😁😁
    I was cursing myself that why, i wasn't beside you at that moment.
    Lovely bro. Love the way you cook and your arrangements plus you have a happy family.
    Stay blessed

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    Молодец Георгий джан!

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  24. Ассаламмалейкум Дай аллах тебя и твоему семьям здаровье .Молодец братик … мудрые тосты говоришь .Я всегда с тобой братик продолжай дальше радовать нас лайк лайк.лайк Лайк 😜🖐🖐✋✌ казах

  25. Шашлык в маринаде по кавказки, сделай, хочу семью, порадовать.

  26. Шашлык в маринаде по кавказки, сделай, хочу семью, порадовать.

  27. Ассаламмалейкум Дай аллах тебя и твоему семьям здаровье .Молодец братик … мудрые тосты говоришь .Я всегда с тобой братик продолжай дальше радовать нас лайк лайк.лайк Лайк 😜🖐🖐✋✌ казах

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